How to fix Outlook something went wrong error?

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When outlook is not loading the mailbox and it keeps showing the something went wrong error. here are the guide to fix the problem.

Are you getting something went wrong error on hotmail account? Generally, this error comes on the safari browser. But the good part is that, you can easily fix this issue by making the changes into the account. 

if you don't know how to fix it? Here are the guide to fix the problem. you can apply it on your device to find the solution.

How to Fix something went wrong error in hotmail? 

When Hotmail says something went wrong on the safari browser. you should reboot the mac pc. now make the following changes into your account. 

Update the safari browser- 

Let's go to the browser settings, here you need to update safari browser. If you are not getting the latest update. you can install the other browser on your computer. now try to access the mail account on your pc. 

Add the alias - 

Sometimes, Hotmail is not working on the browser because of the old alias name. so you need to upgrade it into the alias. now try to access the mail account again. it should be working fine now. 

Fix the internet connection - 

Sometimes, Hotmail users are unable to access the mail account because of the internet connection issue. so you should fix the internet connection. now try to access the mail account again. let's see what does it shows on your account. if you are still getting the same error. you need to update the mail acocunt. 


Reinstall the browser- 

Let's uninstall the browser from your outlook application. now install a new browser on your computer. after that, you should try to access the mail account. It should be working fine on your device now. in case , if you need more help. you can visit: How to fix outlook something went wrong error