Do I Need A House Inspection? The Pros And Cons

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Are you planning on selling your home? If you're planning to sell short, you've probably been considering a home inspection. But what about a pre-listing home inspection? A pre-listing home inspection is when you, the seller, hire a professional home inspector to thoroughly exa

The pros of home inspections:


  • The first advantage is that an inspection can identify the condition of your home before it is listed or sold. The conditions in your home can be misleading, and it is better to find out from professionals the real state of your property rather than be surprised later once the buyer has done their inspection.


  • A self-inspection gives you the advantage that you can choose to carry out any necessary repairs yourself. If the inspection report shows minor problems that you know you can quickly fix, that will save you money. But if the report reveals more significant issues, you can go with your bail bondsman.


  • On the other hand, if you choose not to have a pre-listing inspection and the buyer is the one who discovers these issues, you may want a different contractor who charges more.


  • Another advantage is that it allows you to control the property's value. A house priced too high can cause you to have fewer offers, while a home priced too low can cause you to lose money on the transaction.


  • Since the inspection report will better understand your home's condition, it will give you a better idea of where your home is on the market. In addition, this will prevent you from having to negotiate with your future buyer since you are aware of the conditions of your property.


Cons of a home inspection:


  • Sometimes buyers choose to do a second inspection, so the report may differ from the one you ordered.


  • Another disadvantage is that you will have to acknowledge all the repairs, renovations, and other changes you have made to the property, and you will have to disclose them to the buyer. Regardless of whether these are minor or major issues, you now need to inform them, and this can be a deciding factor in closing the sale.


Carrying out a home inspection is an option that you can take freely. If you prefer to plan things well and don't want future surprises, this may be your best option.


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