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Enterprise level digital performance audit and strategy for brands & startups with our intent analysis and consulting services.


Over 70% reduction in cost of acquisition for a leading FinTech start up

Audited digital and content maturity of the brand to evaluate brand experience across multiple channels. Competitor bench-marking was done to create funnel specific strategies that resulted in overall reduction in cost of acquisition and increase in engagement with relevant target audience.


Digital Maturity Audit

Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of a brand’s digital intensity and transformation management practices.

Digital Performance strategy

Calibrate paid, owned and earned media strategies to improve brand’s digital footprints through better customer understanding.

Content Performance Strategy

Quick win content strategies to optimize brand’s engagement while leveraging leadership and employee brand for true digital thought leadership.


Eridium conducts design thinking workshops with clients to help them discover gaps in the present approach and build strong digital teams and processes.

Marketing Automation

Implement data Strategy to manage a variety of touch points across multitude of channels and make your data talk.