Book Marketing Trends You Need to Know

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There is continuing adjustment and retrenching in the post-pandemic world, and if you're an author, it helps to know the latest book marketing trends. The media and traditional publicity campaigns are still alive and effective, but additional options exist. It's also true that some changes are occurring naturally as part of the evolution to digital platforms. Effective PR campaigns today consider all of this and follow the best route for each book. The goal is always to reach target readers interestingly and persuasively – when you do, you'll help your book sell.

One of the most significant post-pandemic changes is the broader acceptance of virtual interviews. TV channels and networks that resisted them previously are now quite open to the idea. It makes book touring more wide-ranging and practical than ever at a fraction of the cost and time investment. When you can be interviewed and make appearances online, you can reach the right people in all the right places. Previously, if you took the time to travel to a city, you'd try to make several appearances, and not all would be ideal. Also, holding virtual events and connecting with people globally is now easy.

Podcasts are also trending, showing no signs of letting up. They're on a remarkable juggernaut that makes them a growth opportunity for book marketing. Some of the latest statistics show there are nearly two million podcasts on the internet, with almost 50 million episodes reaching an enormous number of listeners. They are long-form shows that allow you to connect with listeners whether you launch a podcast or are a guest on someone else's. They're a study in the effectiveness of niche marketing and reach audiences who can be highly interested in you and your book's topic.

Understanding trends among booksellers is crucial – both online and brick-and-mortar. The independent stores that survived the pandemic have come out strong and are holding on. Online booksellers continue to dominate with those willing to shop virtually. You can do them in person at a store or online for book promotion events with retailers. Both have promotional value, but you can appear in front of more and larger audiences more quickly online than in person. Planning your book marketing program is always a good idea; adding a schedule to keep you on track is always beneficial.

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