What are Geomatics Survey Consultants and What Do They Do?

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There are a lot of professions which tend to perform behind the scenes and deliver results which help people further to do their jobs better.

One such profession is that of a geomatics survey consultant. While they work behind the scenes on parcels of land, it is due to their studies and research that the final output of Geomatic survey consultants performs an integral role in determining the characteristics, measurements and features of the land.

So, what do geomatic survey consultants exactly do? Here’s all to know about geomatic surveyors and what they do.

What are Geomatics Surveyors?
Geomatic surveyors are responsible for measuring, mapping, assessing, and interpreting information about a parcel of land. Geomatics survey consultants advise and implement the right geomatics solutions that can be conducted on a piece of land.

Whether the land has to be developed from scratch or has to be redeveloped, they provide the right solutions about what can be the next step for the same.

Some of the responsibilities that a geomatics surveyor fulfils are:
1. Preparing survey drawings
2. Presenting the data from a survey and reporting it to the clients
3. Undertaking topographic, land or measured surveys by utilising the right technology such as robotics and 3D laser scanners.
4. Analyzing the information on the basis of the undertaken surveys and figuring out the right data points.

Where do Geomatics Surveyors Usually Work?
Due to their versatile skill set related to the study of lands, and a variety of industries relying on it, geomatic surveyor consultants can be employed by a wide range of institutions.

Some of these include land surveying consultancies, rail companies, mining companies, the government, and even utility companies.

What are the Applications of Geomatics?
Geomatics applications are applied in a wide array of industries depending on their requirement. Some of these can include, land management and development, land survey and mapping, environmental mapping, urban planning and land use management, subdivision planning etc among others.

What are Some of the Technologies Sciences Used by Geomatics?
Geomatics has evolved in the last few years. With this change and update in the way geomatics is utilized, there has also been an update in the way technology is used by geomatics survey consultants.

Some of these technologies and sciences used by geomatics include geodesy, which is basically the technique of mathematically determining the size and shape of the earth and the nature of the earth’s gravitational field.

LiDAR is another such technology which is used quite predominantly by geomatics surveyors. LiDAR which stands for Light Detection and Ranging uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure and assess variable distances to the surface of the Earth. This is done to develop accurate information about the features and the shape of the Earth’s surface.

Apart from these technologies such as Geomatics Information Systems or GIS are also used primarily by geomatic surveyors. Other technologies include remote sensing and location based services too.

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