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                 So, finally, you have heard about SEO and SMO. I guess you know that SEO and SMO are two inevitable parts of digital marketing. Also, you might be aware of the benefits that come from SEO and SMO. But, what exactly does SEO mean? And how does SEO differ from SMO? These questions might appear as quite confusing to a newbie. But, you don't need to worry. After reading this helping post, you will have no more confusion and you will find yourself in a better situation to determine what can be best for your business. So, let's start to understand SEO Vs. SMO: Which is better? 

                What is SEO?

                Before I get you straight to the comparison between SEO and SMO, it would be better to first understand the meaning of SEO. Here we go.

                SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As the name indicates, it is all about the process to improve the presence of your business in the form of the website. Ranking higher in the Google search results is the primary objective of SEO. There are many techniques involved in the process of SEO strategies such as link building, writing and posting of quality contents, on-page and off-page SEO. In short, SEO refers to the art and science with the help of which organic traffic is directed to a particular site.

                What is SMO?

                SMO is a short form of Social Media Optimization. Like SEO, SMO is also used for Business development and maximizing the traffic. But, search engines such as Google and Bing are not the platforms of SMO. SMO strategies are applied on the social media platforms such Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Quora, and so on and so forth. Accounts, videos, contents, posts and more are created on social media to keep the people and audience engaged with your product and service you sell.  

                What is the difference between SEO and SMO?

                SEO and SMO both are effective and must if you want to develop your business digitally. Even though there is a huge difference between SEO and SMO, both can help each other. For example, if you want to maximize the traffic of your site in Google Search Engine then you can do SMO and pull the traffic from social media to your site. Similarly, if you want to promote your Facebook page or YouTube channel then you can do SEO and pull the traffic from Google Search Engine to your Facebook page.


                Now let's come back to our main concern. What is the main difference between SEO and SMO?


                The major difference between SEO and SMO lies in the strategies. In SEO, search engines are focused on, but on the other hand, in SMO social media platforms are targeted. Keywords research, link building and content writing are the two important parts of SEO practices. While the creation of quality images, videos, posts, infographics are the inevitable part of the SMO. Lastly but most importantly, SEO is carried out to run the website in first position but SMO is applied to get the maximum followers, likes, and shares so the business can grow and get more leads.


                Which is more important: SEO or SMO?

                The methods of SEO and SMO are different but the aim of both strategies is the same. And that is to rank higher and grow faster digitally. If you want to see the all-round development of your business then you must adopt both SEO and SMO strategy. However, it is not like that one can't do SEO without SMO and vice versa but by following both types of digital marketing methods you can enhance your visibility in all corners of the digital world. As SEO helps SMO and SMO helps SEO so following both practices will help the other one to grow better.

                Note that whether you choose the SEO or SMO for your business, make sure you choose the best digital marketing agency. Why? Because competition is soaring nowadays to get the top position in both search engines and social media platforms. To beat the competition and generate leads has become quite a hectic piece of work. Hiring experts from the best SEO Company is not only a good idea but also a must.


              • A safe, convenient, and user-friendly website is the secret of the business of any business. Experts say that the level of convenience of a site can make or break the business. So, it is important to pay attention to the task of website development. Make sure your website is fully loaded with all necessary features in accordance to your line of business. Also, it must have advanced security features. Take care of images, design, and graphics of your site as well. Everything must be appealing from the point of users and business. Else, you can hire the best Website development company in India.


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