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e Signature for Financial Services | Financial Advice

Are you looking for e signature for financial services? Videosign provides e signature for financial services companies which makes it easier to sign documents. Ready to use without having to download any apps.
Videosign supports the financial services with a range of digital tools to enable the witnessing of electronic signatures remotely in a safe and secure platform.
With many features and benefits, Videosign can be used by professionals working within the financial industry including:
Meet with clients face-to-face remotely – the Videosign platform incorporates a secure online meeting space, thereby speeding up the process and enabling meetings to be taken place irrelevant of distance and accessibility to review, sign, and witness documents compliantly.
Verify Identities – with Videosign you can perform and complete identity and verification checks within seconds of meeting your client, using enhanced facial recognition and biometrics and meet them in a face-to-face secured online meeting space.
Validate digital signatures with embedded certificates, recordings, and audits – meetings are automatically recorded and can be classed as evidential and used in courts.
Finalise documents – by meeting clients face-to-face with Videosign you have the tools required to offer a purely digital experience of remote signing and witnessing of documentation.
Examples of Videosign usage:
Wealth Management – Used by some of the best-known names in the industry, Videosign offers wealth managers a secure and accessible meeting space; allowing them to identify their clients, perform database lookups (such as AML checks), meet face-to-face, and digitally sign documents.
Banking – Customers in the banking sector are becoming more comfortable using live video platforms. Typically, 80-90% of consumers use their laptops, phones and tablets for banking, and therefore remote meeting and sign-off is the next logical step. It is no longer necessary to ask customers to visit the bank to sign documents, or for bank personnel to witness such signatures in person. With Videosign, banks can offer a superior and safer user experience to their customers.
Insurance – Whether you are selling insurance products, or managing claims, Videosign gives you a secure and compliant meeting space to discuss, advise on, and agree on insurance documentation quickly.
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