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          • Working two jobs or undertaking a business while you're as yet employed? If you're moonlighting to earn a living, there are some things to be aware of to keep your work life and business interests working in unison. Your employer has critical legal and ethical rights. Give high regard to those rights or you will endanger your job and potentially your business.

            • One, be mindful to honor any legal agreements that you enter with your employer. Check up any confidentiality or non-compete agreements you have signed. Be sure your moonlighting does not flout any of these agreements. Beware, these agreements stay enforceable even after you terminate employment. If you find some doubts regarding how the agreements you have signed apply to your situation, consult your physician assistant staffing agency. Second, ensure to give your employer an honest day's work for your pay. Turn up for work on the slated time and don't stay up night long working on your business so making you too sleepy to be effective the next day. Avoid trying to sell products/services to coworkers when you have to be working. Don't work on your moonlighting physician jobs when you’re supposed to working for your main employer. I know it's difficult to get everything done on certain days, nonetheless, if you're choosing to accept a paycheck there is the obligation to your employer to give your 100% effort and attention to the assigned work.
            • Third, be sure to reveal your outside activity completely and honestly to your employer. All larger concerns have certain established policies that require you to report any possible conflict of interest. If you reveal you're activities completely before starting up and keep your employer informed about what you are doing, you can circumvent several pitfalls by addressing potential issues before they turn into problems. If you're uncomfortable disclosing your business activities to your employer, ask yourself why. Is it since you think your employer may be unreasonable? Or do you have a fear that there actually may be a conflict of interest and you are unwilling to address it? Just the same, it may be a signal that you have to choose between your day job and your moonlighting.


            Moonlighting ethically, so that you get to fulfill your job responsibilities and bring credit to your employer is the key to ensure that you will moonlight successfully.



            Online casinos are hundreds and it is dicey to choose the best one, because of the endless options available. In this online casino guide, you’ll find valuable facts about validating an online casino before you risk your money.

            With hundreds of online casinos spread out in the virtual landscape, it is too confusing to understand which one is upright and which one is dubious. The best way ahead is to read the online casino guide and reviews available. You can read them so that you make an educated decision about which will be the best casino online to suit your needs. Moreover, you can have a go at the free casino games offered by the various online casinos before putting your money at stake.

            But to verify that a specific casino games site you choose is not dodgy you should judge them on the following grounds:

            Jurisdiction: 'Jurisdiction' means having legal authority in matters of criminal and civil matters. You must scrutinize the section on 'About Us' or 'FAQ' to determine how far the online casino you are considering is licensed. This is a trusted way to determine the security of a casino where you want to play the slots.

            Software: You should be educated about the software development company associated with the casino slots hosted by a certain gaming site. Microgaming, Playtech, and Realtime Gaming software are some names to depend on in this respect.

            Reputation: The reputation of online gaming sites should be verified. Watch for online casino reviews and feedback of players. Read them thoroughly to determine if the reaction of players has been positive or not. If you come by complaints regarding a certain casino site, keep away. If there are no complaints you may infer that either the site is new or it is very nice.

            Sum Up

            Keeping these points in mind you can find a good casino that offers hundreds of casino slots and other games. 

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