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Stephen Rayment

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                    • Mark Woodard-smith & Stephen Rayment announce that Systech Systech Directors Richard Morris (UK), Nigel Cornwell (Singapore) and Scott Park (Dubai) were appointed by Seoul National University, South Korea, to prepare and deliver a two week claims management training course, over January and February 2017, to 120 industry professionals from major engineering and heavy industry organisations such as GS E&C, Hyundai E&C and HI, Samsung Engineering and SK E&C.

                      Mark Woodard-smith & Stephen Rayment announce that, due to our continued growth in Canada, Systech International are relocating to a larger office as part of our strategic plan to be the Contractors preferred consultant of choice in Canada.

                      New opportunities tied with Systech International Strengthening


                      Mark Woodard-smith & Stephen Rayment announce that Systech International have opened a new office in Melbourne, Level 24, 570 Bourke Street.

                    • According to Stephen Rayment, there are several ways to offer with ad advertisement building project. If you are a starter looking for some effective tips to handle your commercial jobs, you can go through this post. There are some useful tips to help you most significantly.


                      • Stephen Rayment
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                        These kinds of 7 steps to create a marketing plan for your contracting business in the construction industry is essential to surviving in this competitive marketplace. A marketing plan is your own custom-made “roadmap” to advance your career and business throughout the year. It is an inner planning mechanism to a person focused and help you reach your goals as a contractor/business owner. Stephen Rayment Systech Shared seven important steps to devise a well-developed marketing plan.


                      • Stephen Rayment Systech: The need for commercial construction is increasing day by day. It includes the building of massive commercial and institutional buildings. There are several ways to offer with adds advertisement building project. If you have started looking for some effective tips to handle your commercial jobs, you can go through this information.


                      • Stephen Rayment: The industry helps architects, engineers, inspectors, identifiers, brick masons, carpenters, electric powered and drywall contractors, floor coverings and tile contractors, and even asphalt companies, all of whom could take good thing about invoice factoring to help them manage during bad times.

                        This was brief information shared by Stephen Rayment Systech regarding the various benefits that could be shared by the contractor while following construction factors.


                      • According to Stephen Rayment construction sites commonly require a lot of electrical establishments. Lifting hardware generally includes power and weights. When working with such hardware, substantial machine administrators need to guarantee there is no wear and tear in the machine and make certain to take after the recorded well being precautionary measures. On the off chance that you don't have any acquaintance with them, look for assistance from a site boss or an associate who has encounter utilizing the construction tools.


                      • Being an eco-friendly constructor or even a common human being who has little concern for the environment and wish to seek money saving in will definitely opt for sustainable and eco-friendly construction approach. As this come up with many future...
                      • Mr. Stephen Rayment Cofounded Systech Group Limited in 1991 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director. Mr. Rayment served as the Chief Executive Officer of Systech International. Mr. Rayment has over 35 years experience in the construction industry, 20 of which have been overseas. He spent the 70s and 80s developing his expertise on major construction projects in the UK as a chartered quantity surveyor, project manager and major commercial ...




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                      • Stephen Rayment Systech: Start with only investing in high-quality tools. If you buy low-quality, low-cost items, you can’t be shocked or disheartened when they break apart. You get just what your income for. Moreover, premium quality machines are essential for producing superior results.


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                          These were the seven steps for sustainable and Eco-friendly construction by Stephen Rayment that you must follow such that you can follow maintain a healthy approach for the Eco-friendly environment.

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                              Stephen Rayment Systech International - Founder and CEO's Systech speaking about the importance of technology. Stephen Rayment Cofounded Systech International.

                              • Stephen Rayment

                                Stephen Rayment Cofounded Systech International in 1991 with Mark Woodward-Smith and is the Group Managing Director with responsibility for the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and Americas regions. He spent the 70's and 80's developing his expertise on construction projects in the UK as a chartered quantity surveyor, project manager and major commercial property developer prior to his specialization in preparation of contractual claims and dispute resolution. ​

                              • Stephen Rayment - Systech International provides compelling graphics.


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