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Meril Jeffery John.J

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Brief description: If This is God's Will then no man can Fight it
Sex: Male
Relationship Status: Single

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"Do not be Afraid, Abram (Meril). I will shield you from danger and give you a great reward." (Genesis 15:1) 

"Coincidence is God's way of staying anonymous."

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          • Meril Jeffery John.J
            Meril Jeffery John.J posted 1 images
          • You're the Best Scientist, You're the Best President, You're the Best Inspiration for the Youth, You're the Father of Indian Nuclear & Space Technology above all You're the Best Human Being ~ Though you have gone far away from this world You're Memories & Great Work will Stay with this Mighty Nation Allways.
            RIP ~ Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

          • People say "I Lost My Heart" well I had the Heart but Lost the BEAT In It ..

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              Blog by Emily Mathew

              In today’s modern world, many business owners think that having a website or a Facebook page is sufficient to run the business over an online platform.
              But what they don’t know is, to scale up the business you need a profitable Mobile App. Here we have projected the Top 2 reasons why your business needs a mobile app.

              Real Mobile Apps for Real Business Owners

              As you all know, any business to engage with customers, it primarily needs an attractive Website with appealing web design. Most startups and small business owners have their website but only a few established enterprises own an exclusive mobile app for their business.

              Here is why your business needs a mobile app – Benefits:

              1. Identify real customers & get feedback.
              2. Elevate brand loyalty and visibility.
              3. Build Trust Factor through positive brand image.
              4. Excellent Marketing tool to increase customer base.
              5. Sell faster through better UI/UX Experience.
              6. Connect & engage customers via personalised content and promotion techniques.
              7. Secured User info and Payment transactions.
              8. Increased ROI – the USP for small business.

              Do the Top 2 reasons indicate that your business needs a mobile app immediately?

              There are few hidden signs that accurately indicate your business needs an Android/iOS Mobile App Development Services immediately for your website.

              1. If your Website has increased visitors: It is quite simple to identify. If your website analytics shows, that your business visitors are driven in rapidly by the mobile users then, it clearly indicates that your business needs to approach an App Development Company in Bahrain.

              Many users will find the Beautifully designed mobile application with better UI & UX design will appeal and grab more attention from the visitors.

              1. The age range of the website visitors: Age Range of the users is another factor that determines if your business needs a mobile app immediately or not. However, if your website analytics shows that the age category of website visitors mostly fall between 18 to 35 years, then it’s high time to grab the attention of smartphone users.

              Get an Out-Standing Mobile App for your Business:

              In the first place, the Mobile Application can be the best alternative to build a strong and secured market presence. It helps your business to stay updated with the present technology trends and innovation. Secondly, the best mobile app helps the user to differentiate you from other service providers. Moreover, the personalised mobile app is a tool that helps to stay connected with the regular updates and offer unmatched convenience to the users.

              So, do your business fall under any one of the above categories? If yes, then reach out to YelloStack – the leading Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia offering an unparallel mobile app development service for your business needs. We are expertise in developing and designing mobile apps that are easily downloadable, with best UI/UX interference. To conclude, we help you to build a successful mobile application for your business.
              Mobile App – the key to your business success.


              If you are already a mobile app owner and to know more about; How to overcome usability issues in mobile apps, click on the link below how-to-overcome-usability-issues-in-mobile-apps/

              Are you planning to restructure your business by developing a perfect Mobile App for your business? then check out our Mobile app development strategies post-COVID 19

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              • Here is more proof from the Bible that it is the Lord Jesus Who is the Prophet of Deuteronomy 18... and not Muhammad: 

                17 Then [Yahweh] said to me, ‘They have spoken well.
                18 I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brothers. I will put My words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything I command him.
                Deuteronomy 18
                Note the words God uses as He speaks to Moses.

                By: ApoLogika
                Posted: May 2, 2020, 8:10 pm


                Scientists have discovered our earliest common ancestor — and the earliest ancestor of all animal life.

                The honor goes to a minuscule worm-like creature that lived on the seafloor 555 million years ago. Researchers led by geologists at the University of California (UC) Riverside have identified it as the first known bilaterian, an organism with a front and back, symmetrical sides and front and back openings with a gut in between.

                "It's the oldest fossil we get with this type of complexity," UC Riverside geology professor Mary Droser said in a press release.

                Bilaterians are an important piece of the evolutionary tree that branches out to include the full diversity of animal life. The new body structure allowed creatures to move forward purposefully.

                The fossil was dated to the Ediacaran Period 555 million years ago, when multi-celled, complex lifeforms began to emerge. But other fossils found in the "Ediacaran Biota" are not directly related to today's animals. These include Dickinsonia, organisms shaped like lily pads that have no mouth or gut, according to UC Riverside.

                Geologists thought that bilaterians must have been alive during this period, but direct fossil evidence was hard to find. Researchers had thought for 15 years that these creatures were the explanation for fossilized burrows found in Ediacaran deposits in Nilpena, South Australia, but there was no definitive proof.

                Then, Droser and UC Riverside doctoral graduate Scott Evans honed in on barely discernible oval impressions near the ends of the burrows. They used a three-dimensional scanner to fill in the impression and a body emerged — a grain-of-rice sized cylindrical creature about 2-7 millimeters long and about 1-2.5 millimeters wide.


                "Once we had the 3D scans, we knew that we had made an important discovery," Evans said in the press release.

                Scientists called the creature Ikaria wariootia and introduced it to the world in an article published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Monday. The name comes from the language of the Adnyamathanha people, an aboriginal group who live in the part of Australia where the fossil was found. Ikaria means "meeting place" and Warioota is the name of a local creek.

                But the creature didn't live by the riverside. Instead, it spent its life burrowing in sand on the ocean floor in search of food.

                The creature is also important for another reason. Evolutionary biologists had long predicted early bilaterians would be small and simple like Ikaria wariootia, according to the press release.

                "This is what evolutionary biologists predicted," Droser said. "It's really exciting that what we have found lines up so neatly with their prediction."

              • The ozone layer above Antarctica has recovered so much, it's actually stopped many worrying changes in the Southern Hemisphere's atmosphere. If you're looking for someone to thank, try the world at large.

                A new study suggests the Montreal Protocol - the 1987 agreement to stop producing ozone depleting substances (ODSs) - could be responsible for pausing, or even reversing, some troubling changes in air currents around the Southern Hemisphere.

                Swirling towards our planet's poles at a high altitude are fast air currents known as jet streams. Before the turn of the century, ozone depletion had been driving the southern jet stream further south than usual. This ended up changing rainfall patterns, and potentially ocean currents as well.

                Then, a decade or so after the protocol was signed, that migration suddenly stopped. Was it a coincidence?

                Using a range of models and computer simulations, researchers have now shown this pause in movement was not driven by natural shifts in winds alone. Instead, only changes in the ozone could explain why the creep of the jet stream had suddenly stopped.

                In other words, the impact of the Montreal Protocol appears to have paused, or even slightly reversed, the southern migration of the jet stream. And for once, that's actually good news.

                In Australia, for instance, changes to the jet stream have increased the risk of drought by pushing rain away from coastal areas. If the trend does reverse, those rains might return.

                "The 'weather bands' that bring our cold fronts have been narrowing towards the south pole, and that's why southern Australia has experienced decreasing rainfall over the last thirty years or so," says Ian Rae, organic chemist from the University of Melbourne who was not involved in the study.

                "If the ozone layer is recovering, and the circulation is moving north, that's good news on two fronts (pun not intended)."

                Still, we may not be celebrating for long. While improvements in cutting back our reliance on ODSs have certainly allowed the ozone to recover somewhat, carbon dioxide levels continue to creep upwards and place all that progress at risk.

                Last year, the Antarctic ozone hole hit its smallest annual peak on record since 1982, but the problem isn't solved, and this record may have something to do with unusually mild temperatures in that layer of the atmosphere.

                What's more, in recent years, there's been a surge in ozone-depleting chemicals, coming from industrial regions in China.

                "We term this a 'pause' because the poleward circulation trends might resume, stay flat, or reverse," says atmospheric chemist Antara Banerjee from the University of Colorado Boulder.

                "It's the tug of war between the opposing effects of ozone recovery and rising greenhouse gases that will determine future trends."

                The Montreal Protocol is proof that if we take global and immediate action we can help pause or even reverse some of the damage we've started. Yet even now, the steady rise in greenhouse gas emissions is a reminder that one such action is simply not enough.


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