P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange — Eliminate Intermediary Involvement During Crypto Transactions

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Hivelance is the leading P2P crypto exchange development company, constructing highly secured P2P cryptocurrency exchange platforms backed by a smart contract-based escrow system

Result driven P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company:

A peer-to-peer exchange is a sort of exchange that facilitates the trading process and has several advantages over other exchange types, including the total elimination of third-party involvement when transactions are carried out. These P2P exchange platforms were created in a highly secure manner to provide the best and most impenetrable ecosystem for both buyers and sellers. With the use of the most recent technology and tools, Hivelance offers trustworthy, more easily accessible, and completely customizable P2P cryptocurrency exchange development services. Create and construct your own preferred P2P cryptocurrency exchange with the help of our experts.

P2P Crypto Exchange Development

A peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchange platform is an ecosystem that enables traders to transact with one another directly without relying on a centralized intermediary. P2P cryptocurrency exchange development is characterized as a deliberate approach to creating a trustworthy, secure platform where buyers and sellers may communicate and participate in the trading process. At Hivelance, we have a team of blockchain developers building the platform that will be supported by an Escrow system based on smart contracts to encourage trustworthy transactions.

Features of P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange:

Planning and Gathering of Requirements

The requirements are gathered by our competent team of talented individuals, who then layout all deliverables using organized solution patterns.

Building the Solution

The peer-to-peer exchange platform is developed with the highest care, combining our team's modules with the newest tools.

Coin and token index

Both buyers and sellers can use the categorical listing of tokens that is provided along with the coin depiction to browse and make their selections.

Test and refine

Our trained team of testing professionals goes through numerous testing methods in order to detect faults and fix them in order to improve processing speed and output capabilities.


Your final P2P exchange platform is supplied in top-notch condition with no bugs. We provide maintenance services after delivery.

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Workflow

  • The Buyers and Sellers register on a P2P exchange platform
  • The buyers and sellers undergo the KYC verifying process
  • After successful completion of KYC, the user can log in to the
  • exchange platform
  • The users are provided with wallet address
  • Buyer places a buy order
  • The buyer and seller accept mutually and go for trade
  • The matching engine matches the best match between the Buyer and Seller according to the need.
  • Smart contract powered Escrow secures Seller's crypto assets to be sold
  • The buyer makes the payment for crypto assets to be acquired
  • Once the seller confirms the payment, then Escrow issues crypto assets, by shifting them to the Buyer's wallet address
  • The buyer can transfer the assets to a cold wallet

Why was Hivelance chosen to establish a P2P cryptocurrency exchange?

Hivelance consists a strong team of highly qualified engineers who use agile approaches to produce bug-free P2P crypto exchange scripts with 100% source code. We complete projects on schedule and with unique characteristics. With over ten years of experience in blockchain technology, our team of engineers aims to offer specialized projects.