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Question: why I am not able to Register in this website?


There are just simple 3 answers for this Question.

1) Have you tried using the ALLOWED EMAIL DOMAIN'S TO REGISTER ??
    These are the following email domains this website allows you to register.,,,,,,,,
If you have tried some other email domains other than this then your registration will definitely fail.

2) Even after using the allowed domain i am not able to register?
    (i) K.. This can be due to your email address been mentioned as spam by few of the website so CG is blocking you from registering to protect the website from spammers. If you think your been placed wrongly as spammer plz do try to create a new email Id as we cant help you in that. 

     (ii) There might be an another reason as well for getting blocked from registering it might be that your IP address being spreading spam so the website might block you from registering.