EPIX – What is it for the users?

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Epix is a premium network which is from the Metro Goldwyn Mayer which provides you with access to the latest release of the classic movies and for original programming.

The original content line up of epix now consists of the highly praised series, comedy specials and also appealing documentaries so that the viewers can be educated and can also entertain the viewers. 

Now, you know what is epix we are going to know about what all devices are supported by epix where they can be used, so let us  get started to know about it. 

Supported devices for EPIX access – 

Device compatibility can vary depending on the provider and if we understand it by an example then some of the TV providers might not support the application of EPIX on certain platforms. 

You can access the website with the help of the latest version of your laptop or browser besides which the EPIX platform will be compatible and accessible on the devices which are mentioned below – 

  • Amazon fire TV 
  • Android phones or tablets which are using version 6 or above it 
  • Android Television 
  • Apple TV 
  • Chromecast 
  • Ipad or iphone 
  • Kindle fire 
  • Roku devices 
  • Xbox one 

The epix subscription varies and depends on the type of subscription or the time of the subscription for which you want to access, also the type of subscription you select will also decide the number of channels you will get to access or if the content could be downloaded offline or not. 

Variety of content accessible on EPIX for the users – 

There are plenty of series as well as movies which are offered to the users to watch on the platform such as action, adventure, drama, documentary, erotic, horror, Indie, kids, family, etc on the platform.

Thewebsaga website could be accessed by you to find the additional details you need about the platform.