Join Linksys Velop Device To Closest Node

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The parent node requires an existing Velop network. Must have an active internet connection.

If your Linksys Velop device not connecting to closest node, then try to connect it by following the lower instructions. To do this method you will require a few things. 

The parent node requires an existing Velop network. Must have an active internet connection. Install the Linksys application on your WiFi-containing device. 

To begin with, install the Linksys application from the Google Play Store on your Android phone. After that, connect the mobile phone to the Linksys Velop network. Next, open the Linksys application that you installed earlier and the Linksys router login page shows up. On that page, fill in all the login details which are shown on the application page such as username and password, and click on the login option. Further, the Linksys main dashboard will appear on your display. Click on the three horizontal lines which are located at the top of the left side. From there, click on Setup a new product option. Later, click on the other Velop node button. From there tap on to increase my new WiFi with a child node option. 

Following this, you will be allowed to turn on the Bluetooth. You will need to enable the device Bluetooth to proceed with the configuration steps. The mobile application screen will show you the steps and instructions on how to settle the Linksys Velop node and click on next. Plug in the Linksys Velop device in the power socket and hit the later button once the Velop starts blinking a purple LED light. Now, wait for the Linksys app until it sets the new node, this process will take a few minutes. When you are doing this process you will see the notification ‘Waking up your node’ with a progress bar at the bottom. In the end, consider all the display instructions to complete the Linksys Velop installation process.