How to Plan Writing your Dissertation?

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Dissertation papers are probably the most important yet challenging piece of academic writing that students get in their academic journey. The main reason for assigning this paper is to let students showcase their writing, research, and learning skills. Thus, students should make the dissertation writing interesting and engaging to fetch good grades.

Here’s is how you should plan your dissertation from starting to final submission for ensuring effective writing.

Planning your dissertation- Step by Step guidance

Here’s stepwise guidance on dissertation planning that can help you to slowly head in the right direction-

Step 1- Evaluation on topic

Discussion and evaluation of the proposed topic are important as it provides a path to the students to proceed while writing.

Ask yourself-

  • What the main objectives of topics are?
  • What you can include in it?
  • How to represent the topic while writing the dissertation?
  • How can I make the topic and its content engaging for students?

Try to understand the topic by reading it twice or thrice. This might inspire you to write a dissertation appropriately and get useful suggestions for further research.

Step 2- Develop a good research habit

Once you’re done with the topic, students need to begin the process of exploration of the topic. Researching is something that helps you to focus to guide your dissertation writing task.

  • Research about the issue/objective that you are going to be mentioning
  • Focus on what you want to prove
  • Make sure to keep a track of your notes and sources
  • Also, you must start the research by breaking down - what you need to find? How much information is required?

Effective research strategy

Developing research questions can be useful for you while gathering relevant details from authentic sources-

Exploring the dissertation paper


How to do this

What to find out


Prepare problem/question as per your topic for doing research


Where to research


Library, study materials, books, and professional help

What to include


Analyze data that you’ve gathered from varied sources

 Step 3- Make dissertation outline plan

  • Introduction – this is the opening paragraph in which readers must get an insight of the main content.
  • Main body – describes what the dissertation topic is all about
  • Conclusion – In the ending paragraph, summarize the entire content with precision

Step 4- Following a proper writing process

When you start writing, create a rough outline of the dissertation writing task with different sections, researches, findings, and main points.

  • Use these to plan your content.
  • In your initial drafts, focus on organizing ideas while writing
  • When composing the dissertation, check if all the sections are relevant as per the topic.
  • After completing the writing task, review it well to make the dissertation error free

Wrapping it up

When it comes to writing the dissertation, proper outline and planning are needed. Follow these above mentioned steps to get your dissertation done right on time with perfection. If you need any assistance in writing dissertation on a challenging topic then consider choosing a Dissertation Writing Service from LiveWebTutors.

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