From Beginner to Pro: Join the Most Comprehensive Hair Extension Course near Essex!

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Essex Hair And Makeup Academy offer a huge range of training courses for hair and makeup. The makeup courses ranges from a 1 day taster course to a 12 week evening course. There are a huge range of training courses available for you to choose from to begin your career in the hair or makeup

Are you tired of feeling like a novice in the hair extension industry? Do you dream of becoming a master stylist but don't know where to start? Look no further than the most comprehensive hair extension course near Essex! Whether you're just starting out or looking to enhance your skills, our expert instructors will guide you every step of the way. From installation techniques to color matching, we've got everything covered. Don't miss this opportunity to take your career to the next level and become a pro in no time!

Introduction to Hair Extension Course:

Ever thought about becoming a hair extension technician? Join our comprehensive course in Essex and go from beginner to pro!

Our course will teach you everything you need to know about hair extensions, from the different types and methods of application, to how to care for and style your clients' hair. You'll also learn about the business side of things, so you can be your own boss and start your own hair extension business!

The course is taught by experienced professionals, who will share their knowledge and expertise with you. We offer both theory and practical sessions, so you can get hands-on experience and put what you've learned into practice.

We welcome students of all levels, from complete beginners to those with some experience in the industry. So whether you're looking to start your career in hair extensions or take your business to the next level, this course is for you!

Benefits of Taking the hair extension course near Essex:

If you're thinking of becoming a hair extension technician or are already in the industry but want to enhance your skill set, then a hair extension course near Essex is perfect for you. Here are just some of the benefits of taking our hair extension course:

- Learn from expert technicians with over 10 years experience in the industry

- Get hands-on training and practice on live models

- Small class sizes for personalized attention

- Comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of hair extensions, from installation to removal to aftercare

- Earn a certificate upon completion that will help you get ahead in the field

Course Outline: What You'll Learn?

In a hair extension course near Essex, you will learn everything there is to know about hair extensions, from the basics of choosing and fitting the right type of extension for your client, to the more advanced techniques of colouring and styling. We cover all the popular methods of hair extension application, including fusion, micro ring, tape-in and clip-ins. You will also learn about aftercare, so that you can advise your clients on how to maintain their extensions and keep them looking healthy and natural.

By the end of the course, you will be confident in your ability to provide a professional hair extension service that meets the needs of your clients. You will have a thorough understanding of the different types of hair extensions available on the market, and be able to advise your clients on which type would suit them best. You will also be familiar with the various methods of application, so that you can choose the most appropriate method for each individual client.

Qualified Instructors and Trainers:

All of our instructors and trainers are fully qualified and have years of experience in the hair extension industry. They are passionate about helping others achieve their hair goals and will go above and beyond to make sure you get the most out of your course.

Our team will help you to learn all about the different types of hair extensions, how to properly apply them, and how to style them to achieve the perfect look. We want you to leave our course feeling confident and equipped with all the knowledge you need to provide amazing hair extension services.

What Comes Next After Completion?

After you have completed the most comprehensive hair extension course near Essex, what comes next? Here are a few options to consider:

1. You could start your own hair extension business. This could involve renting a space in a salon, or working from home

2. You could work as a hair extension technician in a salon. This would give you the opportunity to learn from other stylists and gain experience in a professional setting.

3. You could become a mobile hair extension technician, traveling to clients' homes or workplaces to provide services. This could be a great option if you enjoy working with people and have good time management skills.

4. You could open your own hair extension training academy, teaching others the skills you have learned. This could be a great way to share your knowledge and help others achieve their goals.

5. You could freelance as a hair extension consultant, providing advice and guidance to clients who are considering getting extensions. This could be done online or in person, depending on your preference.

FAQs About the Course:

If you're thinking about taking a hair extension course but have some questions, we've got you covered! Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our course:

Do I need to bring anything to the class?

All you need to bring is yourself and a willingness to learn! you will be provided with all the materials and equipment you need for the duration of the course.

What will I learn?

You will learn everything there is to know about hair extensions, from the different types and methods of application, to how to care for and style them. By the end of the course, you'll be a pro at applying hair extensions and your clients will be amazed at your results!

Is there a certification?

Yes! Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate that you can use to promote your new skills.


If you're looking to become a hair extension specialist, Essex Hair And Makeup Academy is providing the most comprehensive Essex hair and makeup course and is the perfect place to start. Our experienced instructors will guide you through every step of becoming a professional and offer expert advice on which products and methods are best for your clients. With our hands-on approach, we guarantee that by the end of the course, you'll be equipped with all of the knowledge and skills necessary to provide top-notch service for your clients. So don't wait any longer - join us today and get started on your journey towards becoming an expert in hair extensions!