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Question: How To Create a Photo Album


Creating a Photo Album:

Step 1: Click on the Photo in the menu

Step 2: Click on the upload button & follow instruction or click on the "All Photo Album" in the right and side                      menu option

Step 3: Click on the Create Album

Step 4: Fill in the required field mostly Album Title

Step 5:  Choose any of The Access Detail (Public, Friends, Logged in user, Friends, Private) Defaultly it will be in public if your uploading your personal photo CG advises you to choose friend so that it will be only visible to your friends 

Step 6: Click on the Save Button in the Bottom it will automatically take you to the next screen that is upload screen

Step 7: In The upload screen you will need to choose the photos to be uploaded first and then upload them in a second step

Step 8: After the upload has finished you will be automatically redirected to a new page where you can enter titles and descriptions for the uploaded photos

Step 9: Click on the Save Button in the Bottom it will automatically publish in your Activity & Photo Album