7 Reasons to Sell Your NFTs on XANALIA Marketplace

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NFT space is about community. Once your NFT is listed on a market, promotion and community engagement are essential. For more tips on connecting and connecting with your community, stay tuned with XANALIA Marketplace. As a marketplace, we launch regular monthly feature upgrades that enhanc

XANALIA is the world's leading decentralized NFT marketplace for BSC and Polygon backed by Chainlink.

At XANALIA Marketplace, people can enjoy:

  • Enjoy the lowest fees on XANALIA Marketplace, a low trading fee for all NFT sellers and creators.
  • Submit your favorite BSC and ETH network NFTs and unlock access to the Crypto community worldwide and the largest liquidity market.
  • Trade NFTs and access the XANALIA Marketplace anytime, anywhere.

Like sneakers, art, or streetwear retailers, a large population of NFT consumers buys aggregates or assets for the sole purpose of reselling. But, on the other hand, sometimes NFT is no longer attractive, and the holder wants to sell and move on to more exciting things. At XANALIA, we provide an easy-to-use platform for anyone looking to sell their NFTs.

Here are seven reasons why NFT collectors and traders prefer XANALIA Marketplace as their go-to platform for NFT sales. Since its launch, XANALIA has become the world's largest and fastest-growing central NFT marketplace, selling over 1 million NFTs and more than 800 creations worldwide. 

1. Industry-leading Liquidity and Volume

The term "volume" refers to the total amount of NFTs traded over a given time, while "liquidity" refers to the speed at which NFT assets can be bought or sold at their market value.

With high volume and liquidity, XANALIA NFT sellers or creators can make quick and easy transactions, sell and trade on a large scale, and access the world's largest Crypto community.

2. Lowest Fees

XANALIA charges an affordable trading fee for all NFT sellers and creators. We offer the lowest prices in the current market compared to other markets that charge up to 7.5%. In addition, sellers must pay a 1% royalty fee to the creator. XANALIA's attractive low costs allow NFT sellers to enjoy higher returns on their assets.

3. Easy Deposits from ETH and BSC Networks

NFT collectors can quickly collect and sell NFTs on XANALIA from other networks with our recent feature updates. However, here we are mentioning some concerns to keep in mind.

XANALIA only accepts NFT agreement addresses fully integrated with the XANALIA Marketplace. Users can not submit NFTs with an unapproved smart-contract addressXANALIA will continue to update and expand the approved wise contract list.

Please read the complete list of XANALIA NFT-supported contract addresses. 

Here is a guide on how to collect NFTs on XANALIA:

Step 1: First, follow the guide to attaching your wallet.

Step 2: Go to [User Center] in XANALIA Marketplace and click [Deposit].

Step 3: Paste your assets under the NFT contract address [Agreement Address] and click [Confirm]. Do not enter the address manually.

Step 4: After confirming the contract address, you will see a collection of your NFTs. Select the one you want to deposit and click [Confirm Deposit].

Step 5: Set the deposit gas fee and click [Confirm].

Once the Deposit is confirmed, users can search for their NFTs for sale in the User Center via NFT Asset. 

4. Quick Fiat Cash Out

We provide a fast, easy and secure way to cash out NFTs. All XANALIA users can use their existing accounts to trade on the XANALIA Marketplace; no additional action is required.

5. Access NFTs on the Go with the XANALIA Mobile App

XANALIA Marketplace automatically connects to your user account and wallet on the XANALIA mobile app. When using the XANALIA mobile app, click [More] on the homepage. Then, click [NFT] and follow the same procedure as before to register your NFT for sale under Trade.

6. Ranking Feature


XANALIA features high-performing NFT collections, NFTs, and artists on the NFT homepage ranking boards. As a result, artists and their collections get more exposure, while collectors can easily find new and trendy pieces to enhance their displays. In addition, the new ranking boards enable depositors to estimate the value of their assets better and price them more accurately, increasing the chances of a more profitable sale.

7. Simple Token Conversions    

Holders of NFT can easily convert NFT cryptocurrencies into their favorite token or product on the XANALIA ecosystem. The XANALIA ecosystem offers a variety of features that serve different cryptocurrencies. Cash out your profits, send them anywhere globally, or subscribe to Earn products and create crypto rewards and more.


NFT space is about community. Therefore, promotion and community engagement are essential once your NFT is listed on the market. For more tips on connecting with your community, stay tuned with XANALIA Marketplace. As a marketplace, we launch regular monthly feature upgrades that enhance the customer buying and selling experience on XANALIA