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            • Priya Dogra

              It is the perfect time to have a piece of toasted bread with butter on it. It is the simple pleasures of life that make life worth living. I have for you today a yummy Keto Sweet Bread.

              Priya’s Keto Sweet Bread
            • The dish is called Shrikhand and it originates from the state of Gujarat and Maharashtra. In India a meal always end on a sweet note. I used to love desserts and sweets before I went on Keto. And I missed the dessert in the end.

              Priya’s Keto Shrikhand Recipe
            • Try my Keto Lemon Butter recipe today, and I can bet you will not be able to stop at a spoonful..When I bumped into this recipe today,  I had to try it. This is the first time I have tried something fancy, and I am very happy with the results.

              Priya’s Keto Lemon Butter 
            • I have cooked the eggs in ghee, but you try olive oil or even coconut oil if you please. On some days I also add chopped leaves of fresh mint to the egg batter, to enhance the flavor.

              Keto Indian Masala Omelette, Sprout Salad and Easy Cheese Dip
            • A lot of of us miss ‘mishti doi’ or sweetend yogurt on Keto, doi  means yogurt or curd in India. So I tried to make my version of it.

              Priya’s Keto Bhapa Doi or Baked Yogurt
            • Keto Almond Cookies recipes  that would be able to give you some redemption and lost joy. Keto Almond Cookies easy and the portion size is just right to quench any biscuit cravings that you might be having.

              • Priya Dogra

                I searched and searched for Keto Almond Cookies recipes  that would be able to give me some redemption and lost joy. I found many useful recipes on various websites.

                Priya Dogra – Indian Keto Coach | Weight Loss Diet Plan & Recipes
              • The ultimate Keto Parantha has arrived and I urge you to give it a try right away. It is yummy, filling, crispy, nutritious and Keto friendly.

                Keto Paneer Parantha | Navratri Special
                • Priya Dogra

                   Keto diet does not mean you have to give up on your favourite foods. Even while being on a diet you can enjoy stomach full of savoury dishes including soups. 

                  • Priya Dogra

                    I wish we had stores which only sold Keto friendly food, life would be so much more simpler and much more exciting. Anyway for now, need to make the best of what we have in hand.

                    This is my version of Indian Keto bombs. I hope you have as much fun making them, as I did sharing my first Keto fat bomb recipe with you.

                    Priya’s Keto Fat Bombs
                  • Try Keto Burger Buns today! It' s a quick, easy to prepare non-vegetarian Kegtogenic recipe. It's a healthy, low carb, addtion to your Ketogenic Lifestyle.

                    Keto Burger Buns
                    • Priya Dogra

                      Priya's Keto Almond Cheesecake tastes so delightful. It is low in carb, easy to make and does not require cream cheese. It is sure to brighten up your day.

                      Priya’s Keto Almond Cheesecake
                      • Priya Dogra
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