Extraordinary Tips to Solve “Canon Printer Offline” Issue

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Canon Printer Offline

Canon printers are highly equipped with advanced features and specifications that made printing easier. It's a Japanese brand that provides a wide range of digital equipment such as printers, camcorders, scanners, and steppers, etc.

Apart from this, printing doesn’t go buttery smooth sometimes due to some annoying technical glitches during your work. These glitches arise due to hardware or software faults. Moreover, there are ample bugs that occur that reduce the performance as well as the accuracy of a printer machine. Canon printer says offline is one of them which makes your device weak stops the machine to fetch printing requests.

However, canon printer offline is the most common bug, unfortunately, it's an exterminated. Troubleshooting printer offline issues might be easy effective if you follow the right strategy. Here is a complete summary of how to get a canon printer online?


My Canon Printer Offline Why?

A printer going offline is the most annoying thing that usually a printer user experiences. An ‘offline error message displayed on the laptop screen indicates that there is a lack of communication or connection between your laptop system a printer machine Canon PrinterCustomSupport Number.

Locate some of the key reasons for a printer being turned offline.

There could be some reasons that made a Conan printer offline. But, a user needs to get to know about all these errors.

  • Connection Issue
  • Loose or breakable USB cable
  • Printer sleep mode
  • The printer is in paused mode
  • Empty paper tray
  • Slow internet connection
  • Malware attack
  • Corrupted printer drivers
  • Incompatibility of printer drivers after system update

Resolving Tips to Get Back Canon Printer Online in Windows Operating System

Multiple efficient methods helped you to resolve your Canon printer offline bug whether in Windows or Mac operating system. All the best-proven tips are shown efficiently. Take a glance at all these alluring tips to fix why my canon printer offline fault is.


Reconnect your printer with a Wi-FI network

If a printer says offline, then damn sure there is a connectivity error, rectify it simply by restarting the network modem or reconnecting the printer machine to the local network.

  • Firstly, forget the router to disconnect from the printer.
  • Wait for a while then, reconnect it to your printing device.
  • If you’re using a USB cable then try to connect both with the help of a USB cable.
  • If your printer is wireless, then open up the WIFI wizard setup panel connect through it.
  • Once your printer displays a blue light then locate it over your Wifi router and click on the WPS icon.
  • Your printer is re-connected successfully.


Relaunch your printer spooler service

Typically, a printer spooler service is a valuable component in the system as it manages the overall print jobs sent to a printer machine. Whenever it stops working, a huge problem occurs. Rebooting the printer spooler service can easily fix your uncertain printer offline issue.


Disable Use printer offline panel

Sometimes, in most cases, it has been seen that enabling the Use printer offline tab can lead to an offline issue. Canon Printer Support fixes this by using these steps.

Press the Start button Control panel Hardware Sound Devices and Printers See what’s printing Click on Printer Uncheck Use Printer Offline option Cancel all files OK.     

Now you can see that your canon printer starts working properly.


Check Physical Connections

In the end, you need to check the printer settings as well as connections properly. Inspect all the ports whether it is connected or not. Network connection and other ports. Also, verify all the.

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