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              • The changing seasons will eventually drive diners and café goers to cozy interior spaces, and the beginning of autumn is the perfect time to embrace the slowly changing weather at Philadelphia’s top waterfront restaurants. Want to know how to make Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli and other restaurants located on Philadelphia’s iconic riverfront the ideal fall stops? Read our tips for enjoying stunning waterfront destinations this fall:

                Come to Appreciate the Sunshine (or Rain)
                September and October bring notoriously fickle weather to Philadelphia. Some days are filled with bright sunshine and surprisingly warm temperatures. These blissful days are ideal for eating along the water. The sun will sparkle on the constantly moving water and create the perfect view along the city’s waterfront. Therefore, when the sun peeks out during the early autumn months, there is no better destination than Waterfront Gourmet’s Christopher Columbus Boulevard Location. With winter looming in the near future, you need to find an eatery where the last drops of summer sun can be fully appreciated.

                However, even on cloudy or rainy days there are reasons to pick waterfront restaurants as a destination. The rest of the city center grows gloomy and gray as the weather turns, but along the water the open space and comforting views help keep visitors upbeat. If you are lucky enough to come into Waterfront Gourmet on a rainy day, you will find that there is no better place to watch rain fall on the Delaware River.

                Escape the Office for an Afternoon
                The friendly and lively cafés and restaurants found along the Philadelphia riverfront are a welcome relief from the drudgery of a day in stuck in the office. All too often the beautiful weather of fall in Philadelphia is only appreciated after it’s over. Instead, many of us spend the gorgeous autumn days behind desks or trapped in meetings. It’s time to make a change!

                Fall is the season to take a long lunch, spend an afternoon over a cup of coffee instead of your legal brief, or grab a quick bite with a friend. The colder temperatures of winter will be in Philadelphia soon enough, when the prospects of heading out of the office feels much less like a treat and somewhat like a chore.

                Keep it Cozy Along the Water
                While we fret and worry over the impending cold of winter, there is something refreshing about the brisk temperatures of autumn. The idea of a cozy meal begins to feel important and essential, as is the need to unpack sweaters and wear all of your fall colors. The waterfront restaurants in Philadelphia are fantastic places to get comfortable on a weekday or weekend morning.

                Directly along the river you can find the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee or other warm beverage. Whether you are popping in before work or relaxing on a Saturday morning, something hot is the perfect match for the chilly air that is becoming more prevalent with each passing day.

                Additionally, the Waterfront Gourmet offers a rotating menu that features some fantastic choices for fall. Whether you are looking for comfort food or a lighter option, we incorporate the flavors of autumn into delicious wraps, salads, and sandwiches. These changes to our ingredients and menu offerings are also reflected on our catering menu, which is the perfect option if you can’t get away from the office.

                You can find the Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli in three welcoming locations in central Philadelphia. Our Penn’s landing location is especially easy to reach, located right along the Delaware River. Visit us today!

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                    your blog "How to Quickly Answer the Question “How to Find Catering Services Near Me” " has been deleted for violating our policy.. Do not paste your links directly in any content other than bookmark.

                  • Whether you are new to Philadelphia or a lifelong resident who wants to explore more in the city center, you may have wondered, “how do I find the best waterfront restaurants near me” It’s a fantastic question, and the answer is helpful no matter what type of food you hope to find in Philadelphia. After all, the best restaurants in the city shouldn’t be the best kept secrets!

                    When You Go Online, Read the Reviews
                    The upside of finding a restaurant recommendation online is that there is plenty of information to consider and read. Hundreds of websites are dedicated to restaurant reviews and ratings. There are even a few websites dedicated only to the foodie scene here in Philadelphia. Sometimes, sites focused on a single city provide more detail or insight than the bigger websites that cover locations around the country or around the world.

                    Of course, one of the challenges of searching online is knowing what is honest information and what is inaccurate. While most websites don’t intentionally mislead potential customers, a starred review or brief description might not come from an individual who personally visited the restaurant. This possibility is why reading longer customer reviews and testimonials is so important. Individuals who write full reviews can provide better insight into the restaurant that is based on their personal experience. Of course, even these reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, as one negative experience may not be indicative of a waterfront restaurant’s typical level of service.

                    Another fantastic source of online recommendations for Philadelphia’s favorite restaurants are independent bloggers. Typically, these reviewers don’t have an incentive to recommend a particular restaurant over another, and if they are partnering with a particular restaurant, will provide that information on their blog.

                    What Your Friends Have to Say
                    Sometimes, the best recommendations are those that come from friends and family. Not only do these people have a personal and direct experience to relay about the restaurant they recommend, but they also know more about your likes and dislikes than an online reviewer ever could. The recommendations for waterfront restaurants provided by people you know will be tailored to your tastes, which increases the chances that it will a be place you enjoy.

                    Additionally, when you receive a personal recommendation for a restaurant in the city center, it provides an opportunity to ask some important questions. These questions could be focused on what their favorite thing on the menu was and what time of day they would recommend going.

                    Turn to Social Media
                    Interested in finding the next hotspot or top restaurant along Philadelphia’s waterfront? Perhaps the best place to look is on social media. Facebook and Instagram accounts are the ideal place for a restaurant to upload photos of their food and location. These pictures, and the accompanying comments, provide a better indication of the restaurant's type of cuisine and menu options. Many of the popular restaurants will showcase their best dishes and menu favorites.

                    Additionally, social media gives you insight into the atmosphere and ambiance of a particular restaurant. Social media can help you determine whether a location is formal or informal, good for a day wearing jeans and t-shirt or appropriate for when you are dressed for work. Lastly, social media gives you an opportunity to see how the restaurant interacts with customers and guests. This part isn’t always indicative of the service you will receive in a particular waterfront restaurant, but in many instances a responsive social media account indicates a responsive restaurant.

                    If your burning question is, “where can I find waterfront restaurants near me?” then stop searching and simply head to Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli. Our comfortable interior and accessible menu features the best sandwiches, soups, salads, and wraps in the city, and we are open in two of our three locations seven days a week. Whether you want a quick cup of coffee or a relaxed afternoon meal, visit us in central Philadelphia today!

                  • If there is one event that is all about the beverages, it is a cocktail party. Whether you are serving margaritas or mojitos, it is typical to find a lot of drinking and very little eating at a cocktail party or after work happy hour. While we are certainly in favor of kicking back with a sloe gin fizz or dark and stormy this summer, it seems people are ignoring the benefits of providing food options and catering at your cocktail-inspired events.


                    A quick Google search of catering near me in Philadelphia is sure to provide some excellent options for your next cocktail party. At Waterfront Gourmet Catering & Events, we provide some of Philadelphia’s best catering for any event on your summer calendar.

                    Food and Drink Complement One Another
                    There is a reason people are particular about wine. In part, it is because wine is complex and boundless. There is a range of natural flavor profiles and tones found in wine that cannot be replicated in other drinks. The other part of the equation is a specific wine will enhance the flavor of food, and vice versa. Other combinations of food and beverage do the same thing.

                    When you provide the right catering menu at your cocktail party, it can make your choice of drinks taste better. Of course, you need to provide the right menu options to pull this off. It is beneficial to talk with a catering and Event Company about what food goes well with your selected drinks. A good company will be able to provide specific recommendations that shake up your cocktail hour.

                    Slow Down the Drinking
                    The best and worst part about cocktail parties is the entire event revolves around drinks and conversation. That can lead to some wonderful memories, but also a few too many drinks. While most of your guests will recognize the cocktail party is a marathon, not a sprint through their alcoholic beverages, other guests will not realize how much they had to drink. Not only can this lead to embarrassing interactions for your guests, but it can also ruin the atmosphere of your event.

                    Catering is a great, and unnoticeable, intervention. Guests will take time out from sipping a martini to grab a wrap, sandwich, bit of salad, or appetizer. In between conversations, food provides an alternative besides heading back to the bar, and food gives your guests something else to focus on while mingling.

                    Food Goes with a Theme
                    Cuisine, like drinks, is closely tied to a particular culture or location. For example, people automatically associate tacos with Mexico, pasta with Italy, and satay with Indonesia. Whether your guests have traveled to that location or not, if you are truly going all out and decorating your cocktail party for a particular theme, then catering is an excellent way to pull everything together.

                    Even when your cocktail party or happy hour doesn’t have a set theme, the drinks and catering you choose are a subtle hint at your inspiration for the party. For instance, champagne and cosmos on the veranda are a perfect time to serve delicate finger food and easy to eat appetizers. Both the choice of beverage and food options adds class, sophistication, and glamor to the event.

                    Calling a Caterer
                    When you are ready to spice up your next cocktail hour with some great food, make sure you discuss with the caterer the type of event and your expectations for a menu. As you are not serving a full meal, there is no need to go overboard with the amount of food you provide. There won’t be a need to search “catering near me” anymore! At Waterfront Gourmet, we can help you find the perfect menu for your next boozy bash!

                  • Humans are social animals by nature and need social events to feel valued. This is the time when friends and family get together and celebrate life. At times like these, you want everything to be perfect - the ambiance, the mood, the venue, everything. Catering services perhaps belong at the top of that list.

                    best-Catering-Company1-600x330Depending on the type of event you are having, you will have different catering needs. Not all caterers can deal with all occasions. A wedding event is much different than your kid’s birthday bash for instance. The catering menu and food choices would be polar opposites. On one end of the spectrum, you want fast food with pop. On the other end, you want a 5-course meal with champagne.

                    So how do you decide which catering service is suitable for your occasion?

                    Can They Adapt to Your Needs

                    Your catering service should have experience and expertise to handle the kind of event you want. If you are celebrating a child’s birthday, you want someone who knows how to deal with the event. On your end, always be clear about your requirements. Ask them to provide you with references. Take a look at their menu. See if it is suitable for the event you are planning.

                    Some caterers offer packages for certain types of events. Ask your caterer if they offer something like that. The key is finding a caterer who is willing to adapt to your needs. They should be flexible enough to deliver the kind of experience you want. Whether you want to add an item to the menu or adjust the ingredients of another, it should be your choice. Your catering service should do all that it can to accommodate you.

                    Catering Services in Center City, Philadelphia

                    Waterfront Gourmet Café and Deli is one of the fastest growing catering services in Philly. Our focus is on providing quality food with quality service. We take pride in the fact that we listen and care about what you have to say. We want to help you plan the perfect event and do our part to make sure this happens.

                    Our menu consists of a range of delicious deli-style dishes, salads and colorful drinks that will leave you craving for more. We consider ourselves to be creators, and make sure our food looks as good as it tastes. Be it a corporate event, a birthday celebration or a family get-together, rest assured we will take care of it. And by the time we are done, your guests will surely ask you where you found your catering service.

                    So get on your phone and call 267-308-5108 or 267-227-1994. Let’s start going over your plans right now. Alternatively, you may order online through our catering menu.

                  • Planning an event in Philadelphia can be hard work especially if you don’t yet have a caterer in mind. Selecting the best catering company is perhaps the most important part of your decision making, one you can’t take lightly. Many so-called caterers have a reputation for not meeting schedules and orders. The last thing you want is to be left high and dry at the last moment.

                    The best catering companies in Philadelphia do not only provide food that tastes good, but looks appetizing too. You can always visit a caterer and get a taste of what they offer beforehand. If this is not possible, do a thorough online check for reviews. Food quality has to be up there. Philadelphia like most major cities in the US has health rating systems in place. Search online and check out the health rating for your preferred caterer to make sure there are no unwanted surprises.

                    The Best Catering Companies Are Dependable

                    The best catering companies have a crew that knows Philadelphia like the back of their hands. The number one reason that caterers give for being late is that the delivery van got stuck in traffic or they couldn’t find your address. Make sure your caterer uses their own delivery mechanism rather than depending on a third party delivery service. This makes them accountable to you. You can find out if they have staff trained to deliver in the city.

                    You have to remember that nobody enjoys an event where food is late. It is humanly impossible to enjoy yourself on an empty stomach. It is critical that your caterer delivers on time. Check the catering company’s reviews and references to see if there are any red flags. Contact people who’ve used their services before and find out what they think. Call the caterer directly and ask if they have any way of tracking their deliveries.

                    Waterfront Gourmet Aims to Become the Best Catering Company in Philadelphia

                    When all is said and done, the best catering company in Philadelphia is one that spends every moment of every day giving its best for you. The goal is to prepare creative, flavorsome food that not only stimulates your taste buds but also fulfills your appetite. The staff must be friendly and accommodating. Most importantly, they must be trained to do their job well, and on time. The best catering company should understand you and work with you to throw a memorable event. This is exactly what Waterfront Gourmet is all about.

                    So, if you haven’t placed an order with us yet it is about time you do. Let us show you why we consider ourselves to be the best catering in Philly. Call us on 267-308-5108 or 267-227-1994, or browse our online menu and order from there.

                  • When planning an event in Philadelphia, you must realize the importance of selecting the right catering company to do the honors. Catering is easily the most important factor in any event, and you can’t afford to work with people who do not deliver what they promise.

                    If your event is going to be a success, you need to make sure that you and your catering company are on the same page. That is the only way you can avoid misunderstandings and missteps later. But how do you do this?

                    Find Out About Their Operations

                    Before you tell a catering company about your event, you need to gauge their level of expertise and their openness towards you. Start off with basic enquiries like where they are situated, how long they’ve been in business, where they source their ingredients from, and if they have handled events similar to yours before.

                    Every Philadelphia venue has its own set of rules. Ask the catering company if it has experience catering to that venue. If not, can they meet the venue’s permit and regulatory requirements?

                    Catering companies in Philadelphia differ in the scope of services they provide. Some just cater food; while others have a whole list of supporting services they can offer. Ask them if they offer any such services. Maybe they can refer a decorator or entertainer for your event?

                    Get Into the Nitty Gritty of Your Event

                    Once you’ve asked these basic questions, you should have a good idea of what you are dealing with. Only caterers who took the time to satisfy your queries should be considered. It’s time now to start talking about your event.

                    Talk to the catering company and tell them what kind of budget constraints you are working with. Tell them the number of guests you want to invite and find out what they can do within your budget. The best catering companies will recommend a menu with your budget in mind. There might be certain dietary restrictions you need taken care of as well. Maybe the caterers offer special meals for children. Find out how they deal with these requirements.

                    Last but not the least is the small matter of pricing. Make sure you are clear on their terms and conditions. Does the Philadelphia-based catering company require an advance? Are the charges based on headcount or lump sum? If based on headcount, is there a discount for children?

                    Waterfront Gourmet is an established catering company in Philadelphia and we are happy to work with you and provide answers to any of your questions so that every little detail about your event is taken care of. Call us on 267-308-5108 or 267-227-1994 and let’s start talking, or order online for an event no one will soon forget.


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