Difference Between Hotstar and Pikashow

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We all know about both applications but what’s the difference between Hotstar and Pikashow? We will talk about more which make clear that there is many difference between Hotstar and Pikashow Apps.

Nowadays, the digital platform takes one step forward in movies and web series. The developers called particularly the name referred “OTT Platforms.” This platform offers the latest movies and web series to the audience to entertain them. Generally, people go to the theatre to watch the movies and web series. But with the coming of OTT platforms, they won’t have to go to the theatre to watch movies. You can watch all eye-catching content, which is full of entertainment, on these platforms without any interruptions. All the streaming content has premium quality, so users’ experience improves. 

The question is which OTT platform is best to watch all entertainment content. If we talk about paid apps, the first choice is Hotstar, but in free apps, the Pikashow app is best for the audiences. In this blog, we can talk about the differences between Hotstar and Pikashow apps, but first, we will discuss some outlines about both apps.

We will talk more about Hotstar and Pikashow and will discuss the differences between Hotstar and Pikashow before downloading. We know that both are entertainment applications that allow you to watch movies online but which one is the best? You can read the full blog to learn the difference between Hotstar and Pikashow. 

There are many other OTT platforms which may you should learn like Castle App, GHD Sports APK, and many others. They are also a good option to watch movies online without any monthly subscription. Let’s talk more about the Hotstar and Pikashow.


Introduction of the Pikashow App?

It is just like other online digital platforms where all the content related to movies, web series, and TV serials is available in HD quality without any buffering issues. It offers all the latest episodes of TV serials in the early morning. You don’t have to wait to premier on the subscription packages OTT platforms for watching your favorite TV serial episodes. You watch it in HD quality and can suggest that others manage all their favorite TV serials on this app.

It is the best online platform that is user-friendly and safely secure from malware. You can easily download any favorite content you want to watch and see anytime without using the internet. It can be safe in its download folder, but you can’t share any downloaded content with others. 


Introduction of the Hotstar App?

Hotstar is the best OTT platform where you can watch all categories of movies like action, romance, thriller, mystery, and others. In this app, the latest episodes of TV serials are to be seen by audiences so they entertain daily. But in it, you need to purchase subscription packages to watch movies and web series.

In this app, you can see the “My space” option where any of the content you watch and you can’t watch fully. Then, it can be shown in the “My space” option, so you don’t need to search again and forward the content to where you want to watch. In this option, you can continue watching where you left the content.

Difference between the Hotstar and Pikashow apps:-

Let’s talk about some of the features of both apps that differentiate them quickly. You will learn below the difference between Hotstar and Pikashow. There are some key points where the Pikashow apk is ahead of the Hotstar app and becomes the audience’s first choice among all the apps. So, we can discuss some points and differences between Hotstar and Pikashow, which are as follows:-


Installing Process:

To install Pikashow, you must download APK files to install on your mobile. Downloading any application through APK files or directly from the Google Play Store is no different. We download the application through APK, which is unavailable in the Google Play Store.

While Hotstar is available to download from the Google Play Store, you can also download it through APK files, but why are you spending so long time installing it? You can download it through the Google Play Store to save your time. That’s another significant difference between Hotstar and Pikashow.


Paid And Free Application:

If you talk about the Free and Paid applications to watch movies online, we suggest you download Pikashow. It doesn’t require to have a monthly subscription. And don’t worry about if you CC in your Google Play Store; it will auto-detect from your accounts because you need to download through Play Store. You need to download APK files to install Pikashow on your mobile.

While Hotstar is a paid application to watch movies online, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee to watch movies online. With payment, you can access your account to watch movies online. That’s the big difference between Hotstar and Pikashow.


Multiple Streaming Servers in Hotstar and Pikashow:-

The foremost reason behind the differentiation among them is multiple streaming servers. The Pikashow app has multiple servers that allow the audience to watch movies on any server. If movies or web series do not play on one server, you can watch them on another.

But in the Hotstar app, you can watch all the movies and web series on one server. It means that at one time, only one user can watch movies and only on one server. You can’t watch movies and web series if the server goes on a maintenance break. This point raises the difference between the Pikashow app and the Hotstar app. So that’s the major difference between Hotstar and Pikashow.

Subtitles and Multi-Language Support:-

The Pikashow app provides entertainment content in various languages. You have an option to select which audio language you want to watch. In it, you can watch all the latest movies in all types of audio languages, like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, and many other languages. It provides various subtitles, so you don’t have to worry about the audio language. You can watch any content with the help of subtitles.

On the other hand, in the Hotstar app, you can watch movies and web series in limited languages. If the movie is not released in the language that you want to see, then you can wait for its release. So, your favorite content can’t be watched by you on time. You can see only limited dual audio movies. In Hotstar, you can only watch movies with English subtitles. That’s another major difference between Hotstar and Pikashow.

Extensive Content Library and High-Quality Streaming:-

When you open the Pikashow app, you can see an option for an exclusive content library where all the most watched content would be suggested to you. You can pick your favorite movies and web series among any of them.

If you left out any movies and web series in the middle, then in the content library, you can continue where you left it. In it, categories like movies, web series, TV serials, sports events, and news channels are made, which makes the library very exclusive. You can watch all this content with HD quality, which makes a good user experience.