Solis Tractors are Leading the Market as the most Selling Tractor Brand in 6 Different Countries

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International Tractors Limited (ITL) brought in a new wave to this upsurge through farming excellence through the best of efficient tractors. Sonalika and Solis, the two major innovative wings of ITL have contributed to the farming innovation with great zeal.

Industrial expansion has transformed across centuries with greater efficiency. From the mid nineteenth century Industrial revolution till now, science and technology has modified a million lives across the continents. Farming was a specific field that could retain indigenous methods for a while, but with the rise in population and a subsequent rise in demands of the growing population resulted in the ditching of traditional methods for much more technologically powered ones.

Rise in the farming advancements ushered in an era of agricultural magnificence. International Tractors Limited (ITL) brought in a new wave to this upsurge through farming excellence through the best of efficient tractors. Sonalika and Solis, the two major innovative wings of ITL have contributed to the farming innovation with great zeal. Equipped with functionality and technical support, Solis tractors, in particular, has transformed the dreams of farmers into reality. With a wide array of champion tractors for the field, Solis tractors ranging from 20 hp to 120 hp have simplified the lives of millions of farmers.

Most of these tractors have features like Lift-o-Matic for smooth lifting capacity, fully functional hydraulic facility and fuel efficient features among others that amplifies the user needs to the core. A key feature that makes these tractors a lot better compared to the others is their highly effective lifting capacity which enables easy operation and maximum output. The creeper and standard gear options delivers an exceptional performance with best in class functionality.

International Tractors Limited rules the global farming market with a staggering 10 Lakh customer base in India and a robust market network of 1800 enthusiastic distributors and dealers worldwide, in compact tractors range. The company comprises a diverse portfolio with a distinct range of agriculture tractors from 20HP to 120HP, under two different brands named Solis and Sonalika. Solis is becoming a love mark globally by helping farmers realize their potential and the great value that the brand delivers. ITL holds the impeccable record for being the leading tractor manufacturer from a single plant. Being one of the best compact tractor selling companies in India gives us inspiration to further improve upon perfection. SOLIS from the company ITL is also among the top 6 tractor manufacturing companies, globally. The state-of-art manufacturing plant spreads across 2 Lac sq. mt. of land, which employs a world-class skill force of 5500 personnel who commit to creating best-in-class agriculture tractors every day.

SOLIS deploys and leverages an in-house high-tech training centre to impart knowledge and training about compact tractors including product specifications, maintenance, and optimum utilization to employees, business partners, and customers. The young and fast-growing agriculture tractors company globally, SOLIS has reached the milestone of more than One Lac twenty-five thousand strong customer base with a prominent presence in more than 140+ countries in a short time, which reflects the brand equity, for the makers of the best compact tractor. Trusted and preferred all around, Solis is providing value-for-money products and customer-friendly services worldwide.

Having a very strong presence in most of the significant markets worldwide, presently, our agriculture tractors are leading the market as the most selling tractor brand in 6 different countries in Asia, Africa Europe. Offering customized tractors as per local preferences in Brazil and Turkey, Solis is presently the only Indian compact tractors company to have a presence across 28 countries in Latin South America. While augmenting a noticeable presence in 40 EU non-EU countries, the brand has successfully launched its tractors in the USA market.

In agriculture, tractors are not merely utilised to prepare the soil for plantation. Different types of tractors are engineered to serve the different needs and different demands of farmers. So how many kinds of tractors are on the market, and how does one differ from the other? Let’s have a detailed explanation of tractor types and their functionalities in this article.

Different Sorts Of Tractors

  1. Implement Carrier
    Implement Carrier Tractors often take part in the carrying or hauling and mounting jobs for different types of farm implementation tools. These tractors have an extended chassis frame between the front and rear tyres, that allows them to mount distinct tools, such as sprayers, loaders, rotary sweepers, seed drills, dusters, etc.
    2. Earth Moving Tractors
    Earth-Moving Tractors are basically heavy-duty and robust tractors, that can be found equipped with both tyres and tracks. These tractors can be your lifesavers while working on areas like dams and quarries or construction sites. They are relatively expensive but are often built to last! Such tractors are also often utilised to relocate and move heavy materials like mud, lumber, dust, rocks, debris, etc. Broadly speaking, there are 3 types of earth-moving tractors:

i.) Bulldozers (or crawlers): These machines feature large plates at the front to run manoeuvres that include pushing rocks, dirt, or clearing an area. Their complete tracks allow them to maintain their stability while moving on all types of terrains.

ii.) Excavators: These machines are not only utilised for digging and demolishing jobs but they can also be utilised to lift heavy implements and shovel dirt.

iii.) Backhoe Loaders: These machines are utilised for several farming tasks, from digging holes to breaking asphalt. Depending on your needs, you can easily adjust their buckets in the back and shovels in the front.

iv.) Military Tractors: Finally last but not the least, Military Tractors (or aka the Artillery Tractors) are often utilised by the militaries to move heavyweight military implements. Nowadays, they are also utilised to perform jobs in risky areas, like construction, demolition, and temporary road building. One thing to note here is that Military Tractors have the same design as industrial tractors, and they move on tracks, wheels, or semi-tracks. Their rock-hard frames and undercarriages allow them to work with landmines and explosive devices.

  1. Driverless Tractors                                                                                       

Driverless Tractors are controlled with the help of various devices and technologies, including computers, drone technology, GPS, and satellite. It is believed that in a near future, they will be handling all sorts of agricultural or industrial jobs easily. Final Words Tractors are fantastic machinery that can be utilised for countless farming and construction needs and demands, provided that you pick up the appropriate one for the right jobs.