Express Entry and Your Family: Proving You’re Related

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This section is about processing applications for permanent residence submitted by applicants in the Canadian experience class (CEC).

If you or your betterhalf has a relative in Canada, it could make it more peaceful for you to qualify for immigration programs and Canada Express Entry Consultants will help you in this process.

Moreover, the person in your relationship must be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident and must have a qualified degree of relationship with you or your otherhalf. Eligible relatives include-


  1. Parent
  2. Grandparent
  3. Child
  4. Grandchild
  5. Sibling (brother/sister)
  6. Aunt or Uncle
  7. Nephew


It should be noted that close friends are not included in the list.


Proof of Funds-


Also, you will be required to show the money as proof of funds for Express Entry. This is done to prove that you can support yourself and your family member who so ever is coming to Canada and for this; you must have a valid job offer from your current employer. Canada Express Entry Consultants could be your guidance counsellor as they are an expert in this field and could save you lots of time, money, and effort.


Boost your points by doing this-


Include these things in your application for increasing the points to Express Entry-

  1. If you include your spouse/better half on your Express Entry application, it could increase your points as spouses can gain points for education, work experience, skills, etc.


  1. If you are getting married during your Express Entry application, then you need to inform the Canadian government about it as the submission of your application will depend upon the admissibility of your spouse as well.


  1. Legal documents are very important to show your relationship with the other person. These include-


  • A Birth Certificate of your dependent children.
  • A Form declaring Common-Law Relationships in case of Common Law Partnerships.
  • Marriage Certificate to prove spouse relationships etc.