Hello! We wanted to let you know that starting in November, our blog posting service will no longer be free. We're introducing a premium option called BlogStar subscription, which costs just $20 per year. With this subscription, you can post as many blogs as you'd like. Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions for more details. Thank you for your understanding!


Dear Amazing Users,

Your voices matter, and we want YOU to help us shape the future of our vibrant blogging community. We have an exciting proposal on the table, and we'd love to hear your thoughts through this poll.

Introducing Premium Blog Access - Have Your Say!

We are considering the introduction of Premium Blog Access, a subscription plan priced at $20 per year, which comes with an array of fantastic benefits:

🚀 Unlimited Blog Posting: Express your thoughts and creativity without limitations.

📢 Page Promotion: Elevate your Page's visibility and reach a larger audience.

🌟 Post Promotion: Get your best blogs,Post recognised and promoted to a wider audience.

🎥 Video Upload Options: Enhance your Post with videos for a more engaging experience.

But why are we considering this? Here's the scoop:

Our community has been growing rapidly, which is fantastic! However, with growth comes increased maintenance costs. By introducing Premium Blog Access, we aim to reduce spam, enhance content quality, and ensure the long-term sustainability of our beloved platform.

Now, it's your turn to weigh in! We've put together a quick poll to gather your opinions and preferences:

Vote in the Poll - Premium Blog Access

Your feedback is invaluable, and we want to ensure that any changes align with your expectations and needs. We genuinely appreciate your continued support and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Let's shape the future of our blogging community together!

Warm regards,

ConnectGalaxy Team

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Dear users we have updated our Android App to Version 1.6:

This version has fixed most of the reported bugs since February 2023, while focusing on improving app design on the marketplace and events and updating SDKs – resulting in a stable application and design.


[Migrated] To wallet system.
[Added] Address system.
[Improved] MarketPlace with a new design.
[Improved] Backward & Forward to YouTube Player.
[Update] Google services.
[Fixed] Permissions issue on Android 13.
[Fixed] Crash app when QrCode Scanner is open.
[Fixed] 28+ Reported bugs.


Kindly note Information on Blog Posting:

1) Do not post link's directly in Blog instead use Hyperlink you can only use 1-2 links to your website.

2) The content of blog post should be at least 500-2500 words for shot blog use Post instead.

3) The blog post content should be 100% unique in every way(No Repetitive Blogs on same Topic, No Original Post or Read More).

4) No hate speech or bullying, No false information, No review or hatred, Sexual content, Explosives, Erection Drugs, Online Gambling, Prescription drugs Unapproved and Escort Services.


We have updated our Android app.. Find out what is new.

[Migrated] Net7.0 – Android 13 SDK + Build tools 33.
[Added] New redesigned theme for 60% of the app.
[Added] Background player for voice posts.
[Added] New redesigned tabs.
[Added] New 7+ Image posts styles.
[Added] New Exo player version.
[Added] Shimmer load views.
[Added] New Report system.
[Improved] Memory Usage.
[Fixed] 25+ Reported bugs.
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