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Miller Building International

About Me

Miller Building International design, build and deliver throughout the country, metal buildings and turnkey works for industry, commerce, logistics, hangars, laboratories, and other activities. All our metallic structures are shot-blasted prior to painting them. Our steel structure buildings used in industrial, commercial, and residential areas. The projects involve large-span industrial workshops, storehouses, aircraft hangars, steel office buildings, supermarkets, agricultural buildings, etc. Miller Building International has rich knowledge in steel structure engineering, manufacturing, and installation. From the project start to construction completion, we implement one-stop solutions. Our professional services help customers decrease overall costs and complete projects quickly. Miller Building International offers a range of services, including Budget and planning, detailed design, procurement services, and project construction management, to meet all customer needs. The versatility and flexibility of metal building systems support a myriad of colors, shapes, textures, and designs.

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    • Miller Building International Steel & Manufacturing is a highly expanded manufacturing company. Since 1950 the company has built hundreds of thousands of square meters of metal structures in supermarkets, industries, service stations, etc. They quickly and economically supply primary (frame), secondary (purlin) frame systems with roof and side panels. Miller Building International is a leader in the construction of metal structures, with the most technician plant in Argentina. Miller Building International provides Large Dimensions Metallic Structures, Modular Structures, Metallurgical, Metallic Structures, Metallic Sheds, and The Future in Steel, Metallic Structure, Construction, Sheds, Steel, Logistics Warehouse, Turnkey Works, Modular Construction, and Modular Hospitals.

    • If you’re looking to reduce total cost, look no further than Miller Building International. We address every opportunity with the goal of providing our customers with solutions that reduce lead times and improve quality. Our comprehensive range of steel and metal fabrication capabilities can help customers achieve desired results and ultimately increase their bottom lines. Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we have a long history of meeting our customer’s requirements by utilizing our innovative manufacturing processes and fabrication and steel capabilities. We are not just a supplier; we are an extension of your process. This opinion is the main purpose of our company and the foundation of our business relationships with customers since 1945. We aim to provide our present and future customers with the opportunity to have one specialist for all their needs. Miller Building International has as wide a range of innovative fabrication and steel manufacturing capabilities as any company in the industry. Miller Building International steel Manufacturing has a strong track record of providing quality components to agricultural equipment, conventional & alternative energy, automotive, consumer products, construction, entertainment industry, manufacturing, as well as many other industries.

    • The Vision of Miller Building International is to “work towards the Miller Building International Steel Industry as a global leader acclaimed for its Quality, Productivity, and Competitiveness, with a focus on health, safety, and environment, adopting an inclusive and collective approach”. By taking its own advantages of technical abilities at the existing equipment level in manufacturing equipment, Miller Building International developed successfully series of hot-rolled wear-resistant steels with high-performance and thin-thinness firstly in Argentina. The steel is essentially featured with thin thinness, good shape, stable performance and high quality, and high efficiency in production. The industry already practices very high standards of hygiene to protect all employees from routine work health and safety risks. High demand for iron ore, coke, and scrap steel, increasing energy costs, and industry consolidation have prompted steel producers to develop new methods for gaining efficiency to remain competitive. Miller Building International production methods using raw materials have improved significantly over the past decade, and scrap-based production is accounting for a larger portion of the total steel supply. Steel is easily one of the most popular constructions and production alloys in the world. It is a versatile product that blends durability with cost-effectiveness and flexibility to work with.

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