Commercial Office Space: Why IThums 62 is the best choice?

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You Just Name the address, we will take you on site Commercial Spaces in sector 62 for lease Multiple options and Sizes available The Ithum IThum -The New Synonym of IT Park is a landmark project by the IThum World in Noida Sector-62.

Commercial Office Space: Why IThums 62 is the best choice?

Commercial office space in Noida and Delhi NCR has been in demand over the past few years due to the recent surge in the number of start-ups, small ventures and new entrepreneurs in the country. Noida is one of the future smart cities of India as it has everything that a smart city requires. Superior residential & commercial infrastructure, world-class roads, flyovers, metro network, and easy airport connectivity make it an ideal destination for living or working. Commercial real estate growth is visible throughout the country, and Noida has emerged as a premier investment hub. The affordable prices and growing business ecosystem create unprecedented investment opportunities for the people seeking investment options in Noida.

People have numerous options in both residential and commercial real estate as per their needs and budget. When we talk about commercial office space, it refers to a workplace that fulfils all the parameters of the modern workspace. Before investing in any property, examine the key specifications like property location, associated builder, surroundings, and future growth prospects carefully. There are several factors why businesses are moving towards Noida, some of them are as below:

·       Growing Infrastructure

·       Reasonable Property Prices

·       Multiple Investment Options

·       Accessible Location

·       Easy Availability of Manpower

If you want to leverage this golden opportunity of having a commercial space, book your office space at the earliest. Read the information given in this article thoroughly, it will help you select an ideal property.


5 Things to know before buying commercial space in Noida

If you are planning to buy a commercial space in Noida or Delhi NCR, collect complete information about the property and its related aspects. Here are the five main things that you should consider before finalizing the deal:


1.     Location of the property: Your office must be accessible by metro and road networks, especially in Delhi NCR. Therefore, ensure the metro connectivity, taxi or bus stand for easy access before selecting any property for investment.

2.     Size of the Office: Well, the size of the office matters the most. Are you getting a good space by investing an amount? Find the answer to this question. Buy office space considering your employee numbers, workstations required, Almirah, storeroom, reception, meeting room, etc.

3.     Estimated Budget: Can you buy a commercial space for an office which exceeds your budget? I think no one should buy property beyond the budget. Hence, find a suitable property within the budget.

4.     Amenities: What are the add-on facilities apart from getting an office space? There should be car parking, open space, a food court, drinkable water, good lighting, security staff and connectivity.

5.     Property Developer: The property developer or real estate company associated with the property must be a trusted name. Check the track record of the concerned developer, and proceed if you find everything in order.


Why IThums 62 is the best choice for office spaces in Noida?

IThums 62, a premium IT Park in Noida, is a prestigious project introduced by IThum World. An architectural and engineering marvel, the project offers ultra-modern commercial spaces with unmatched amenities. Located within walking distance from the Noida Sector 62 Metro Station and Noida Electronic City Metro Station, the project has seamless accessibility from Delhi NCR. Well connected to the Delhi Meerut Expressway (NH-3), it will be a bustling centre of commerce in times to come.  Spread over 5 acres, IThums 62 creates unprecedented investment opportunities for people looking to buy commercial space in Noida.


Further, it is well-surrounded by residential complexes, where more than 5 lakh families live within a radius of 5 Km, adding footfall to this location. All these parameters are good enough to choose a commercial office space.


Project Specification

The importance of the project has been already discussed above. However, the highlights of the IThums 62 are given below:

·       Easy access from both metro and road networks.

·       Noida Sector 62 Metro Station and Noida Electronic City Metro Station are within walking distance.

·       Rich location with residential complexes around.

·       Spacious offices with the best available price in the market.

·       Open terrace with meeting hall/conference hall.

·       Space designated for food court or canteen.

·       45 M wide road on the front side

·       Rooftop solar panels and energy-efficient lighting

·       Multi-car parking with EV Charging facility

·       The water management system for water conservation

·       Modern Fire safety equipment and services

·       High-speed lifts with electricity backup

·       24×7 Security with trained staff and CCTV surveillance

These are the attractions that make IThums62, a natural choice for office space in Noida Sector 62.



Q1: How can I find the best office space for sale in Noida?

Ans: To find the best office space for sale in Noida, you need to analyze the different projects available in the region as per your need and budget. Project location, office size, commuting options and amenities are the key factors one must go through. Once you consider these things and consult with an industry expert, you will surely conclude the best deal.


Q2: What is the minimum amount that I can invest?

Ans: The minimum amount you can invest depends on the availability of options. Generally, if you plan to own a commercial space in Noida, you must have a certain amount. For example, office space in IThums 62 project costs a minimum of 20 to 25 Lakhs.


Q3: What are the premium locations in Noida to invest in office space?

Ans: The entire Noida and Greater Noida region is extremely prime area for businesses perspective. Metro expansion, wide roads and connectivity to national highways, upcoming Jewar Airport and Film City are the factors which favour this region. Noida Sector 62, Sector 73, Sector 52, etc., are ideal locations for investment. Interestingly, IThum World has projects in Sector 62 and Sector 73.


Q4: Should I proceed if the project is not RERA approved?

Ans: RERA approval safeguards the interest of investors and guarantees that their investment is safe. In case of any disputes, consumers can approach RERA authority. On the other hand, builders are legally bound to deliver the project within the specified deadline. Therefore, you should not proceed if the project is not RERA approved.


Q5: How much rental income can I expect after investing 25 lakhs in commercial space?

Ans: For a property worth 25 lahks, you may get a minimum of 20 to 25 lakhs monthly rental. However, it may vary depending on location, type of property and commuting options.


Q6: What amenities should we consider before buying office space in Noida?

Ans: Before buying office space, you should check whether the basic amenities are available or not in the desired property. Remember, in today’s context, there must be car parking, easy commuting options, natural light, ventilation, water availability, clean washrooms, waste management, fire safety system & security, etc.



After reading the above information, it is clear that Noida is the best location for commercial office spaces. With advanced metro and road network, it is a highly accessible location that favours businesses in many ways. IThum World has some of the best under-construction properties in Noida that offer premium commercial space at affordable prices.

Therefore, you can invest in the projects like IThums 62, IThum Heights and IThums 73 to ensure maximum benefits. Contact IThum World and explore investment opportunities in Noida & Greater Noida.