Kisscartoon-Reddit, The Alternatives That You Can Stream Right Now

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One of the many websites where you can watch your favorite cartoons online and stream them for free. You have a vast selection of HD-quality selections to choose from.

One of the many websites where you can watch your favorite cartoons online and stream them for free. You have a vast selection of HD-quality selections to choose from. The Kiss Anime network, which administers the website, makes navigation simple. These are examples of anime, cartoons, and other animated films created in the United States.

Where has KissCartoon vanished?

Kisscartoon Reddit was shut down to the surprise of its users. In 2017, the website was abruptly taken down. The website was removed due to copyright breaches. The DMCA observed this and took action. Supporters were disappointed that it was eventually discontinued despite the device's superior visual and aural features.

Superior Alternatives To KissCartoon:


This is because this is not a random website for cartoons. Because it was the original, we propose this as the finest option for KissCartoon.

The original URL,, was taken down in 2020 due to legal difficulties. Yet, numerous clones already existed by the time the site was submerged. Still, several may be utilized, and they serve an important service.


Regarding animation, Crunchyroll gives priority to anime. As a result, it is an excellent complement to KissCartoon.

The ability to permanently deactivate advertisements is one of Crunchyroll's biggest features, but it requires a premium subscription.


Even by genre standards, this website is innovative. The website's plain design and organization make searching and navigating it simple. Everything you require is readily available. has been accessible online for quite some time. As is customary for this type of website, the original site went offline a few years ago, but not before a slew of excellent clones and mirrors were made available to the audience.


WatchSeries is a well-known video streaming website that provides an extensive selection of content in all genres besides animation and manga.

Unlike the others on this list, this alternative is not exclusively dedicated to anime, animated shows, or manga. Many of its features are still intriguing to manga fans.


Due to their similarities, AnimeToon is a suitable replacement for KissCartoon. The subjects and organizational systems are the initial points of similarity.

AnimeToon, similar to Crunchyroll, provides new anime episodes immediately after their initial broadcast.

Home, daily episodes, popular series, movie lists, cartoon series, and dubbed anime are the available categories.

Is KissCartoon legal?

The legality of KissCartoon is a serious concern. But this is a vague topic. Thus we cannot provide a definitive answer now. However, there is plenty to consider.

Note that free websites that broadcast videos are often not legitimate. The legal distribution of copyrighted works requires payment to the copyright holders and a legally binding agreement relevant to each state where the item is distributed.

And is the required license fee being paid? Since no one, not even Netflix or Amazon, has accomplished this, the most likely reason is that KissCartoon is presenting you with a stolen film without your knowledge or consent. The "official" information we now possess does not let us be positive, but if something resembles and behaves like a duck, you can probably predict what it is.


These websites are the best alternatives to kisscartoon. Each of the above-described options offers its own set of advantages. We have explained the primary advantages and provided links to all available solutions. Examine the alternatives and select the one that best meets your needs.