Study In France

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France is one of the most popular destinations for international students. Its main advantages include high quality of education, significantly lower tuition fees and an interesting French lifestyle.

Cost of Studying Living in France

The cost of living in France is higher than in neighbouring countries. Fortunately, students are often eligible for subsidized prices in restaurants and transportation. There are also specialized homes available for international students who wish to Study In France. This should be kept in mind when deciding where to study as the cost of living is lower in smaller cities.

International students have several options for studying in France. You can live

About € 120 per month at the university hostel. The demand for these is very high,

However. The exam is based on social criteria and is offered to exchange or scholarship students.

Renting a private studio apartment costs around 457- € 542. Homestay is another option

For international students. It costs € 200- € 800 per month depending on this

Location. Meals will be served at least once a day at Homestay.

Students have the option to apply for a grant from their local Caisse de location Familiale

(CAF). Applying is free and you can get up to a 35% refund on your rent if you qualify


Other living expenses include:

Electricity, gas, internet – € 60 per month

Research materials – 50 per month

• Travel Card or Transport Pass – € 70 per month

Return train ticket – € 25 (in advance)

Groceries – 250 per month

Eating out – on average 12

Gym Member – 38 per month