Varicose Veins Complications

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Varicose veins can cause complications because they stop your blood from flowing properly. your blood is unable to cycle back through correctly to your heart and pools in the lower body, usually the legs.

In any condition when proper blood flow gets disrupted then it has a risk of complications. However, there are no varicose veins complications in most cases. Still, if any complications occur, it may include:


Thrombophlebitis: Blood clotting in the leg’s veins which can cause inflammation of the vein.

Chronic venous insufficiency: In the chronic venous insufficiency, the skin is not able to exchange oxygen, nutrients, and waste products with the blood properly due to the poor blood flow. It is not due to varicose veins, but the two entities are closely related.                                                                                                                                                              People with chronic venous insufficiency may develop varicose eczema, lipodermatosclerosis (hard and tight skin), and venous ulcers. Venous ulcers generally form around ankles and are mostly observed by a discoloring area. It is important to get a medical checkup for chronic venous insufficiency.

So it is wise to consult your Varicose Veins before it gets complicated, with Varicose Veins Specialist  Doctor in Jaipur.  Do not wait for varicose veins complications and get treated before it gets worse.