Is it Worth to Hire an Android App Developer?- Top 5 Tips!

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Yes. One of the fastest-growing mobile app development markets has undoubtedly been Android in recent years. With its variety and broad selection of options, Android is turning out to be a popular choice among a variety of IT offerings. 


Android has delivered amazing results through numerous applications, from world-known gaming apps to the widely popular document sharing and instant messaging apps.

So, it is very important to hire an Android app developer who can manifest your idea properly and implement it to give a 100% satisfactory result. But how do you hire the best one? Here are the Top 5 tips for hiring an Android app developer to get positive outcomes for your business.

Tips To Hire Android App Developer  

Know the Requirements of your Company  

Understanding your company's needs before you hire an Android app developer can assist you in narrowing down your options. It is important to think about the app your company would like to create, such as native, hybrid, or cross-platform.

Suppose that your company wants to build your app with third-party integrations, such as CRM, CMS, API, etc. You choose to hire someone proficient in various Android-specific programming languages. If your company is looking to make small changes to the current application, you could look into hiring new developers for that. The requirements of your business can have a huge impact on the budget of your business.

Industry Experience

Technology is growing rapidly day-to-day. The most crucial factor to consider before you hire an Android app development company would be the level of experience in his portfolio. Since every app can develop over time before it is operational, the professional, experienced developer will be accustomed to the various niches and genres available on Android. Therefore, the result will be quick and effective. 

Additionally, developers must know either of the two official Android development languages: Java, Kotlin, or both. They should have a basic understanding of syntax and structure and the use of JDK documentation in Java and other concepts such as loops, variables, and the fundamentals of object-oriented programming.

Check Work Experience

Check out the work experience of the Android app development company is essential to show their programming and technical skills to recruiters. When looking over the candidate's resume, keep checking applications with great user interfaces. 

An excellent Android developer should have outstanding UI/UX abilities. Don't be confined to looking through their resumes. Ask the applicant to display the details of his GitHub and Stack Overflow profile to determine how adept at problem-solving he is? By doing this, you will be able to determine the degree to which a candidate meets your requirements for your company or not. After this you can hire Android app developers who are competent and well deserved. 

Remember that tools such as Github, Bitbucket, and Git, are crucial for app developers as they permit developers to save the source code for each project. Developers can look over the history of the code to see what's been accomplished and what was modified, what is the most current version, etc. In addition, these tools facilitate collaboration with team members simply when they work on the same project.

Cost Justification is Crucial  

Many Android developers will offer you services at less cost. They'll offer bargain offers but will not offer a good product or disappear during the project. Beware of these scams and always create budgets; if you think the price is too low, it's probably not a good decision to work with that Android app development company. 

Many people who understand their worth won't charge less than the market price, which you should be aware of. If the price seems too promising to be real, it probably isn't and will cost you more over the long haul.

Experience and expertise are also the key factors that are estimated to the cost to hire mobile app developers.

NDA Agreement

There are many Android developers and programmers who sell the code that they have written for you from various sites. It's not a white-label design scheme. If you buy the customization you want, you must have full rights to the product. 

Be sure to include these points in your Android app developer's contract. Also, you should discuss NDA before signing and include it will improve things for the future. This will assure you that all information will be confidential after you hire an Android App developer.

Some Last Words

Android has launched some of the top tablets and smartphones on the market. Thus, the demand for developers is expected to increase every day; however, to locate an appropriate one that can justify this mobile app development, effort must be put into finding an experienced professional. 

With the tips mentioned above, you can easily hire an Android app developer and get started with your project.