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Do we have Free will?

    Melvin Richard
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    Asked by Melvin Richard Answers (1)

    Everyone knows what is Free will is a choice that man can take on his own. But do we really have a free will is it scientifically proven.

    Answers (1)

      • Meril Jeffery John.J
        By Meril Jeffery John.J

        Well that's a Little difficult Question but yes we can answer that in 2 ways. According to Religious View you have a Free Will in other words to say you have a choice to choose between the Good & the bad.
                 According to Philanthropist & Scientist there is no Free will they say your reaction's come from action say from Natural & Surrounding (Newtons Law - Every action has an equal and opposite reaction) from a natural action you have a reaction. According to String Theory your controlled by Cosmic Energy you have no Free will.