My parents separated when I was 13 year old.
I was nicely filled-up at right places since that age. The eyes of men used to dis-robe me and I used to love the twinkle in their eyes as they watch me.
I had a huge crush on my uncle, mother’s brother, as a kid and as I got into my teens I started showing my interest openly when he was alone, but he had definite inhibitions. As I turned 18 one day he asked me to come and stay with his family during school vacations and I knew my time was up. He was 34 then and was married to a schoolteacher wife and had no child. He used to say he does not need a child as he considered me as his child, which turned out to be true as I got into a new life.

It was an overnight journey to his place from my town. He sent his office clerk to accompany me during the journey. My uncle, Hasmukh, is a multimillionaire with a palatial palace like house. He had come to pick me up from the railway station. As I got down from the train I saw him waiting for my arrival on the platform with bunch of pink roses. I ran up to him and gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek as he was about to kiss me on the cheek I turned my face and he kissed me on my lips, how badly I wanted him to kiss me. He started apologize for kissing me on my lips, I was in trance and felt something happening to me between my thighs. I held his hand and told him,” I wanted you to kiss me Hus uncle. Please do not apologize. Hus uncle I love you.” Saying this I felt so relieved of the burden on my shoulders. He looked at me shocked. It took him some time to over come the sensation.

We got home. I sat with him on the back seat and held his hand in my hand all the way home. He also did not take any effort to get his hand released and during that time I realized I have got what I was searching, my LOVE.

My aunty welcomed me, showed me my room and asked me to freshen-up, as she was to leave for a school. She said to me,” Alpa, your uncle will be home as it is a holyday for him. I will come back by evening. You two-take care of your lunch, we will meet in the evening. Bye darling see you.” And she left, leaving me and by beloved uncle home alone.

My uncle was seeing some important files from the office. I went to his room and sat close to him, I was wearing my housedress, loose pajamas and a t-shirt. I had a lovely bath and carried coffee for both of us. I kept watching him engrossed in the files. I wanted myself to be near him. As he finished his work, I took the chance and held his hand and said to him,” thank-you Hus uncle for inviting me to your place.” And said very boldly,” Hus uncle I love you.” He probably had not come out of the shock he got at the railway station. He kept looking at me without a word, I moved closer to him and put my head on his shoulder. After few minutes he put his hand on my head and said,” Alpa, I am your uncle, I understand your feelings. It happens. I will not blame you for your feelings. But you have to control yourself.”
I said,” I love you Hus uncle and I am not a kid, see how I have grown-up now.” And said,” I want to be yours all my life. I cannot stay without you.” And I lifted my head and kissed him on the lips. My one hand was on his thigh feeling his warmth. He lifted my hand and kissed it. “Aha! Hus uncle you are so kind to me, thank-you for accepting my love.” He kissed me on my lips and gave his tongue in my virgin lips. I was so overwhelmed by that I started to suck his tongue. I was getting so hot and wanted him to bed me very badly. I said to him,” Hus uncle, make love to m, make me yours. I want you to love me.” I was virgin then, just seen few sexy scenes from the movies. I was prepared for him what ever happened.

He put his hand over my shoulder and pulled close to him, pulling me in his lap. I was in cloud nine. He hugged me from behind; he was in his house cloths wearing pajamas and a loose t-shirt. I sat in his lap with my thighs spread beyond his knees. His hug was so pleasurable I did not mind dying right there. His hands were around me holding me tightly. He said,” You are very sexy, Alpa.” He brought his hand on my thigh and started caressing my thighs. His other hand started caressing my right tit. “Aha!” I exclaimed. And dropped my head on his shoulder. I felt something probing in my ass crack, that probing sensation was fabulous. To have it more I wriggled my ass and found my uncle moaned saying,” Oh Alpa, lovely do it more” I kept wriggling my ass.

He stopped kneading me right tit and said,” Alpa, never wear bra and panty all your life, I will not like it, ok, baby?” I just nodded and a following his wish till now.
He got up from the couch held my hand pulled to him and embraced me tightly, his hands started roaming all over my body, found my ass chicks. He pulled my ass chicks apart and started fingering my ass hole. By now I was moaning loudly calling his name,” Oh! Hus uncle.”

He took my hand and guided it between his strong muscular thighs, I found something hard and straight. I asked him,” What is this.” He said,” This is called as cock.” That was the first time I heard the name. I said,” Your cock is so hard. I want to see it.”
He removed my t-shirt and unclipped my bra. I found him excited. He took my nipple in his mouth and sucked. The sensation was out of his world, I held his head and pressed his head on my tit, took his other hand to my other tit. He dropped his pajamas and removed his t-shirt. He was standing naked in front of him with his cock standing erect.

He stripped me completely and stood there looking at my body, praising it. I tried to hide my nakedness, he ordered me not to do so. I followed his orders, as I love him and wanted to please him any way he liked. He came close and put his hand on my shoulder and pressed, I was new to all this. He said,” Alpa on your knees and suck my cock.” I liked the idea so much; I dropped to my knees and held his cock in my both hands. It felt so nice; it was hard like steel and was completely erect looking in my face.

I parted my lips and kissed the big bluish crown oh his cock. He moaned loudly. For the first time he called me,” Oh my ****.” I asked,” What does it mean.” He said,” My most loved one.” I felt so nice. All that he said and spoke to was so new to me; I had to ask him the meaning of every new word he spoke. He asked,” Alpa take my cock in your mouth and suck me like a ice-cream.” I opened my mouth and started to suck his cock. He put his hand on my head and moved his fingers through my hair. He took his hand on the back of head and pressed. His cock hit the back of my throat gagging, he kept the pressure, and it made me impossible to pull his cock away from my throat. He removed his hand and caught my ears with his both hands. He was moaning loudly calling me his,” ****”, “whore.” I felt so proud of myself I cannot describe.

He held my hand and pushed me on the couch. While falling on the couch my thighs spread. Hus uncle dropped to his knees and came between my virgin thighs and blew a flying kiss towards my cunt. He told me my pee thing is called, Cunt. He roamed his fingers through my pubic hair, which were silky soft. He said,” Alpa, remember to keep yourself always shaven, I like my ****es clean shaven.” I said,” Hus uncle I don’t know ho to shave, will you help me.” He said,” my pleasure, ****.”

He kissed my virgin cunt. And started to lick me and probed my cunt. I was so hot I put my hands on his head and pressed his head firmly. He kept lapping my cunt. He asked me to stay the way I was, lying in the couch with thighs spread. He got on his knees, holding his hard cock in one hand he started closing the gap between us. He pressed his cock head on my cunt lips, which were by now pouting. He said,” Alpa, I am now going to fuck your virgin cunt.” Again some new words - fuck, virgin. I thought of asking me what does he mean, but I was so engrossed in the lovely feeling of he loving me, I did not ask him, just watched and felt his cock probing my virgin cunt.

I put my hands on his waist. He moved his cock from front to back, from my cunt to ass smearing me in my own juices. He moaning calling me,” oh my ****, whore Alpa.”
I felt his cock head entering my cunt lips as if an arrow entering the pray. He kept pressing I felt a tearing pain and gush oh fluid tricking down my ass. “ Aaaaaaaa, Hus uncle.” He did not stopped but pressed little more, I felt his cock now half way in side my cunt. The pain slowly subsided and the fabulous thrilling sensation took over.


Hi friends , The incidents happened during my colleges, currently working MNCs. To start with my story like every teenagers my hormones were ragging in that age and always curious about sex. I started watching porn ever since 11 th std. Like all masturbated every day.

My maid was in her late 40s widow her hubby was failed business man who got sick then passed away, to meet their needs my maid had to work and she had 3 daughters who are couple of years elder to me. Since we were small and this story is about the elder daughter of maid who was in higher secondary level. We used play together so let’s call her latha (30c-28-32). So once we were playing and me and my cousin were only boys in family.

And very often we used to play so many games like cricket, more often hide and seek. And in my home everyone saw me as kid. So dint mind anything and we used to play hide and seek. Irrespective of age differences.
On one such occasion the maids elder daughter attended her puberty and so the fun was all down. So after that she never came and days passed by and I was in my college 1st year by that time and she was in nursing where we met again at my home since her place was nearby she used to visit me and my elder sister used to teacher her because she was lecture and she latha was weak in english.

Once my sister had to go out suddenly with her friends and I was alone in home watching porn and masturbating in my room. And I forgot to lock the door since no one was at home. I don’t know from where latha came and saw me naked holding my cock. I was shell shocked and tried to cover myself , but she immediately went laughing but I was really pissed to core and the day went unpleasant.

Next day she came for tuition and my sister asked me. And her to study and left. A minute after she left she asked me “How often you shake it”.
Me: daily(in shock state)

She : how big itself, really will you show me once

Me: I don’t know, will you show your if you showed yours

She : I ‘ll think

And my sister came in

After few days went uneventful later one day when I was alone at home. She came to my home and asked about my parents and sister. When I told they were out , she sat close to me and asked “Will you show”. Honestly guys I was so nervous . I simply pulled down my pants and vest and showed.

Latha- why is it small, it was big when I saw

Me- I don’t know

L-do you want any help?


Suddenly she caught hold of my cock and gave me hand job. Slowly my cock started rise in size, btw mine is 6. 5 inch and 2. 5 width. And she was shaking fast for 5+ mins and I was verge of cumming.

I simply scolded I was cumming she immediately took her handkerchief and put it over my cock and I cummed like anything that exhausted

Latha simply replied “Wow you came so much” touched and smelled my cum. And suddenly took little cum in her finger and licked it sand said “Nice”. In a short while when I recovered I put my pants and she told “Wait im not done yet with u”.

She lifted her shirt and gave her titties . I dint talk more but I simply saw her black titties , I pressed it to my hard with all heart content since it was my first boobs I was playing it , she was hissing and was horny like anything , I licked her nipples nicely and it was pointing like rubber in the end of pencil.

Then slowly when I was about to move to south , the calling bell rang. I was scared to shit and we got dressed and I opened to found my aunt. I cursed my luck and we acted as if we were watching some movie and she gave some vessels and left. When I was about to start again in 5 mins everyone in family came back to come.

Later the next day when we were studying together I asked her “Did you like it”

Lath- yes

Me- shall we do again

She replied yes

I told her to come to terrace after studying and we both studied fast and completed out portion and I started first to terrace and she followed I was standing in balcony of terrace and she came close to me and I slowly slide my hand to her boobs and dint press it but just moved around it for sometimes latha scolded me stop teasing and press it I asked what was the urgency she replied what if someone comes and she also added that she wasn’t able to sleep the whole night and she was all horny.

So I pressed her boobs hard and for that she told pls but press but softly, I never listen I was pressing like animal and I put my hand inside the tops and pressed it hard and later she took my cock in her hand and started to shake by this time I was full hard and she was shaking it very fast.

I slowly pulled her pants down and place it over panties and man it was wet and sticky like anything I was rubbed around her cunt and suddenly her hips vibrated and she fainted unconscious I was scared to core dint knew she cummed :d . I was worried slowly dressed her and she woke up. I thanked god and asked her what happened she told she cummed .

Later after some 10 mins again I started my play by pressing her boobs and she suddenly kissed me passionately and said “Thanks” opened my pants and sucked my cock, I was in such a pleasure. I could hold longer than 5 mins I cummed in her mouth.

Later I put on the condoms when she was tired and she got scared told no etc , I dint listen I pulled her and spread her . She told do it softly I slowly put inside I dint know which hole to put it in pussy and she guide me and it was tight like core I slowly pushed she was crying , so I pushed its way through. She told pls let me go. I kissed her fore head and told latha its just for few mins the pain will reduced. She innocently nodded. In one hard push it was 75 in. It was hard for me since I was also virgin so took little oil applied in condoms and her cunt put few drops and pushed in.

In one bag it went in she was crying in pain. I started pumping slowly and I started to fuck her with slowly she started to enjoy and I started ramming her pussy , since she was very tight I was not able to hold and I came in 5 min.

She went and got up from bed limped little and went to restroom she was scolding that it was burning while pissing.

Later round 2 I fucked her for 1 hour straight in missionary and when I tried to fuck her in doggy she told she was feeling painful so left with missionary. We had sex 4 times that day and slept exhausted in each others arms. Later we took bath together in night and she went home little limping

She called me stating that mom asked why she limping she told sprain and put some bands in leg. Later we fucked in every position we can in every place in my home and enjoyed for few years . Later she was married and left the city.


I am sharing the romantic experience with my girlfriend Kritika in Goa.

Kritika is well-built with a size of 34-30-32. This happened when we were in second year of the masters program at a premium college in Bengaluru. We both got very nice and dream placement offers on the same day to join in Bengaluru after completion of our degree.

There was a 2-week gap to join after submitting our final exams and thesis. So we decided to go to Goa on my birthday. We booked 2nd AC train tickets (those were the only ones available) and I found a beachside Airbnb accommodation near Arambol beach in north Goa.

We were both excited for the trip. Even we kissed on the train at night, standing at the door when passing through the Ghat section before entering Goa.

By 11 am, we were at our place of stay, and the host showed us the house and gave us all details of nearby places.

The house was beautifully decorated, had a sea-facing balcony, and was a bit away from all the noisy places located around the area. We were tired and hungry, so we had lunch from a nearby shop and slept the whole afternoon. In the evening, I and my girlfriend went to the beach and had dinner with cocktails at a nice little hut on the beach itself.

The food was good and the cocktails were strong enough to give us a nice buzz. We talked and laughed while Kritika was giving me naughty hints for the night as my birthday was the next day. She asked me to go home and she would join me within some time. Then she returned with a bottle of wine, some chips, and 2 pastries for the night. I was already getting excited for the night.

Before midnight, my gf lit up the room with the candles, arranged the pastries, wine, and glasses in the hall. She then went inside the room and asked me to wait. Just as the clock struck at midnight, she came out of the room with birthday caps and glitter. She came close to me, kissed me, and wished me happy birthday.
We kissed for some time and she started to stroke me again. Soon, I was hard and I jumped onto her and entered her in the missionary position. I went slowly first and then started to increase my pace. Kritika’s beautiful boobs were juggling in sync with my strokes. She was moaning in pleasure. I adjusted myself and started to fuck her hard.

Her body started to shiver again with non-stop moans and I realized she was about to cum.

Kritika: Harderrr… Haaaarder… Ahhhhh!

And she came for the second time. Then we kissed but I continued to fuck her. After a few minutes, I came for the second time and this time, in my girlfriend’s pussy. We both fell into each other’s arms, tired and flushed. Then we looked into each other’s eyes. Our eyes were gleaming with love and pleasure. We kissed for some more time.

She then asked me if I wanted an after-sex cigarette. I never knew she had this guilty pleasure also. Kritika surprised me with a joint and a pack of cigarettes. We sat in the hall naked and smoked up.

We got high in no time and we were again kissing and cuddling on the couch. As were in the mood, we again started to fucked on the couch. This time, it was a long session with multiple positions with alternative slow and hard fucking periods. We both came at similar times and passed on the couch itself.

In the morning, we freshened up and had another session in the shower. The three-day trip was full of romance and raunchy fucks. At the end of the trip, we were very close to each other. We then returned to Bengaluru and joined our respective jobs.

Slowly, we got engulfed into routine lives and romance continued for a couple of years, after which we broke up. She later got married to an IAS and moved to Delhi. We lost contact, but the memories remain.


I am writing my new experience which in encountered with my new neighbour during this lockdown.

I'm Akash working as an software professional in bangalore this incident took place few days back with my hot neighbour her name is savitha aged around 32 yrs very fair with dick
raising asset 34-32-34 anyone would feel urge of having sex with her atleast once in life.My mind started thinking dirty things at the first time only when i saw her . Her husband works
is some private firm.I was bored staying in home due to this lockdown and wanted some break and relief from the dail routine work.Then savitha my neighbour came newly to our
apartment from that day i was always feeling like having sex with her.

But it was difficult as we both were not knowing each other then i made a plan of first becoming friend with her and then try it out. I used to say casually say "Hi Good Morning" whenever
we get a chance to meet and even she use to reply and slowly we were becoming friends.Then after few days we became very close gradually and one day she invited me to her home
when no one was there i took this as a positive sgn felt happy and went to her home. She use to share about daily things happening in her life and her husband is always busy in work
and always keeps travelling not bothered about house. This gave me a hint that she needs someone to keep her happy. I took this opportunity and said not to worry i am always with
you and i will help out whenever needed.She said thanks and that day we exchanged our phone numbers and i thanked her for lovely coffee and left from her place.

As the day passed nothing much happened we used to text daily and after we became very close i thought of trying to understand if she is intrested in me to have sex. I sent some naughty
jokes and photos ,but no reply came i thought she might screw me up but next day i got a reply and i came to know that she was enjoying it. After that one day suddenly she sent
message no one a home feeling bored if you are free can you come. I was so happy and i dont wanted to miss this opportunity and wanted to try my luck and make it happen.
I went around 11AM in the morning knocked the door wow she was wearning transparent nighty and i was able have a clear view of her assets that was the first time i saw her in
nighty and i felt even she wanted sex today .Then she invited me inside asked me to sit and she will get some juice to drink. Then we were talking and suddenly she asked
do you have girl friend i said no.She directly asked have you ever kissed any girl i was shocked by her question and was thinking what to tell ,she said not to worry i know what
all young boys do so be frank. Then i said yes i had with my collegemate and said what all you did and i said nothing only kiss. She just smiled and kepy quite and i asked her
why you are asking all these. She directly said i know you are intrested in me and to be frank even i felt nice of you and like the way you talk and make fun.

She suddenly bent to take the glass from me wow what a sight it was i can see her complete boobs eagerly waiting to come outside. My dick raised see that and she noticed that
gave naughty smile and went to kitchen to keep the glass. Now she came sat next to me and i was feeling difficult to breath and wowwwwwwww she was smelling so good. She
suddenly kept her hand on my pants and hold my dick .I was shocked she came near my ears and whispering what happened and what you were looking at when i tried to take glass.
I said nothing and she suddenly locked by lip with her lip .I didn't understand how to respond gradually lost control and she was stroking my dick slowly.
She said let's go to bedroom and make this day very special and i just followed her instructions without speaking anything. We went to room she closed the door pushed me on bed and she
came on top of me slowly and started kissing my lips wowwwwwwwww what an amazing kisser she was i was in heaven even i slowly started responding to her kiss and she was slowly
loosing her control now i slowly started removing her nighty wow what an epic view it was seeing her only in her panty and bra .

She was feeling shy and immediately hugged me tight.I slowly started playing with her boobs and removed her bra and started sucking those big melons like hungry animal she was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby suck it i am all yours please
eat it ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh suck hard baby ahhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bite that nipples and satisfy me hardddddddd ahhhh ahhhhhhh this was giving me more pleasure
and i was sucking even harder and her nipples became hard she was enjoying a lot and sucked her boobs for almost 20 minutes not slowly went bit down started kissing her belly and she was losing her
control and enjoying it and now she removed my pant and started giving me a blow job wow what a heavenly experience it was she was sucking my 7.5 inch hard dick like lolly pop wow i was in heaven and
she was an amazing sucker i enjoyed the blowjob and now i slowly started removing her panty and by this time both were in complete mood and lost ourself.

I slowly started licking her pink clean shaven pussy wowwwwwwwwww it was so good experience she was enjoying every lick of mine and moaning ahhhhh baby my darling lick it slowly ah ah aha
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eat it baby its all your's please satisfy me.After few minutes of licking it was time for real action as she was out of control and begging me to fuck her badly. her pussy and making her more horny and slowly put my dick inside wowwwwwww it's one of the best feeling and she was moaning with pain
and i slowly started stroking front and back and after few minutes she started enjoying and was asking baby fuck meeeeeeeeeeee fuck fuck fuck meeeeeeeeeee hard baby ahhhhhhh
ahhhhhhhhhhh aha aha ah and our room was completely filled with her moaning sound this was making me more horny and fucked her very hard. Then after few minutes of this i unloaded everything inside and we both were tired hugged eachother and rested for a while.
Then after some time we tried doggy style and few more different positions by this time it was almost 5PM her husband was about to come back home.

We took bath together had one more good sexy session in bathroom and i left to my place. So, now every time when ever we get time we have awesome time and fun together. So guy's this was my new real story with my neighbour.


Mad desire for my new 18+ Himachal maid!
I am a 42-year-old Pharmacy store owner, and I have a wife and a teenage son. I lead a normal and uninteresting family life like most others. Today I will be sharing with you my life’s most exciting and satisfying experiences with my new 18+ year old Indian maid, Urvashi.

To describe myself, I am a guy with a 5-inch long cock when erect. I don’t exercise much, but I have a lean figure due to my high BMR. I am just 5 foot 8 inches in height. I had almost zero sex life as my wife was not in that phase in life to have sex with me. This sexually frustrated me but became normal after a while. So pretty normal. But as they say, great things happen to good men, the most cute, understanding, and absolutely sexy maid came into my life.

My long-time maid had left the job due to health reasons, so my wife hired this new maid Urvashi, an 18+ white, chubby, and cute-looking maid from Himachal. She spoke mostly Hindi and I knew only a few words, so no conversation struck between us in the beginning.

But I was awestruck by her beauty. She was so curvy that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Those round white and smooth breasts were covered with a translucent blouse which almost revealed her assets all the time.

She never wore a bra and I was turned on every time I saw her. And when she sweats, my God, she looks like a seductive sex goddess with breasts and armpits wet. I felt this mad urge to make love to the young maid while she was hand-mopping the floor.

Her round bubbly ass was such that any man would be tempted to do something naughty to her from behind. Her face was so cute, smooth, and white that I felt like kissing her cheeks all day. Those lips of hers were delicious looking and made me want to just bite those all the time. She was very quiet, silent, and happy-looking. She was always obedient.

One day me and my wife had a big argument. It was clearly my wife’s fault and she knew it. But she still tried to blame me for it. Urvashi was present during the argument and she clearly understood that it was my wife’s mistake.
After some time, when my wife went out, Urvashi consoled me and made my favorite food. She was so sweet to do this and her kind attitude toward me was unexpected. I started to like her more after that.

So, in summer my wife and son left for Bangalore to see my in-laws, and left me and Urvashi in the house. Finally, some peace in the house. And this was my perfect chance to begin an affair with Urvashi.

Urvashi worked as a maid at some of my colony’s houses so that she could financially help her father get better treatment. But she never asked me for help. But I would see her upset sometimes. That really hurt me. I wanted to do something that could bring me and her close, and also bring a smile onto her face. So I used my company’s insurance policy to help Urvashi’s dad’s health by admitting him to a better hospital and buying costlier medicine. This began to improve her dad’s condition and she became happy. But she got even more happy when I was the reason behind it.

So, the next day when Urvashi came to work. she hugged me tightly and said, “Thank you, Saab”. Her tight hug was so sexy and I was touching her boobs and also her back. I said it was okay and said that I only did this to make her happy.
Listening to this, she started tearing up in my arms and said that no man had ever done anything like this for her. She said that for doing this gratitude she would do anything for me. This was such a high moment for me. I really wanted to make love to her. But I softly said in her ear that I wanted the love that I expected from my wife and she was five times better than my wife in beauty, sense, and emotions. This made her like me more and she said that she would make me happy.

Then the maid grabbed my dick and I felt so good and felt this immense energy to ravish her pussy. So I made my move and kissed her soft lips. It was very good. Then I held her ass and pressed it as if I wanted her badly. This drove her crazy. She started to kiss me even harder.

Then I brought my hands to her hips and held her tightly as if she was mine. This aggravated our passion to fuck each other. I started to press her breasts and like her blouse. This made her moan hard. I realized that it was time for me to undress her and began undressing her slowly.

Finally, my dream came true! Urvashi, my maid looked like a seductive sex goddess, standing there naked before my eyes.
I started kissing, licking, and pressing her all over her body. This made my dick really hard. I felt that she was wet underneath. Her pussy was very soft and irresistible.

Later I took out an expensive long-lasting durable condom and put it on my dick. Due to the liquid inside the condom, I could fuck her for as long as 35 minutes! My average sex duration Is about 7 minutes. But that day, I fucked the servant for a good 40 minutes. She came at least 3 times in the last 40 minutes. And I came in her once and deposited all my cum inside her.

Luckily, there was a condom. Urvashi moaned with joy and experienced orgasms on 3 occasions. Later that morning, I was busy making love to Urvashi multiple times and was enjoying every bit of it. I fucked her till our bodies were covered with sweat. I held her tightly and fucked her in a missionary position multiple times. She and I both moaned and screamed with orgasmic joy.

After every session, I would entirely sleep on her breasts, whereas she would nurture me with her hot kisses. We kept fucking each other the whole day and slept on each other’s bodies afterward. Since that day till the day my wife returned, I kept fucking her nonstop.

I lived my dream!


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