Vehicle Maintenance Checklist : Keep The Resale Value High

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Activities to maintain your vehicle

Your car is a huge investment. You never want to see it deteriorating with time. Don’t you? Just like you, it needs all the care, maintenance, and protection. From changing the oil to replacing the tires and keeping it all clean, a long list goes on. And, if you fail to do so, are you going to lower its resale value? The answer is yes! Continue reading to know about the tips that you should not ignore at any cost.


The Oil Change Schedule: It is never a bad idea to inspect the coolant levels, oil, and other essential fluids when the engine is cool. If the level is low, it can either lead to engine problems. There is a higher chance that it degrades with time, even if you don’t drive.


What is the solution?

Good question! Well, the answer to this question lies in the car repair shop in Panchkula. The repair shops have a team of experts and professionals that carry out an engine oil change and replace the filter. Consequently, it results in making your air filter flow properly, improves fuel efficiency, decreases your emissions, and helps ensure the life of your engine.


Washing your car: Washing your car is one of the cheapest and a great return on investment. To put it in simple words, it is a low-cost way to keep your vehicle’s appearance in a good shape. So, how often do you take your car for a wash?


Do you know that the experts at the car wash service in Chandigarh, recommend a weekly car wash? According to the experts, the contaminants include pollen, dirt, air pollutants, and bugs that can easily damage the finishing and paint on your vehicle. Clearly, demanding the need for a car wash. So, when are you taking your vehicle for a cash wash?


The Tires: The roads are unpredictable and one can never be prepared for that. But, you can maintain the tires to maximize the mileage and safety on tough roads. For the best service, consider walking into the car tires in Mohali. To find the best one in your city, explore Finndit. They have quality tires that save you from emergency situations.


The Batteries: The batteries of your vehicle are a fundamental and integral part to run a vehicle. The technicians suggest following the right steps in order to replace or test. This is so because high temperatures lead to the bad performance of the batteries. Thus, if you get a battery test on a regular basis, there is little or no chance of battery failure. Remember, no matter how many ideas you have about batteries, the car repair shop in Panchkula has years of experience to decide if your vehicle needs replacement or simple testing.


Headlights, turn signals, brakes, and lights: From the lights to brakes and headlights, it is important for a vehicle to function properly. On the other hand, people are generally seen ignoring it. To extract the best performance, turn on the headlights in front of a flat surface. If they are not well-positioned, it is clear that your vehicle needs professional assistance. Similarly, you can inspect turn signals and the parking lights. And, if you don't find them as functional, you know what to do.



Keeping your car in good shape is all about your safety. On top of that, you know how essential it is to bring in a professional while maintaining a vehicle.  We are very sure that you don't want any unwelcome surprises on the road. And, these maintenance tips will never let you down. Consider the information mentioned above and the performance of your car.