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Wolfram Laube NAK

About Me

Wolfram Laube NAK from Denia is Managing Director of a company which works in the field of education.

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          • Question: Do you think that teaching can make progress? Could we make it better?
            Wolfram Laube: Certainly, the answer is YES.
            One of the main problems we have in Spain and in Latin America is the need to modernize
            our education system in order to adapt it to the 21st century.
            Scientific progress finds its way into all kinds of disciplines, and of course, education 
            cannot be left behind.
            Every year we excel in the medical field, with new medications and techniques. 
            Technology gives us today mobiles 1000 times more powerful than computers of the 80s. 
            And we are already planning missions to Mars!
            The blackboard and the circle of chairs have become obsolete.
            It is obvious that a methodology dating back 100 years has been superseded by new techniques and discoveries. Studies in the psychology of learning, the functioning of the 
            the human brain, the ways of learning… are bearing fruit over the years.
            This facilitates faster, deeper, more effective and more comprehensive teaching.
            Question: How could we achieve this?
            Wolfram Laube: A very well developed Learning Management System – State of the art – 
            could be the answer!
            Question: What are the advantages for the teachers applying such an LMS?
            Wolfram Laube: The teachers enjoy important advantages that make a good LMS the 
            most powerful teaching and learning tool available today.
            Different Centres are implemented and will offer multiple benefits: 
            1. Learning Centre:
            Thanks to this tool the teacher ensure that the learners only work on what they don’t know yet. This way a lot of time is saved and the learning process becomes more effective
            and efficient. 
            2. Assessment Centre:
            It enables the teacher to know exactly the knowledge of the learner and the knowledge of the class in general. This allows the teacher to concentrate on the deficiencies without 
            wasting time on what is already mastered.
            3. Communication Centre:
            It is a powerful tool that allows posting notes, documents, etc. It avoids cumbersome photocopies, thus saving time and money. Nobody has to write anything because it is 
            100% digital. This way everybody can concentrate as much as possible on the class imparted by the teacher. And the school saves money!
            4. Teaching Centre: 
            Especially for the teacher. It includes teaching materials and learning aids that facilitate the
            whole teaching process.
            Conclusion: A good LMS reduces the teacher’s work, offers greater transparency about the
            learner’s performance and improves communication between the two. And it saves time and money.
            Thank you for your time!

          • Speaking English very well does not mean teaching it very well!
            How can you become a better teacher?
            Wolfram Laube: It strikes us almost every day that scientific progress is made
            constantly… For instance, doctors work with different techniques and medications today
            than they did 20 or 30 years ago. But in education, the methods applied are very often the
            same as in the past.
            In our opinion, it takes sometimes too long until new findings in the field of education are
            introduced into the classroom that students can benefit from them. But there are findings!
            And in our webinars, we concentrate on those findings! Becoming a better teacher has
            always something to do with changing habits, strategies, and teaching techniques. This is
            not a matter of one seminar! We guide you and stand by your side for almost one year
            to help you to teach better.
            What the heck is a webinar?
            Wolfram Laube: The word “webinar” originally came from “web seminar.” A webinar is
            essentially just a seminar or workshop held over the Internet. With webinars, you are not
            tied to one place. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and off you go!
            Stay flexible and learn where and whenever you want. Whether in the office or at home on
            the couch and save time and travel expenses!
            How does it work?
            After people register for our series of 10 webinars you get an invitation for the 1st one. In
            that webinar, your trainer will focus on one specific topic. However, he will not only talk
            about it but also let you experience the effectiveness of modern and innovative teaching.
            Everything is supported by a PowerPoint presentation or a video in order to illustrate the
            content of the topic.
            You can ask questions or discuss issues with the other participants at any time. One
            the webinar takes about an hour but if there are many questions we take the time to answer all
            of them.
            After each webinar, every participant receives an email with a summary of the topic
            including hints and ideas on how to implement the new technique in class.
            How is the support?
            Every week the participants will receive an email with some material and further tips and
            ideas to make it easy for you to introduce the new technique step by step into your daily
            routine in class.
            Thank you very much!

          • Wolfram Laube NAK managing director of Education will lead a team of Managers who manage a portfolio of targeted programs at each site.

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            Wolfram Laube NAK managing director of Education will lead a team of Managers who manage a portfolio of targeted programs at each site. In addition, Wolfram...

            • Wolfram Laube NAK

              Wolfram Laube NAK managing director of Education will lead a team of Managers who manage a portfolio of targeted programs at each site.

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