Question: I am not able to Login ?

I am not able to Login ?
January 8 2018

Your not able to Login in to this website there might be few scenario's for you not able to login in to this website.

1) Your email ID is marked as Spam

2)  Your IP address is marked as Spam

In the above both the cases try to contact us using the contact forum we will check your posts & activities to determine if your spammer are not & we will unblock you.

3) Your blocked by Internal Email domain block list.

This can happen bcz you might have registered before CG brought the ban list on all the email domain except these (,,,,,,,, In this case plz do contact us using our contact forum mentioning your REGISTERED EMAIL ADDRESS then plz do mention the new email address within the ALLOWED EMAIL DOMAINS so that we will update your new email address so that you can login back.

4) Your profile might be banned or you would have requested to quit from the website but would have preferred to keep the content.
In this case plz do use our contact forum with your PROFILE ADDRESS or with your USERNAME so that we can activate your account.

5) Your profile might be deleted by you or by the CG Staff for violating the Terms & Conditions.
In this case it is irreversible & you need to open a new account & make sure you don't delete yourself or violate our Terms & Conditions.