What’s Driving The Cost of Custom Software Development This 2022?

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In 2021, there were about 15 million active mobile devices globally. In fact, you are using a device that depends on software to read this blog!

Whether it is starting a brand-new project or automating and scaling up your current company processes, the moment has come for your organization to implement a unique software system. You've chosen to use the most practical and up-to-date strategy: a web-based software program that runs in a secure cloud. The second concern is how much you ought to spend.

To assist you in estimating the cost of custom software design and development, this article covers everything that might have an impact on the cost of custom software development in 2022.


The Cost of Developing Custom Software in 2022

It's vital to keep in mind that the cost of developing an app relies on several variables. The costs for developing mobile apps will differ from those for developing online apps. The intricacy of the app may have an impact on price.

A simple app with essential functionalities may be created for less money. A complicated program with numerous features will cost more money, though. A minimal viable product might be built for less than $10,000. On the other hand, you will require a larger budget if you want custom software that works with both the iOS and Android platforms.

Whether you choose to create an app though your in-house team or through offshore developers, it will affect the quality of development. Ask yourself if your team has the requisite expertise to create an app from conception to delivery before deciding to develop it internally.

If your staff lacks the necessary skills, it might eventually cost you more in missed work and disheartened teams. Otherwise, finding a third party to create an app for you is the best course of action.

Let us look at the three categories of web and mobile apps based on their categories to estimate the average cost of custom software design and development:

  • Basic apps (approx. 500-700 hours)
  • Medium complexity applications (700-1200 hours)
  • Complex applications (1200+ hours)


Is there a method to determine the cost of developing a custom app with all of the above in mind?


Cost-Driven Factors for Custom Software Development

  1. Considering how sophisticated the software is

A basic app can take hundreds of hours to create, whereas specialized software could take thousands. These hours are also determined by how well the development team performs.

A basic app has fundamental components like a login page, user account, admin tools, and so on. It could just have barebones app integration. As a result, development may take three to six months.

In addition to all the functions of a simple app, a sophisticated app provides features like integrations, profile feeds, greater admin tools, video streaming, and more. A similar app would require six to twelve months to develop.

The most difficult of them all is a complex app. Support for several languages, versioning, a wide range of user customization options, AI and augmented reality, and more are all included in this. Modern software heavily utilizes cutting-edge technology to appeal to a wider audience and improve task-solving capability. 

You should be prepared to pay a handsome amount, if you want to include BI, AI, ML, blockchain, IoT, or any other cutting-edge know-how into it to improve your product. This might take 12 to 24 months to finish.


  1. Based on region

Potential offshore developers may be found all around the world, in locations with different time zones, including the US, Bangladesh, and Europe. Professional developers are available in each of these places, although their costs differ based on where they are.

Depending on where the merchant is from, prices range from $15 to $25 in South Asia to $100 or more in North America and Western Europe.


  1. According to developmental phases

The budget for the project begins to take form during the research phase. At this point, you may describe your demands and decide on your targets and deliverables. You will also be able to assess threats and hazards.

Following that, the development team will need a clearer idea of how the app should look. This process will take longer and cost more depending on the complexity of the user interface, for example.

Each feature that is introduced throughout the development period will raise the cost. The expense of the next level of testing would grow if human users were required to guarantee correct operation. The latter two levels are support and upkeep. Budgeting for the final stage is essential since problems and unexpected behavior will need to be repaired.


  1. Platform

The platform of choice is the first element that might alter the custom software development process. There are three widely used platforms for software development in the current IT industry, and thus, the cost will vary depending on the platform.

For instance, it is not feasible to turn an iOS app into an Android app or vice versa. As a result, if you want your application to run on two or more platforms, be prepared to pay more money and collaborate with hybrid developers. This is because these platforms use different programming languages than SDKs and demand different development tools. 


  1. Type of software project

The second factor that affects the price of custom software design and development is the type of project. 

There are four categories:

  • New software development: It entails building custom software solutions from the ground up.
  • Software modification and enhancement: You might upgrade the current method here.
  • Software integration: This operation entails several steps for integrating pre-made software into current company operations.
  • Web development: It is the process of building websites and web-based business solutions. 

Software of this type takes a varying amount of time and effort every week. Accordingly, the final price will also be different.


  1. UI/UX Design

Since people are visual beings, design plays a crucial role in the cost breakdown of software development. The use of UI/UX design may engage and draw in consumers. The length of time it takes to develop a website will depend on its kind and complexity.


  1. Automated QA testing

Services for Quality Assurance are crucial for the development processes. Every piece of Office software must be tested to identify and potentially fix flaws. The intricacy of the project is always a factor in software development costs for testing.


  1. Backend Requirements

Backend architecture describes the many underlying program parts that aren't immediately obvious to the user. Databases and servers may both be part of the backend lineup. These elements work together to enable user interaction and data sharing with your digital solution.

Your app will have additional backend operations as it becomes more complicated.


How is the price of software development estimated by BJIT?

Our team tried a number of estimating techniques before coming up with a straightforward yet effective two-step method:

Rough estimate at the initial stage

A rough or approximate estimate is considered to be the amount that is the most precise. It may be in the range of 75% to 25%. This information is given to a client exclusively for educational purposes and shouldn't be interpreted as a binding agreement with restrictions.

The estimation's objectives are to describe the major phases of product development and to inform the customer of the price range.

Detailed Estimation

A thorough cost estimate, which has a 100% accuracy rate, is the most precise cost estimate in project management. The implementation of it involves all developers who will be actively engaged in product development.

A comprehensive estimate is built on the description of the next software platform, including the wireframe definition and other documentation. Our managers will provide a thorough appraisal of a client-provided ready-made product within 2 business days.

If you require a process software development estimate for your project, BJIT can assist. It is a Bangladesh-based business that creates specialized software. Startups, SMEs, and large Enterprises buy a variety of IT services and bespoke software solutions to boost productivity and address business challenges in the search for competitive advantages.

Supporting businesses of all sizes, including start-ups, small businesses, and well-established companies, in achieving their objectives is BJIT's core support. You may have access to a number of services by working with BJIT, including: 

  • Sales managers gave a project estimate that was free of any additional fees or expenditures
  • Free advice on your project from a business analysis specialist
  • The signing of non-disclosure agreements upon request
  • The availability of cutting-edge technologies
  • Dedicated team
  • Confirmation of product quality


Methods for Starting Custom Software Development at a Low Cost

Do you have a tight spending limit and wonder how to purchase the software you need? Here are some recommendations to help you get started on app development on a budget.


  1. Use software development kits wherever feasible to shave weeks or months off the length of time it takes to complete a project. Your development budget will be reduced by thousands as a result.


  1. Create the MVP, and then test it with your users to see what needs to be improved. You'll ultimately have a completely working app. You'll learn how to optimize your expenditure as well.

  1. Making the decision to use cross-platform mobile app development may provide you with a better opportunity to interact with more individuals.


  1. Keep your operating systems up to date; even a few years can have a significant influence. Focusing on consumers who keep updated is advantageous.



Enterprise web development solutions and app development are essential to the operation of the IT industry and custom ecommerce website development. Yet, modern software is never cheap, and estimating its typical price is like estimating the typical depth of the seven oceans. This indicates that the amount may be far from the costs associated with your specific project if you confuse the best custom software design and development provider with the scammers. Whatever the case, be prepared to spend a handsome amount as software solutions are currently at the top of the list of the most desired products in the early third millennium because of the widespread adoption of Industry 4.0. Operating solely in the real world without a digital presence means modern firms will inevitably lag behind their technologically advanced rivals.