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          • Green Moving into a new house

            Moving is an all-consuming chore that can leave you exhausted and stressed. From packing your stuff, changing the postal address and transferring the utilities to booking the cleaners and contacting companies performing removals in Sunshine Coast, you are involved in numerous responsibilities.

            However, one important thing that usually slips your mind is how much damage you are causing to the environment while relocating. From the condition of the moving truck, boxes and commercial cleaners to packing supplies, every minor thing affects your surroundings. Thus is it your responsibility to make your house move more eco-friendly.

            Here are some fantastic ways to ensure that your moving process is safe for the environment.

            1. De-clutter Your Home

            For an eco-friendly move, it is vital to declutter your home. Make a list of items that you don’t need or use anymore such as small appliances, gadgets, furniture, cycle, magazines and books, garden tools, and so on. Conduct a garage sale and sell these items.

            This way, you can endure that you are taking only those items that are important for you. If you have anything that you don’t need, but you are also unable to sell it, you can donate such items to charities and non-profits. Do not take any excess items to your new place. This is a great way to ensure an eco-friendly move.

            2. Hire Removalists

            If you are looking for hassle-free removals in Sunshine Coast, you need sufficient amount of moving boxes and packing supplies. People use these boxes and then dispose them along with things like tape, bubble wrap, packing papers, etc.

            This pollutes the environment. If you want to an eco-friendly alternative, then hire experienced removalists. They will not only pack up your stuff but also bring reusable boxes with the right packing supplies. Once the job is done, they will take back the moving supplies. Thus, it will keep the environment clean.

            3. Handle Your Moving Boxes Wisely

            After the moving process, people simply dump the moving boxes which pollute the environment. If you want to make your move eco-friendly, look for other alternatives.

            • Instead of throwing the moving boxes, keep it in your storeroom or garage to store various small products like books, newspapers, garden tools, old clothes, Christmas lights and other similar stuff.

            • You can contact your friends, neighbours, colleagues and ask them if anyone is planning for a move, or they generally need those boxes for a different purpose.

            • You can also join community groups and see if you find any person who requires these boxes for moving purpose.

            • If you are unable to find any person who needs these boxes, search for a nearby recycle center. In these centers, you can send as many boxes as you want.

            4. Replace The Bubble Wraps

            People hire experienced professionals to ensure hassle-free removals in Sunshine Coast. If you contact a company that follows the eco-friendly approach, you will find that they do not use bubble wrap. This is because these plastic wraps are not useful once the job is done.

            Instead, they go for other alternatives like a bedsheet, blankets, clothes, towels, packing papers, and so on. If you are doing the packing, you can also follow this approach and avoid the bubble wrap. This will not only help you to make your move more eco-friendly but also save money. You can use this money to buy something more important.

            5. Take the Plants If Possible

            If possible, try to move your household and garden plants. Contact a reputed company that performs removals in Sunshine Coast. Although it is not easy to move your plants, experienced people can help you with this task. They have people who have in-depth knowledge about how to relocate garden plants without causing any damage to them.

            The plants not only make your property look attractive but also improve the air quality. If you are doing it on your own, you need some specific equipment and the right procedure. Few things that you need to consider while moving your plants are:

            • Weather during the move

            • Hydrate your plants

            • Uproot with utmost care

            • Replanted at the earliest

            6. Opt for Green Cleaning

            When you are moving out of a rental property, it is essential to clean it thoroughly. If you fail to impress the inspection agent with your cleaning standard, you might lose a hefty amount from your security deposit. Commercial cleaners are the easiest way to clean your property, but these products contain harmful chemicals that pollute the environment and are also responsible for various health issues.

            If you want to make your move environment-friendly, use household products like baking soda, white vinegar, lemon juice, salt, etc. These things are useful, cheap and eco-friendly. So, you will get the result you want. If you are looking for professional cleaners, make sure they follow green cleaning.

            7. Examine the Moving Truck

            If you are moving on your own, you need to contact a reputed company that offers a moving truck. Before, you finalise the vehicle, make sure that it is suitable for the move. If the condition of the truck is not good, it can cause pollution.

            So, check all the documents of the vehicle properly before using it for your moving purpose. Talk to the company and see if they can provide you with any bio-diesel trucks. This is a great way to keep pollution under control. Also, make sure that you have all the required documents and license.


            Moving to a new place can bring happiness to you, but it can have a negative impact on the environment. If you want a greener transition into your new house, the ways mentioned above will be beneficial. There are several other ways to make your move environmentally-friendly, but the most important thing is whether you want to make the difference or not. If you find it difficult, contact a company that can make your Sunshine Coast removal easy.

            The post 7 Ways to Make Your House Move More Eco-Friendly appeared first on Better Removalist Sunshine Coast.

            By: Ashleigh
            Posted: November 11, 2019, 9:48 am

            • Josh Martin
              A couple is doing the moving chores

              Moving from one location to another, especially with precious household belongings is itself a stressful task. You need to take extreme care of your valuable items and ensure a safe removal regardless of the distance. Whether you are moving across the street within Sunshine Coast or to the new city, planning things ahead of time is crucial.

              For a safe and secure moving experience, you can also consider hiring trained and experienced Sunshine Coast Removalists. They know how to ease down the stress of the relocation and transport your belonging without any damage. From lifting heavy items to packing delicate stuff, a hired removals team will do everything to make things better for you.

              If you are also one of those who don’t have any prior experience of shifting home from one place to another, then have a look at this guide. We’ve covered seven brilliant steps to help you reach your new residence safely and securely.

              1. Check your Existing Policy Covers and get additional ones (if required)

              Usually, homeowner’s insurance policies cover your items when they are in your home, while some policies also provide coverage against accidents that happen during the relocation process. So, it would be good to cross-check your current insurance policy and see what type of coverage your plan provides.

              Ask your insurance agent to provide each and every detail about your insurance policy plan. Will you be able to claim the coverage against the theft or broken items during the moving process? You can also buy additional coverage for the protection of your valuable belongings. This may increase your overall moving budget, but you will ultimately get a sense of protection as well as relief throughout the journey.

              2. Avoid Last Minute Packing Chores

              Many people end up with chaos when they leave packing for the last week. If you really care about your valuable belongings, then you should start packing them at least three weeks before the final moving day.

              It is easy to damage fragile stuff or lose track of belongings when you get into the process in a hurry. The key is to prepare everything in advance. First of all, prepare a list of items that need to be packed carefully. It could be anything such as antiques, breakable items, art piece, etc.

              About four weeks before your moving day, go room to room with three boxes- one for those stuff that you no longer needed but are in good condition (you can donate them to the charity), second for those you want to take along with you to your new place, and the third will the trash box. This is how you can organise your packing process without any mistake.

              Apart from this, also arrange high-quality packing supplies including packing tape, paper, bubble wrap, boxes, etc. to give extra protection of shield to your belongings.

              Tip: If you want quality packing for your household belongings or you don’t have enough time for this, then you can also hire the best removal company in Sunshine Coast which can offer you the highest quality of packing service.

              3. Don’t Overpack your Boxes

              Just because you can put a ton of items in a medium-sized box doesn’t mean that you should. Instead of over-stuffing your moving boxes, try to put limited items to avoid strain or injury on your knees or back. You can buy different sizes of boxes to pack your household belongings accordingly. This will save your items from damages and also give you a stress-free experience when you move them from one place to another.

              4. Follow Right Lifting Protocols

              To ensure a safe and sound relocation, you will need to follow the protocols of heavy lifting, especially when you are doing it without any professional assistance. Carefully follow the fundamentals, such as keeping the alignment of the spinal cord as neutral as possible while lifting any heavy item. When picking heavy furniture from the ground, bend at your knees instead of waist. Try to carry the heavy boxes close to your body- this will help you maintain the balance. Apart from this, don’t twist body while carrying anything heavy.

              5. Use Lifting Appliances

              Whenever it comes to lifting heavy furniture like a pool table or a dining table, make sure you have the right appliance for them. A dolly can make the entire lifting process super easy for you. It helps in transporting bulky items from one current home to the moving truck without giving you a hint of mental stress or burden.

              Tip: You can rent a dolly from your local hardware store in Sunshine Coast if you don’t have one in your home.

              6. Clear the Pathway

              Whether you are preparing your belongings for a move or transporting anything, you must leave a clear pathway so that you can walk through without any hurdles. Trips and falls can be dangerous, so be careful, especially with the packed boxes. To avoid injury or damage of your household belongings during the moving process, make sure you maintain a clear pathway- inside and outside of your current home.

              7. Hire Professional Removalists

              Yes, you have the potential to move your belongings from one place to another. But if you have got a tough job ahead of you, then you should consider hiring professional Sunshine Coast Removalists. They can pack, lift and move your household items with extreme care because they have tons of experience and skills. From moving heavy items to lifting a heavy pool table, professionals can do everything for you to give you a stress-free moving experience.

              Hiring a moving company is especially important when you are relocating across the city or new state. It is better to opt for a fully-insured and licensed company that can protect your belongings throughout the journey.


              Ensure a safe, insured and damage-free relocation with these great steps mentioned above in this article. When moving your home, make sure you plan everything ahead of time and take care of your belongings throughout the process- from the start to the end.

              The post 7 Steps to a Safe and Well-Insured Move appeared first on Better Removalist Sunshine Coast.

              By: Ashleigh
              Posted: October 31, 2019, 6:50 am

            • young couple managing their dog sitting n a packing box

              If the moving process is so stressful for humans, imagine how difficult and anxious it can be for the four-legged family members? The unexpected activity in your home can be scary for them, and things can worsen when they are introduced to a new environment.

              Managing birds, fish or even cat is not that difficult, but things can be challenging if you have dogs. The best way to handle this situation is to opt for the best moving company  for removals in Sunshine Coast as they reduce the burden of packing and loading your belongings.

              So you can take care of your pets and devote time to them. Here are some tips that can help you make the move easy for your pets. But before that, let us understand how a pet normally acts when you move. Let’s have a look.

              Very Excited During Moving

              When you are moving, your dog can get very excited. This is because they do not understand the unfamiliar activity in their home. With so many packed boxes in the house and empty space, they get freaked out.

              This can cause two major problems for you- first, this can delay the moving process and second your pet can get hurt when you are loading heavy appliances and furniture into the truck.

              Confusion and Fear

              Moving to a new place can be very confusing and scary for your pet. All of a sudden, the familiar surroundings get changed. Your pet isn’t able to find his favourite spots like the carpet in your bedroom or front of the heater. And that can cause anxiousness in your pets, particularly dogs.

              The new rooms, kitchen, stairs, etc. can be quite confusing for your dog. At this point of time, they usually experience fear and restrict themselves in a particular room or area.

              Geographic Perplexity

              Your pet will most likely feel uncomfortable and can become perplexed in your new neighbourhood. Their highly sensitive sense of smell picks up new smells that they do not recognise.

              The streets, parks, buildings, entrance, etc. are also new for them and thus there can be confusion about the surroundings. Thus it is important to be ready for such a situation and know the laws related to pets in Sunshine Coast.

              Tips To Make a Move Easier With Pets

              Moving to a new place can be difficult for your pets. But if you follow smart strategies, things can get a little easy for them. Follow the below-mentioned tips to make sure that you are spending enough time with your pets, particularly dogs, so that they can experience a smooth move.

              1. Keep Your Pet Away From Home on the Moving Day

              All the activity, movement and noise in your home can cause anxiety in your pet, so it is important that you ask a family member or a close friend to pet-sit your dog at their place for that particular day. This will keep your pet away from the chaos of the relocation. This can keep the stress level in control.

              You can also opt for pet boarding in Sunshine Coast. This will let you pack and load your belongings without any distractions. Contact the boarding place and book a spot a few weeks before you move, so that you don’t face the problem of their availability.

              2. Lock Your Pets in a Room to Keep Them Safe

              With so much packing, loading and coordination, moving day can be very tiring and confusing, so you might overlook the presence of your pet at times. If you have birds or cats, you might not face difficulty.

              But your dog is most likely to run out of the home again and again. And arranging a search party can be very hectic. So lock them up in an empty room with food and water. Keep them busy with some chew toys.

              This is the best way to handle your pets when you don’t want to spend money on pet boarding, or there is some availability problem.

              3. Contact A Company That Provides Removals in Sunshine Coast

              The moving process itself is complicated, and if you have to take care of your pet at the same time, things can get challenging for you. So, the best solution for this problem is to opt for companies offering Sunshine Coast Removals.

              Their experienced professionals will take care of the packing and loading, so you will get sufficient time to focus on your pets and other essential tasks. If you want to hire professionals, make sure that you contact them in advance. Otherwise, you might face the problem of their availability.

              4. Professionals Must Be Aware That You Have a Dog

              If you are a pet owner and want to hire professionals, you must inform them in advance. This will allow them to send the best professionals for this job. Most reputed removals company in Sunshine Coast has expertise in dealing with such situations.

              If the professionals are not aware that you have a dog, they might face a lot of difficulty. Not only that, but your pet can also be injured during the loading of heavy appliances and furniture.

              5. Keep Essential Documents of Your Pet with You

              You might need the essential documents for moving with pets in Australia, so keep all the medical records with you in an organised manner. Discuss with your pet doctor what documents you need to register with a veterinarian at your new place in Sunshine Coast.

              Looking for such essential documents can be frustrating and annoying. Thus, you must keep these papers in a file and carry it with you during the entire moving process.

              6. Transport Your Dog Properly

              The companies performing removals in Sunshine Coast perfectly handle all your belongings, but you cannot count on them to transport your pets. If your new home is not that far, you can make space in your vehicle for your pets.

              Do not forget to stop at a few places because your dog will require breaks. However, if you are flying, you will have to make the necessary arrangements with your airline. This may require some paperwork and thus should be on top priority in your moving checklist.

              7. Make Your New Home and Locality Familiar to Them

              If it is possible for you, take your dog to your new home a couple of times before your move. This will help them to get familiar to the new locality in Sunshine Coast and smell of the area. If it’s a couple of hours drive, take your family and pets along with you. This can help them to stay calm after you move.


              Nothing disturbs the routine of your pets like moving. It can have a negative impact on all animals that thrive on a consistent lifestyle. Your dogs or cats may not appreciate your new home in Sunshine Coast immediately, but you must make a move as stress-free as possible for them. The tips mentioned here will help you to accomplish your goal.

              The post How Does A Pet Normally Act When The Owner Moves Into A New Place? appeared first on Better Removalist Sunshine Coast.

              By: Ashleigh
              Posted: October 10, 2019, 7:49 am

              • Josh Martin
                a woman making a checklist holding pen and paper

                House relocation is considered as one of the most stressful life events and for a good reason. From preparing heavy household belongings to packing delicate items, searching for the best Sunshine Coast Removals to transferring utility services, you have to manage everything on time.

                You may feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks that need to be completed before the final moving day. However, with the right approach and strategies, you can ensure a safe and stress-free moving experience. And for that, you need the complete moving checklist that will keep you on track throughout the relocation journey.

                Whether you are moving next to the street within Sunshine Coast or a new city, the following checklist will help you get organised and let you experience one of the successful relocation processes in your life.

                Let’s get started!

                Eight Weeks Prior to Move

                Moving to a new place is something that needs proper planning and managing skills. No matter how near you are relocating, preparing in advance is one of the best ways to avoid last-minute chaos. So, here is the list of things you need to do at least two months before your final moving day.

                Sort Household Items

                Are you running out of your budget? Do you want to minimise your moving expenses? Well, you can do all this by sorting out unnecessary items that are no longer needed. This will help you reduce the load of your moving boxes and leads you to save both time and money.

                Inspect every room and open every cupboard and drawer and decide what to take and what to leave. Make a list of things you want to get rid of so that you can purge them out or donate to the local charity – depending on their conditions.

                Organise a Pre-Move Garage Sale

                Moving gives you one of the best opportunities to get rid of things you don’t want to take to the new place. This is your chance to convert unwanted items into cash by organising a successful garage sale. As we mentioned above, the fewer items you take, the lighter the truckload and the cheaper your relocation will be.

                So, choose a date for your garage sale before your moving day to sell out the things you no longer want. If items are useful and are in good condition, then you could earn extra bucks to cover up your moving expenses.

                Do Some Good Work: Donate the items

                Instead of throwing away unnecessary belongings such as old clothes or bed sheets, you could help others by donating them to the local charity. This step also helps you save space in the moving truck. Isn’t it amazing!

                Create a Rough Moving Budget

                To track your moving expenses, make sure you prepare a rough financial plan at least eight weeks before your move. It may seem a difficult task, but it will help you in the long run. So, create a moving budget to know which services you can afford. You can jot down all the possible expenses related to your move so that you can manage it throughout the process.

                Hire Professional Sunshine Coast Removalists

                Depending on the distance of your move, look for the best removal company who can assist you in shifting your precious household belongings from one place to another. Do your research and shortlist at least five licensed and insured companies. If you are moving across the city, make sure you hire those who got expertise in interstate moves.

                Tip: Ask for the estimated quotes and pick the best one that can give you customised removal services within your budget.

                Contact your kid’s school

                Don’t forget to notify the school that you are shifting to the new place. Make sure you collect the records of your children so that you can enrol them in a new school at a new place. Do this at least two months before your move.

                Six Weeks Before your Move

                When you are one and a half month prior to your relocation, be sure you arrange everything for a safe and seamless moving experience. Here is the list of things you need to do six weeks before the relocation:

                Arrange Packing Supplies

                Take some time out of your busy schedule and arrange various packing supplies including packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, containers, heavy-duty plastics, dish-pack boxes, mattress covers and different sizes of packing boxes.

                Tip: Buy used boxes from local grocery stores or liquor shops to save those extra dollars.

                Contact your Insurance Company

                This is the best time to check all your insurance policies and find out whether your move requirements changes in your dental, vehicle and personal property insurance. Don’t forget to protect your belongings from the damages during the loading, moving and unloading process.

                Contact your Doctor

                Collect copies of your medical records for all family members or ask them for recommendations. This will help you get medical assistance at the new place without any stress.

                Four Weeks Prior your Move

                There is right saying that Time is Money. You need to understand the importance of right time while moving your house. When you are just a month before your relocation, get into the action and engage in the following tasks:
                Pack your Belongings

                Start with items you rarely use. This includes the seasonal clothes, extra shoes, coats, etc. and saves stuff you frequently use such as a toothbrush, etc. You can pack these items a day before your move. Make sure you use high-quality supplies while packing fragile items.

                Tip: Hire professional Removalists in Sunshine Coast who can provide you with best packing services for safe and secure removal of your belongings.

                Label your Boxes

                If you want to organise things even after the move, then label all your packed boxes. You can write relevant names on the boxes to manage things when you are in your new house.

                Take Measurement

                Don’t forget to take measurements of your bulky belongings such as sofa, dining table and pool table to ensure they can make it out of your current house and into your new place without any scratches. Measure the width and length of your belongings as well as doorways, stairs and tight spaces to ensure a damage-free move.

                Contact your Utility Service Providers

                Inform your existing utility service providers to disconnect service the day after your relocation. Also, direct them to transfer the utilities to the new place a day before you reach.

                Prepare your Refrigerator

                Remove all the food content from your refrigerator and clear the freezer so that professionals pack and move it without any hassle. You can finish all the perishable food before the final moving day.

                Change your Address

                Don’t forget to visit your local post office in Sunshine Coast to officially update your new address. Leave your new address with your current neighbour also, just in case for emergency.

                Two Weeks Prior to your Relocation

                There are certain things that need to be executed at least two weeks before your move, including:

                Confirm your Removals

                Contact your hired moving company and cross-check your plans. Be sure the insurance is in place to cover your valuable items during the relocation process. Hand over the list of inventory to the specialists and confirm everything ahead of time.

                Clean up your Premises

                Thoroughly clean up the entire house to get rid of dust, dirt, grime, tough stains, and built-up grease from different surfaces of your house. You can also call move out cleaners in Sunshine Coast who can do all the work for you.

                A Before a Moving Day

                Finally, you are near your moving day, be prepared with the following things:

                Prepare an emergency kit which includes first-aid box, toiletries, water bottles, tissue papers, toys for your kids, snacks and other important stuff.
                Keep valuables with you. This includes jewellery, passports, laptop and credential documents.
                Make a final walk-through
                Book the parking slot for your moving truck.


                To ensure a stress-free relocation, you can follow the complete checklist mentioned-above in this article. You can track your process and get into the safe and secure move with ease. For better outcomes, look for the best Removals in Sunshine Coast who can take care of household belongings throughout the journey.

                The post Moving? Stay On Track with This Handy Checklist appeared first on Better Removalist Sunshine Coast.

                By: admin
                Posted: September 25, 2019, 7:06 am

                • Josh Martin
                  family relaxing at sunshine coast beach

                  Sunshine Coast is one of the most popular vacation spots for people living in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The things that attract leisure-seekers are its beautiful weather, a relaxed lifestyle and mesmerising beaches. Over the years, people have come to realise that this place is not only good for holidaying but is also an excellent choice to settle down.

                  All you need to do is find out about the job opportunities, educational institutions and the most suitable suburb to move. You can rely on a removals company in Sunshine Coast to make the relocation a smooth transition. Also, the professionals will let you focus on other important aspects while moving.

                  Although the job opportunities and salaries are not as good as Sydney, your family can get a much better and relaxed lifestyle in this one of the best tourist destination of Australia. Moreover, the expenses are on the lower side when compared to any other metropolitan city. Here are the top five reasons why families should move to this blissful region. Have a look!

                  1. The Quality of Education Is Excellent

                  When it comes to education for kids, this place has a wide range of options for all ages. Whether you have kids who are starting school, teenagers looking for the topmost high schools, or anyone else looking for professional education, it is all available in this part of the country. All over the region, there is an adequate supply of primary as well as secondary schools in both the private and public sector.

                  The University Of Sunshine Coast is one of the newest universities that has all types of courses with the best possible facilities. From business, IT, international studies, medical and health science to environmental studies, criminology, science and engineering, there are infinite options for students.

                  Being a parent, if you want to provide quality education to your children, this is one of the best places where you should move without any second thoughts. Choosing the right subject or getting admission can be a little challenging, particularly if you want to do it immediately. In such a scenario, you should go for professional removals in Sunshine Coast to save time and effort spent in the moving process.

                  2. Job Market Is Stable and Expected To Grow

                  The job market here might not be as big as Sydney, but it is considered as a stable market, and with each passing year, the opportunities are only rising. Numerous investments have been made in this part of the country, which is increasing the requirement of the workforce in various segments.

                  Factors like accessibility to markets and competitive business environment are further contributing to the demand of people for the right position.

                  Maroochydore’s new city centre is a ground-breaking city-making project, which will make this region as one of Australia’s and Queensland’s best-performing regional economies. This will create a lot of job opportunities. The airport expansion project is another ongoing development, which will require a lot of workforce soon.

                  With the inauguration of the Sunshine Coast hospital in 2017, thousands of new job opportunities have developed. It not only allowed people from the healthcare sector to get jobs, but also helped people to get into administrative roles and support staff.

                  3. It Has Some of the Most Clean and Beautiful Beaches in Australia

                  The beaches and surroundings are wonderful, balanced and have a lot to offer. If you live with your family in a place that doesn’t have a lot of beaches, this can be a tempting place to move and settle down. In comparison to beaches in other places, the beaches here are not only beautiful but also far more protected and family-friendly.

                  The connectivity of all the places is also something that will grab your attention. Even the furthest parts of this region are hardly thirty minute’s drive from the beach. Moreover, most of the major suburbs have easy accessibility from some spectacular stretches of sand.

                  Beaches such as Noosa (voted as one of the top beaches in Australia), Mooloolaba, Caloundra, are some brilliant examples of beautiful and relaxing beachfront options and they are all usually in immaculate and litter-free condition. If it’s not the peak season, you won’t find many people on the beaches, which allows you to take a walk or spend some time on the beach with your family.

                  Moreover, the number of high-rises is not on the higher side, which means much more open spaces and not enough large shadows to obstruct the sunshine.

                  4. Weather Is Excellent In This Part of the Country

                  This place offers its people a largely pleasant weather. This is one of the main reasons why people like to visit this place or want to move and settle here. If you plan to move during bad weather, opt for experienced removalists in Sunshine Coast. With almost 300 days of sunshine annually, this place has one of the highest sunshine ratings in the world.

                  Between the summer and winter seasons, the temperature usually fluctuates, otherwise it is quite stable throughout the year. The sky remains clear throughout the year and is not particularly restricted by any particular season. When storms occur, they usually happen late in the afternoon or evening and make sure the place is free from drought.

                  This also ensures that the daytime gets enough sunshine owing to which the region gets its name.

                  5. Numerous Places to Spend Quality Time with Family

                  This region has various attractions where you can spend quality time with your family. All these places allow you to make your bond with your spouse and kids stronger. Moreover, it also gives the much needed break from the monotonous lifestyle – be it household chores, office work, or classes and assignments.

                  If you move to this place, you will be able to visit the following locations.

                  Amusement Parks and Theme parks

                  You cannot ask for a better place, keeping in mind the interest of the kids. From kids, teenagers to adults, everyone loves such places. Your kids can get involved in many fun activities, such as trampoline, laser tag games, ski facility, bowling, cruise rides, thrilling rides, and so on.

                  Zoos, Sanctuaries and Aquariums

                  Visiting the zoos and sanctuaries in this region are an excellent way to enjoy with your family. The underwater world of Mooloolaba shows colourful marine life. Once you move here, you should start exploring these places, but the anxiety caused due to moving can be an obstruction.

                  Thus, you should opt for removals in Sunshine Coast so that you can experience a stress-free relocation and can have a fresh start with your family.

                  Markets and Shopping Centers

                  In Australia, you will find artisan and farmer’s markets as well as air-conditioned shopping malls and cutting-edge fashion boutiques. However, in this place, you will get a bit of everything. From local markets, you can purchase handmade garments, artisan furniture, original artworks, jewellery and homeware. You can buy them to decorate your home.


                  Sunshine Coast is one of the best places in Australia to move with your family. This is because it is capable of fulfilling the basic requirements of a person, which is a job, education, and health. Apart from that, you get excellent weather, beautiful beaches, fantastic restaurants and countless places to spend quality time with your loved ones. It might not give you a luxurious lifestyle, but you get enough time to stay close to your partner and kids.

                  The post 5 Reasons For Families To Move To Sunshine Coast appeared first on Better Removalist Sunshine Coast.

                  By: admin
                  Posted: September 12, 2019, 6:11 am

                • family relaxing in new home after moving in

                  The relocation process is much more than just moving to a new place with your belongings. While moving, a person goes through a lot of physical exertion, mental stress and emotional turmoil. If you are going through a similar situation, you are most likely to overlook the following essential things, which you should not neglect before you move into a new house.

                  Opting for removalists in Sunshine Coast is by far the best option to make your move quick and stress-free. But you also need to follow some smart tactics to make sure you have a smooth moving experience. Here are a few things that you should do before moving into a new home. Let’s have a look.

                  1. Inspect Your New House Properly

                  Before you move into a new house in Sunshine Coast, you must inspect the property properly. Without examining, you won’t find out the existing problems. So, find out the issues and resolve them before you move in. Always remember that it is easy to perform the repair work in an empty home. This will be of great help when you move out of the property.

                  Take Pictures

                  Before you move into a new house, take pictures throughout the house from every possible angle and keep the images with you as proof. The photographs will capture the actual condition of the house, and after the final inspection, these pictures will help you to save your hefty security deposit.

                  If you have proof, the landlord won’t be able to charge you for any damage that was already there. The pictures also help you to plan how you are going to place your belongings.

                  Talk to your landlord/property manager

                  Apart from taking pictures, you should also discuss the condition of the house. There is a possibility that the landlord is not aware of damage inside the house. So, it is always good to be on the same page with the property manager. If you have found any damage and it requires repair work, let the person know.

                  Also, if you want to make any fixtures and structural changes in the property, take approval before executing your plans.

                  2. Consider the Security of Your New Home

                  You cannot overlook the security concern of your new house, because doing that will be a huge risk for you and your family. So before you move, make sure that the property is secure. Now, you need to understand that danger can approach not only from the outside but also from the inside. So, you cannot neglect anything that can harm your family members.

                  You might be tempted to continue with the same door lock and smoke detector as it is in working condition and will save you some money. But that can be a huge mistake. So, change them before you move in.

                  Change the door locks

                  Change the locks of your home as soon as you move in because you don’t know who has copies of the keys. New locks can make you spend some money, but will also get you mental peace. Apart from the front door, do not forget the garage door, back door, or any other locked buildings.

                  A wide range of door locks are available in nearby markets of Sunshine Coast, so you can purchase as per your choice.

                  Change your smoke alarms

                  Just because you have changed the door lock, doesn’t mean you have done everything to secure your home and family. A fire break out in your new home can be a nightmare, so do not spend a single night in the house without having safeguards, such as smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

                  Purchase them from any nearby store and if you have them, change them immediately. When you set your new carbon monoxide detectors for the first time, do it outdoors so that you can get the reading of clean air.

                  Hire Verified Professionals

                  If you opt for removalists in Sunshine Coast, make sure that you go for a reputed one. This is because a prestigious removals company considers the safety of their clients as their topmost priority. You will feel a lot more relaxed if you know that the professionals working in your home and handling your belongings are police verified.

                  3. Make Sure You Have a Smooth Relocation

                  Moving to a new place is a daunting task, as it involves numerous things. Thus, you need to make a proper plan. Otherwise, you are most likely to make a lot of mistakes in your moving process. From packing your belongings, cleaning your home and labelling the boxes to choosing the right removalists in Sunshine Coast, taking care of the family and home cleaning – people have to deal with everything at the same time. Thus, they overlook certain vital things.

                  Utility transfer

                  Before you move into the new home, you need to make sure that all the utilities have been transferred successfully. You should contact all utility service providers in Sunshine Coast a few weeks before the move. Living in your new home without utilities such as water, electricity, gas, security system, and phone can be very frustrating.

                  Change mailing address

                  The last thing you want to do is go back to your old place and ask a favour from the new tenants or owners of that home to collect your mails. Thus, change your mailing address in advance so that you can start getting the mails immediately.

                  Moving day kit

                  When you are moving to a new place, always have a separate moving kit with you. This kit contains all the items that you will need immediately after moving. This includes a pair of clothes, towel, phone and laptop chargers, medicines, relevant documents and keys, paper towels, toothbrush and so on.

                  If you opt for removals in Sunshine Coast, do not let the professionals load it into the truck. Always keep it with you.

                  4. Do Not Forget the Cleaning Task

                  Cleaning is an important part of the relocation process, so you cannot neglect it. As per rules, you have to clean the rental property before leaving it to make sure that you get your bond back. Not only that, but you should also clean your new home before moving in, particularly the kitchen, bathroom and carpets.

                  Clean your rental property before you hand over the keys

                  Before you move out of the house, you need to make sure that it is perfectly clean. Otherwise, you might lose a hefty amount from the security deposit. That is why people hire professional cleaners as they have experience and advanced tools to complete the task correctly.

                  Clean your new home

                  It might look clean to you, but you cannot be sure about the level of hygiene. Thus, you should clean the entire house, particularly the kitchen and the bathroom. And in these two areas, concentrate on the oven, toilet, and bathtub and so on. Make sure that places that people frequently touch are sanitised.

                  Thus, you should go for reliable removals in Sunshine Coast so that you are free to focus on such tasks.

                  5. Explore Your New Locality

                  Before you move into your new home, it is important that you and your family get familiar with the place and you know everything about it. Thus, take some time out before moving and spend the day in exploring the new locality.

                  Schools and playground

                  Take your kids out to show them their new school. Explore different ways to reach the school and see what would be most suitable for the kids. Also, look for playgrounds near the home so that they can have a good time on weekends.

                  Look for doctors and Paediatricians

                  It is also important that you have a list of doctors and Paediatricians, in case you have to deal with some emergency. Knowing the address is not enough. Thus, you should visit and have a brief meeting with them.

                  Nearby stores

                  Also, look for nearby stores from where you can purchase things for day to day use. Also know about the nearest restaurant, pizza points and so on. This can be very useful for the first few days after moving.


                  The strategies mentioned here will make it a lot easier for you to get settled in your new locality and home. Thus, you should follow these tips and opt for removals in Sunshine Coast. Relocation process is not as difficult as you make it due to lack of clarity, confusion, and stress. All you need to do is create some smart strategies and follow them.

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                  Posted: September 10, 2019, 6:04 am

                • two men in uniform lifting mattress and heavy furniture

                  Moving heavy furniture from one place to another can be a stressful and costly process. From packing up your household belongings to searching for the best Sunshine Coast Removalists, you have to take some time out from your busy schedule. Also, try to be calm and careful throughout the process.

                  Though many people still consider DIY moving due to financial strain, they eventually end up paying more. Plus, they make their entire relocation journey more difficult. If you are also among those, then you should know the top reasons for hiring professional removalists for furniture removals.

                  Today, we will discover why you need professionals for safe and secure removal of your upholstery, a pool table, piano and other household furniture.

                  Let’s get started!

                  1. They Take Extreme Care of your Belongings

                  One of the major benefits of hiring professional Sunshine Coast removalists is that they know the right technique of moving bulky furniture. Since they have experience as well as license, you can entirely rely on them. From packing to loading, transporting to unloading, your hired team of removals will take care of everything just to give you peace of mind.

                  No matter how heavy your furniture is, they are fully-equipped to move them safely and securely to your new house at the end of tenancy. All you need to do is to thoroughly research the most experienced and reliable removal company in your town. Do check their reviews and previous projects to get a better idea about their quality of service.

                  2. Uses Upgraded Technologies/Equipment

                  Relocating home furniture is one of those tasks that could seriously give you injury if you are not fully-equipped with advanced lifting/moving equipment. Instead of doing it yourself, leave this complicated task to the professionals.

                  They are highly trained to move heavy and delicate furniture safely. No matter how far the destination is, dedicated removalists in Sunshine Coast take complete responsibility in moving your furniture. They use advanced appliance dolly, hoisting straps, safety gear, fully-insured heavy vehicles and high-quality packing materials to take care of your belongings throughout the journey.

                  3. Saves Time and Energy

                  Taking assistance from family members or friends while relocating heavy furniture could create more challenges in your journey. They might not complete the entire process of packing and moving household belongings on time – leaving you in a more anxious situation.

                  On the other side, when you hire trained furniture removalists, you can leave the entire process on them. They will come to your place on time and efficiently complete their job. Since these professionals have years of experience in the Sunshine Coast removal industry, they will take extreme care of your furniture and relocate them with utmost safety within a given time frame – saving you time and effort.

                  Tip: Look for the most experienced removals company in Sunshine Coast who can pay special attention to your belongings and complete the process within your budget.

                  4. Saves you Money

                  Many people think that DIY moving is a cost-effective solution. But this isn’t always the scenario. There are many events when people failed to move their belongings safely and even had to end up paying more.

                  When you relocate your household furniture on your own, you have to pay for:

                  • Truck rentals
                  • Packing materials
                  • Moving equipment and labour
                  • Fuel for rental truck, etc.

                  While these are fixed expenses, there are some unaccounted risks or stress as well involved in a DIY move, including:

                  • Risk of damaging expensive item or furniture during the move
                  • Any physical injury
                  • Last-minute chaos
                  • Taking too long to pack, load and transport belongings
                  • Asking friends and family members to help you in your relocation process, etc.

                  On the contrary, hiring professionally-trained removalists can save you both time and money. They will provide:

                  • Door-to-door service
                  • Securely prepare and pack your furniture
                  • Use advanced equipment in moving and loading bulky items
                  • Proper disassembling and reassembling of goods
                  • Zero risk of personal/physical injury.

                  Make sure you take estimated quotes from your shortlisted removal companies and compare their rates. It would be better to compare at least five different quotes so that you can pick the most reliable option within your estimated budget.

                  5. Provides Moving Insurance

                  There is no denying the fact that only experienced and professional removal companies make use of high safety standards. They take extreme care of your precious belongings and protect them throughout the journey – from start to end.
                  Professional companies have not only strict safety guidelines but also offer fully-insured moving solutions. They provide liability insurance or moving insurance to reimburse in case of damages or losses during the loading and unloading of valuables.

                  You should also search for Sunshine Coast Removalists who can offer you reliable moving insurance options for the safety of your expensive furniture.


                  Moving valuable furniture is both expensive and stressful process. And it can be a real challenge who are relocating without any professional assistance. They could injure their back or damage their favourite pool table during the loading or unloading process. If you really want to ensure a safe and secure move, you should consider hiring professional for safe removals in Sunshine Coast.

                  The benefits mentioned-above in this article will help you make the right decision and protect your belongings from losses and damages during the move. So, it is good to do your thorough research and shortlist at least 5 best companies. To find an ideal option, compare their quotes, check their work authenticity, quality of services and pricing policy. This is one of the best ways to find the most suitable and affordable removal company in Sunshine Coast.

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                • two men in uniform lifting heavy furniture

                  The entire process of moving valuable household belongings from Sunshine Coast to other location seems to be painful. It requires both time and physical strength to pack and move precious items securely.

                  Of course, you can handle some of the stuff that is easy to move, but what about heavy, expensive and large items. For that, you need to hire professional for safe and budget Sunshine Coast Removals. Since they have the right moving equipment and tricks, you can rely on them and experience a stress-free move within your estimated budget.

                  But before hiring a trusted removal company in Sunshine Coast, make a list of belongings that are difficult to move. Today, we have enlisted five household items that need a professional hand for their safety and security during the move.

                  Let’s get started!

                  1. Major Electronic Appliances

                  Relocating heavy household appliances needs proper planning prepping and human resources for lifting. It is impossible to move these appliances alone, and that’s why professionals are needed to do all complicated lifting job with safety.

                  Whether it’s a refrigerator or a microwave, you need to be very careful while preparing them for a move. With the help of your Sunshine Coast Removalists, you can easily pack and move them to the new location without any damage or loss.

                  For example: The average refrigerator weighs approx 350 pounds, while the washing machine weighs 200 pounds. For safe removal of these heavy items, you need help so that you can quickly load onto the moving truck without any damage.

                  Your hired removalists know the right ways to disconnect and move electronic appliances without a hassle. They may even help you with the reinstallation process as well in your new house.

                  2. A Piano

                  A piano is undoubtedly one of the most expensive household items. This means you need to take extra care while moving it to the new location.

                  Since an average piano weighs around 100 pounds, it becomes difficult to lift and relocate for a non-professional person. Plus, it is an expensive instrument; you can’t take the risk of losing it during the transition process.

                  So, it is better to hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast who can handle this valuable belonging with extreme care and responsibility to make moving stress-free for you and your family.

                  To moving a piano, they use advanced equipment that will make it easy and protect your instrument from damages. So, look for the moving companies who specialise in relocating grand pianos and other bulky items available in your home and offices.

                  3. A Pool Table

                  Are you planning to move your large pool table from one location to another? No matter how near you are relocating, lifting heavy pool table can be a real challenge for you. If you are moving for the first time, then you need some pros.

                  However, moving a pool table not only involves a complicated disassembly and wrapping process but lifting heavy parts is also a tough task.

                  In a nutshell, a pool table can weigh ups to 1000 pounds- which is one of the most cumbersome items to lift during the move. The task becomes even more challenging when stairs are involved.

                  Fortunately, experienced moving companies in the city offers reliable and damage-free removal services which includes the lifting of heavy pool tables as well. Look for the best company and ensure safe and secure removal of your expensive pool table.

                  4. Televisions

                  There is no doubt that they have become thinner and lighter over the years; televisions can still be one of those items that are difficult to move. The worst part about these televisions is that they are incredibly delicate and can easily get broken during the loading or unloading process.

                  That’s the reason why it is important to take professional assistance. They can pack your TV in a dense and thick padded blanket and provide an extra layer of protection to its screen using bubble wrap.

                  Professionals know how to prep and move delicate and bulky items like television with precision and set you free to complete other essential tasks while moving like change of address checklist, finding new residential property etc.

                  5. Artwork, Antiques and other Fragile Items

                  Moving artwork and antiques is all about the right techniques. It is not all about wrapping them in bubble wraps. You need to be more precise and well-prepared while packing your fragile items.

                  Since they are prone to damages, make sure you hire trained removalists in Sunshine Coast. They can securely wrap them using the best quality of materials and lift with extreme care.


                  Whether you are moving within Sunshine Coast or across the town, moving heavy and valuable household items is one of those tasks that need professional help. If you are not sure about which items need extra care and protection, then this article is for you.

                  All these five items are difficult to relocate, and that’s why hiring experienced Sunshine Coast removalists become necessary. Choose the best company that can give you safe and secure removal experience with a 100 % service guarantee.

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                • young woman standing with packing boxes on floor and mobile phone in hand

                  Land pollution in Australia has increased enormously in the past few years, and it’s directly making an impact on air pollution and water pollution. While air pollution is responsible for several health issues, polluted water entering the waterways from land or drains is causing a massive problem for the aquatic habitat.

                  The biggest reason for this pollution is the increase in the amount of solid waste. Additionally, soil waste is occurring due to development and construction activities. This waste cannot be re-used or recovered, so it ends up in various landfills in the country.

                  Strikingly, Australia has more than 1160 landfills that tackle around 20 million tonnes of waste annually! The National Waste Policy of the country has clear goals to decrease the amount of waste for disposal. This step is essential for the protection of the environment and human health.

                  Why Packaging Waste Is A Major Concern?

                  According to a study, almost half of packaging waste in Australia, which includes, glass, metal, paper and plastic is not being recovered for recycling. Overall, 56% of packaging was recovered for recycling in 2017-18, and when it came to plastic packaging, only 32% was recovered.

                  Because of the weak waste management systems across the globe, most of the plastic packaging sent to landfills ends up in the environment and pollutes it. In case you don’t know, every year, more than 8 million tons of plastic gets dumped in the ocean.

                  Plastic pollution not only threatens wildlife but also changes ecosystems and makes a negative impact on human health.

                  Why Is It Important To Reduce Plastic Packaging Waste?

                  When you are relocating, plastic packaging materials are integral to the moving procedure. Many removalists in Sunshine Coast use this material for proving high-quality packing for belongings.

                  People usually opt for this option as it can solve numerous challenges. But it is also essential to understand that this is polluting the atmosphere. Plastic consumption has increased more and more over the years.

                  But the problem is that the percentage of plastic and packaging recycling in Australia is very low – just 14 % of the plastic is recovered.

                  The Government, along with the territories, states and industry, is working to increase recycling and minimise the amount of plastic waste, which will make an impact on the environment.

                  Therefore, there is an immediate need to find more sustainable solutions and recover the materials before they mix up with the environment in the form of waste and litter.

                  So How to Recycle Your Moving Boxes?

                  The following ways are some practical ways to recycle moving boxes. Have a look:

                  1. Keep Your Boxes For Any Move In Future

                  It is possibly the best idea to keep the boxes so that you can use them in your next move, if you are planning to relocate soon. This can save some money. However, if you keep it for too long, it is quite obvious that the quality of the boxes will not remain the same.

                  To avoid such a situation, you can opt for safe removals in Sunshine Coast. They will help you to get customised boxes on rental. It will not only keep your belongings safe, but also make you feel relaxed as they collect all the boxes after use.

                  2. Use The Boxes For Storage Purpose

                  Once you unpack all your belongings, you may realise that there are a few things that you might not use anytime soon. In such a scenario, you need to find out a way to keep them safe for future use. And what can be a better option than your moving boxes.

                  Take the boxes with the least wear-and-tear. As per your storage needs, you can take as many boxes as you need. It will store all your belongings properly and safely. Do not throw the boxes that are damaged.

                  They can also prove beneficial as you can use them to protect the floor of the home and garage during changing the car oil, a paint job and so on.

                  3. You Can Sell Your Moving Boxes

                  Selling your moving boxes is another good way to recycle them. Try to contact the companies that specialise in buying and selling boxes. You can also opt for the local shops, put an advertisement in newspapers, magazines, and social media groups.

                  These are some ways to find potential buyers. Although you can get some money for the used boxes, this can be a hectic process. And you may also end up getting way less amount than what you expected.

                  So, the best option is to try to get these boxes on rent. You can go for removalists in Sunshine Coast who offer customised boxes as part of their service and collect all the boxes back once the moving process is finished. This is undoubtedly the best solution to get rid of the boxes and be stress-free during the move.

                  4. Help Your Family, Friends Or Neighbours With Boxes

                  If you find out that your family or friends in Sunshine Coast are planning to move, you can offer them your used moving boxes. You can put the information on your preferred social media network so that they can quickly contact you.

                  You can also provide the boxes to your neighbours. For instance, you have moved to a new apartment building, and you don’t know what to do with the boxes.

                  You can contact the property manager and inform them that you have some boxes and also let them know about your intention. This step will not only help you to recycle the boxes but also improve your social presence.

                  5. You Always Have The Option For Some ‘Charity’

                  If you are not interested in selling the boxes, you can give them away to charity. Look for libraries, local schools, food banks, churches, community centres, and other such organisations in Sunshine Coast.

                  They often require such boxes for various purposes. If you are one of those people who are always ready to make some contribution to the society, this is how you can do it.

                  You may need to make a few phone calls to such places. Also, you can ask for help from neighbours, friends and relatives.


                  The ways mentioned above are not only the easiest but also the most useful ways to recycle your moving boxes and save the environment. Also, you can avoid the stress and effort of managing the boxes by hiring eco-friendly removalists in Sunshine Coast. They not only solve this problem but also take care of the entire moving process.

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                  • Josh Martin
                    a family of three with boxes on head and on floor

                    Are you moving to a new place along with your kids? Of course, relocating a house is one of the stressful experiences, but it is even tougher on your children. The thought of leaving their friends, neighbourhood, school and favourite places behind could make them feel unhappy.

                    They could feel powerless when you suddenly break the news of home relocation because they don’t have any input in the decision. Being parents, it is your responsibility to make the entire move easier on your kids and family.

                    Don’t forget to hire trained and fully-insured professionals for safe Sunshine Coast Removals and let them take care of your precious belongings throughout the transportation journey. They can reduce the stress out of your move while allowing you to focus on your kids and family.

                    Apart from taking professional assistance, you should also take care of your kid’s emotions and their specific needs to make them feel comfortable and stress-free.

                    Here, in this post, we have got seven brilliant ways that will turn your home relocation into a fun adventure for your entire family.

                    Let’s Get Started!

                    1. Prepare your Kids for Move

                    Whether you are shifting within Sunshine Coast or moving across the new city, make sure you prepare your children for the big moving day. If you have toddlers at home, then try to break the news about a month in advance.

                    This gives enough time to accept the most significant change in their life. You can involve them in your packing and relocation process as well. Also, create a curiosity about the new home and encourage them to react positively on the changes ahead.

                    Tip: Inform your kids about the move in a very decent way because they are emotionally attached to the current place. Break the news at the right time to reduce the stress out of their move and help them settle in new neighborhood easily.

                    2. Create a Family Wish-List

                    This is a fun-loving activity for the whole family. You can prepare a wishlist of things you all want from your new abode. It could be anything – a separate room for kids, a basement playroom, or a spacious backyard.

                    Whether it is a double-storey house or a luxurious apartment in the hotspot of Sunshine Coast, make sure you customise your beautiful space the way you always wanted. Involve your kids in the process. Take their inputs, react to their feedbacks and pack your household belongings accordingly.

                    3. Let your children map out their own room

                    Moving to a new place could bring emotional stress on your children. If you want to make them feel happy with the move, then allow them to participate in mapping out their new room.

                    Bring home paint swatches to let them choose their favourite colour for walls. Convert this task into an art project and let them paste snapshots of their bed, furniture, toys onto a construction paper.

                    4. Involve them in Packing Process

                    Packing valuable household belongings can be overwhelming, especially when you are moving with kids. The entire process of arranging packing materials, wrapping fragile items, and labelling packed boxes could make you feel exhausted.

                    But then, this is an excellent opportunity for you to involve your children in the packing process and keep them occupied. You can do the following things to let them enjoy the packing:

                    Prepare a hunt packing List

                    List the items and tell your children to find things so that you can pack them quickly and easily. Toddlers would love this, and you will notice that your kid will spend more time hunting than packing, and you will get enough time to finish your important work related to packing and moving.

                    Let them sort and pack their own stuff

                    Give your kids extra importance by asking them to sort and pack their own items for the big move. Help them in preparing the list of things they want to carry to the new place. This trick will help you because your toddlers will automatically feel important, and they will happily participate in the moving process.

                    Allow them to decorate the packed boxes

                    Once you are done with the packing and labelling work, let your kids paint and decorate the packed boxes with colourful markers, stickers and crayons.

                    For heavy and fragile items, consider hiring professional Sunshine Coast Removalists who can pack and move your precious belongings with extreme care and responsibility.

                    5. Stick to the Same Routine

                    Make moving easier on your kids by maintaining your old routines, especially related to your kids. Try to stick with the same schedule, such as eating meals together or playing games at night.

                    This can create a sense of consistency during the process of packing and transporting household belongings. Try to spend quality time with your family before shifting to the new home.

                    6. Tour their favourite places

                    If you are moving across the state, then don’t forget to visit special neighbourhood places and communities in Sunshine Coast one last time with your kids and family. Take your kids to their favourite restaurants, playground, picnic spots and other old haunts to let them spend time and say goodbye to these places.

                    7. Throw a Goodbye Party

                    Leaving friendship and close relationship behind is not an easy thing for a school-going kid. It could be tougher for them to say goodbye to their best friends.

                    In order to make them happy, you can throw a goodbye party and invite his/her friends. Prepare their favourite food, play games with them and let them enjoy to the fullest.


                    There is no denying the fact that kids tend to think negative aspects when a family moves. There is the loss of close friendships, loss of a sense of belongings, neighbourhood and their favourite places. Apart from this, adjusting to the new community is not an easy thing, especially for school-going children.

                    They may feel anxious and emotionally-weak. If you really want to make the moving easier on kids and family, then follow the tips carefully mentioned-above in this blog post. Also, consider hiring trained and dedicated removalists for removals in Sunshine Coast, who take the stress out of your complicated and time-consuming move.

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                    By: Ashleigh
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                  • happy neighbors enjoying coffee together

                    Moving to a new place brings excitement and an opportunity to discover a new neighbourhood and create new memories. Whether you are moving within Sunshine Coast or shifting across the city, the joy of living in a new house is beyond any comparison, especially when you’ve bought your own beautiful abode.

                    However, setting into an unfamiliar place sometimes becomes a challenge, but with the right approach, you can do this and make your kids and family comfortable in a new neighbourhood after a move.

                    Once you have relocated your precious belongings with the assistance of professional removalists in Sunshine Coast, prepare your kids so that they can adjust quickly in the new place. You also have to prepare yourself, especially if you are moving for the first time.

                    Here are some of the best tips to help you get settled into your new neighbourhood easily.
                    Let’s get started!

                    1. Get Familiarised with Your Neighbours

                    The first thing you need to do after moving into your new apartment or city block is to know your new neighbours. It is always exciting to know who our neighbours will be. So, take some time from your busy schedule and introduce yourself.

                    Knowing new neighbours ultimately provides a safer and secure community. It helps you develop a place where people are looking out for each other whenever they need help. Plus, it enables you to make new friendships and let your kids get an opportunity to play with their new friends.

                    2. Organise a Housewarming Party

                    In today’s hustle-bustle life, it is becoming quite challenging to meet neighbours and friends in the new place without any reason. But you can do this by hosting an unforgettable housewarming party. Invite all your new neighbours and make new friends.

                    This will help them in knowing that you have just moved in and also assist you whenever you need help. So, arrange lip-smacking food, drinks and even games to know each other in a better way. Isn’t it exciting?

                    3. Get Connected with your New Community

                    Whether you are shifting from an affluent suburb of Sunshine Coast to a small city or across the new state, make full efforts to become a part of your new community in Sunshine Coast.

                    Connect with people around your community, voluntarily participate in activating or fin a new job. You can also get involved with your kid’s school. There are tons of things to do when you want to engage with new people in the neighbourhood.

                    4. Engage in Social Activities

                    This is important to get yourself engaged with the people around your community. Meet them, discuss your thoughts about the development of your society, engage in different activities and create new memories.

                    If you have an interest in social activity or events, then ask your neighbours and be a part of it. This will help you adjust quickly and easily.

                    5. Take a Tour of your Backyard

                    Since you have just moved into a new house and spent the last few days in unpacking, take some time out and take a tour of your backyard.

                    Take your kids along with you and enjoy your quality time checking out the local market, restaurants and cafes. Ask your neighbours to join you and help you know about this place in a better way.

                    6. Use Social Media to Connect Locally

                    This is one of the best tricks to communicate people locally. You must have a social media account. Use it to connect with people no matter where they live. You can start connecting as soon as you plan to relocate and reduce the stress of your move and fear of being in new surroundings.

                    When you move to a new city, finding new friends locally becomes quite challenging. With the use of online platforms, you can find friends in your new community.

                    7. Help your Kids Settle into an Unfamiliar Place

                    If you have school-going kids, then help them in settling into a new neighbourhood. Engage with them after the move because they will be missing their old school and friends. It will be a hard time for them to adjust to your new home.

                    To let them feel more comfortable, get them involved in the new community. Arrange a party for your kid and invite neighbourhood kids so that they can become friends.


                    Settling into an unfamiliar place can be tough for you and your kids. You need to make cultural adjustments, get involved with the new community, make new friends and a lot more. You can take help from the tips mentioned above in this blog post.

                    Apart from this, don’t forget to hire highly-trained and experienced professionals to experience safe, smooth and quick removals in Sunshine Coast. Do your research and move into your new house with a relaxed mind and smiling faces.

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                    By: Ashleigh
                    Posted: July 29, 2019, 3:09 am

                    • Josh Martin
                      a dog sitting with packing boxes

                      Moving to a new place is tough for you as well as your dog. The owners have to deal with worries about how their dog will react to the new circumstances. They also think about how to make sure their pets do not wander and get lost during the hectic schedule of the moving day.

                      They have all the reasons to fear about such a possibility as they have to handle several responsibilities at the same time. That is why experts suggest hiring professional for safe removals in Sunshine Coast when you are relocating with pets, especially a dog.

                      The removalists take care of the packing and loading of your goods while you can pay attention to the pet. This makes the entire moving procedure easier. However, many have to do the moving on their own and end up facing several pet challenges.

                      So whether you are doing the packing and loading or have opted for professional help, here are some ways that can help you to make your move with dogs easier. Let’s have a look.

                      1. Keep Your Dog Away On The Moving Day

                      You should ask a family member or friend to pet-sit your dog at their place. Commotion or a lot of noise can create anxiety in your pet, so you need to make sure that you keep your dog away from the chaos of moving. This move can keep their stress level to a minimum.

                      You can also opt for pet boarding in Sunshine Coast for a few days. It will help you to do the packing without any disturbance. If you are planning to do that, you should book a spot for your dog a few weeks before the moving day to make sure they are available. It would be like a small holiday for your furry friend.

                      2. Keep Them In A Safe Room

                      With so much chaos on a moving day, you may overlook the presence of your dog. To make things worse, the front door of the home will constantly be open for loading your stuff, so your dog is most likely to go out again and again.

                      And the last thing you want on your hectic moving day is to arrange a search party for the little runaways. That is why boarding or pet-sitting is a good idea, but what if these things are not available for you?

                      Well, in such a scenario, consider keeping them in one room which you will not use very often. There will be certainly some struggle, but it would reduce a lot of stress for you as well as your dog. Keep a bowl of freshwater inside the room and something to keep your dog busy like a chew toy.

                      3. Contact A Removals Company In Sunshine Coast

                      If you are a dog owner capable of hiring professionals for removals in Sunshine Coast, you must go for this option. The removalists can transform a stressful experience into a smooth relocation. These professionals have years of experience and expertise to pack and load your stuff flawlessly.

                      If you hire them, it would be a lot easier for you to keep a close watch on your per. To make sure you book a quality removalist in Sunshine Coast, try to contact them at least a couple of weeks in advance.

                      4. Make Sure The Removalists Know You Have A Dog

                      You must inform your removalists about your dog in advance. This will help the company to send the appropriate person for the job. Moreover, they will be mentally prepared to do the packing and loading in the presence of a pet.

                      If they are not aware that you have a dog in one of the rooms, they might accidentally open the door, and your dog can escape. Not only that, your dog can get severely injured with heavy furniture or appliance movement. Thus, let the experts know you have a pet as they have expertise in dealing with such situations.

                      5. Keep All Essential Documents Of Your Pet Carefully

                      You must keep your dog’s entire medical records at one place and in an organised manner. When you are relocating, you will need the paperwork, including your pet’s vaccination certificate.

                      You should also ask your pet doctor what documents are required to register with a new veterinarian in Sunshine Coast. All these documents are necessary, so make sure that you do not pack these with other belongings.

                      It may take days to unpack all your belongings and if you face any emergency and require the documents, things can become frustrating and annoying. Place all the essential papers in a file and keep it with you throughout the entire moving process.

                      6. Make Proper Planning To Transport Your Dog

                      You cannot count on the removals company in Sunshine Coast to transport your dog. They will make sure that all your belongings are safely moved, but that doesn’t include pets. Therefore, you need to know how to transport them, what the pets will be transported in, and any specific requirement they might have.

                      Usually, people use a pet carrier to transport animals. If your new home is just a couple of hours drive, make room for your dog in the vehicle so that you can take them with you. While driving, make sure that you will have to stop at a few places as your dog will need breaks.

                      However, if you are flying to your new place, you need to make arrangements with your airline so that your pet can be transported with you. Just ensure that you complete all the paperwork accurately.


                      Dogs are referred to as a “man’s best friend” so it is our responsibility to take care of their emotions, problems, convenience and requirement, particularly in tough situations like moving. The relocation procedure is undoubtedly a difficult job when you have a dog, but if you follow the strategies mentioned above, you are most likely to experience a smooth moving process along with a happy dog.

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                      By: Ashleigh
                      Posted: July 26, 2019, 7:42 am

                    • two men in uniform packing boxes

                      Hiring professional removalists is not a child’s play, particularly when you have hundreds of options to choose from. However, a little research can be very helpful. The more research you do, the more you increase your chances to find a reliable removalist in Sunshine Coast.

                      But the question is how to choose the one who is qualified to perform your move! There are some parameters to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones or the other way round. Understanding the qualities of a removalist is the first step of a successful moving procedure.

                      Here is a list of qualities that every removalist should possess to ensure a smooth moving process. Lets’ have a look.

                      1. Ask For Recommendations

                      If you are planning for a move, start your research as early as possible. It will give you time to analyse various service providers and choose the best one. You can ask your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues who have recently moved and see if they can recommend a name.

                      This step can be useful as you get the specific information about the authenticity, service quality and professionalism. It is a great way to know if they can perform your move or not.

                      2. Consider The Experience Factor

                      A removals company should have experience of at least six to seven years. Every moving process has its unique requirements and every family deals with different set of problems. In such a scenario, only experienced professionals can provide a solution as per the circumstances.

                      Whether it is packing your belongings, labelling and loading the boxes, moving in bad weather or transporting, you need removalists who are familiar with these tasks. Thus, experience is an essential quality your removalists must possess.

                      3. Read The Customer Reviews

                      Once you have shortlisted some removal companies in Sunshine Coast, you should try to understand their competence by reading the reviews of previous customers and checking how many ratings they have received. This will help you to know about the quality of their services and other important aspects of the company.

                      You can even contact the previous customers and talk to them for a better idea. On the basis of these reviews and ratings, you can further shortlist the names until you find a company that can provide you with quality service.

                      4. Go For An AFRA Approved Removals Company

                      Always remember that all good removalists in Australia are affiliated to Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). The primary objective of the association is to ensure that every person who hires removalists gets high-quality services. If your removalist is AFRA approved, you can expect professionalism.

                      You will get the assurance that all your expensive furniture and other belongings are in safe hands. Also, look for other important documents they should have to prove credibility.

                      5. Make Sure They Can Meet Your Requirements

                      Are you getting any additional benefit from your removals company? Taking care of everything while packing can be a challenging task. Thus, you need your removalists to take some responsibility and make arrangements for you. You should ask your company if they are providing the packing supplies, including blankets, boxes, tape and so on.

                      Fuel is an essential factor that can change the overall costing of your moving process. So talk to the company and ensure that it uses sustainable transport and the cost is included in the estimated quote. Otherwise, you will end up paying way more than required.

                      6. Do They Have Skilled Professionals?

                      To ensure stress-free moving, you need experienced and trained professionals with adequate technical knowledge. Professional removalists not only pack the belongings flawlessly but also ensure that appliances like washing machine, refrigerator, and costly furniture are correctly loaded.

                      You also need to make sure that all the professionals are police verified so that you can trust them with your belongings.

                      7. Know About Their Pricing Policy

                      A genuine removal company does not have a hidden costs policy. You should pay attention to the pricing policy of the company you have finalised, even if you have no second thoughts about their quality. An authentic removals company does not hesitate to maintain transparency with its customers.

                      So, if a company is not providing information you need, it’s better to avoid them and look for other service providers. Ask them to send their experts at your place, so that you can have a correct estimation of the amount you need to pay. Also, discuss whether they have included their booking amount in the final price or not.


                      It can be a challenging task to identify reliable removalists. However, if you follow the methods mentioned above, you can hire professional removalists. If the company you have selected is experienced in this segment, and has reliable, friendly, skilled professionals onboard, then contact them without any delay.

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                      Posted: July 12, 2019, 3:19 am

                      • Josh Martin
                        young girl holding an umbrella and sitting in a big packing box

                        There are numerous things that you can plan on your moving day, but unfortunately, weather is not one of them. It can be quite annoying when you are all set to move, and it starts raining or snowing. Sometimes, Mother Nature can ruin an otherwise perfectly organised moving day.

                        So, all you can do is keep a close watch on the weather report, prepare for the bad weather and act accordingly. Many hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast as they  have the experience to relocate homes and offices even in the worst possible weather conditions.

                        But what if no removals company is available on that specific date? You should know how to make your moving process successful in bad weather. Let’s have a look.

                        1. Prepare Yourself For The Bad Weather

                        Bad weather is not only about rain, sleet and snow. It can also be a scorching day of summer. Most of the people think that when the sun is shining bright, it is the best time to relocate. However, it can bring some challenges like sunburns and dehydration.

                        So, if you have studied the weather forecast in Sunshine Coast and are moving on a super-hot day, have plenty of water with you. Also, do not forget to wear lightweight clothes and protect the head with a cap or hat. In such weather, applying sunscreen is also a wise thing to do.

                        If it’s cold outside, wear a winter hat, a thick jacket, gloves and hand warmers. Light rain doesn’t cause any problems, but heavy rain can make you feel sick. So, wear rain jackets and keep umbrellas near you.

                        2. Pack Your Belongings Carefully

                        If it’s raining or snowing, you need to make sure that your belongings do not get damaged or waterlogged. And for that, you need to pay extra attention at the time of packing. If there is any chance of rain on your moving day, use waterproof materials such as heavy-duty tape and bubble wrap for packing your boxes.

                        This way, you can protect those items that are especially susceptible – like mattresses, sofa and cushions. This can add to your moving expenses. However, if you choose to go with a removals company in Sunshine Coast, all you need to do is ensure that they provide shrink wrapping.

                        3. Choose Plastic Boxes Over Cardboard Boxes

                        If there are dark clouds in the sky or it is about to snow, it is better to use plastic boxes instead of cardboard boxes. Plastic boxes can provide the level of protection your belongings will require during rain and snow. These boxes are easier to move from one place to another and help in reducing waste.

                        Moreover, as the plastic boxes are sturdy, unlike the cardboard ones, you can pack a lot of items without any fear of damage. Cardboard boxes need a lot of attention while packing and loading in the truck. And in the rain, they won’t be able to protect the stuff inside the box.

                        4. Apply Smart Strategies

                        It is essential to take some strategic decisions to tackle the problem of bad weather. For instance, if it’s raining or snowing heavily, wait for some time and allow the bad weather to pass. Avoiding heavy rain could be enough to protect your belongings.

                        It is also crucial that you park the vehicle near the door of the house so that the boxes get minimum exposure to rain. First move all the boxes, appliances and furniture to one room that is closest to the door.

                        Then load them directly on the truck. In this scenario, a reliable removals company in Sunshine Coast can be beneficial as they have the required expertise to do so.

                        5. Hire Professionals Removalists

                        Many people decide to perform the entire moving process on their own but face numerous challenges when they have to deal with bad weather. Since you have heavy appliances, expensive furniture and so many items to move, it is advisable to hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast.

                        They are ideal in these situations because they have the workforce, materials, strategies, technical knowledge and most importantly, years of experience to work in the worst possible weather conditions.

                        6. Discuss Your Move With The Removals Company

                        If you are expecting bad weather on your moving day, it is essential for you to have a detailed discussion with your removals company. You should know the policies of the company when it comes to relocating in bad weather.

                        Also, make sure they provide all the required materials to pack your boxes properly. If you and your removalist are not on the same page, it can create a massive confusion on the moving day.

                        7. Remove Excess Water And Unpack Boxes

                        If it’s raining or snowing, you cardboard boxes are most likely to get wet. So, you must be prepared for this type of situation. As soon as the boxes are unloaded, try to remove the excess water from them using old dry towels. If you find any box that is damaged due to excess water, open it immediately.

                        Old sheets on the floor will also help to remove excess moisture. Also, take off the packing of the furniture to allow the items to breathe and avoid condensation. Get rid of the wet or damp boxes as quickly as possible to avoid odd smells in the house.


                        Unless you are caught by surprise, moving in bad weather doesn’t need to be a massive challenge. All you need to do is follow the weather reports properly and be prepared for it. The tips mentioned here can come handy if you are expecting rain or snow on your moving day. You have to tackle the weather problem very smartly and carefully while making the safety of your belongings your priority.

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                        By: Ashleigh
                        Posted: June 27, 2019, 2:32 am

                      • amused couple sitting on a sofa with packed boxes on floor

                        If you’ve planned to relocate your home, make sure you hire a reliable and trusted moving company that can assure you the safe removal of your possessions. Whether you are moving within the Sunshine Coast or across the city, you want to ensure that your precious household belongings are being taken care of the sudden losses or damages.

                        It is important to have a backup plan if your valuable items get damaged during the transition process. That’s the reason why people prefer taking moving insurance while hiring experienced Sunshine Coast Removalists.

                        If you are moving for the first time and don’t know anything about the moving insurance, then this blog post is for you. This post will help you make the right decision and save you from sudden chaos or financial loss.
                        Let’s get started!

                        What is Moving Insurance?

                        You should know the fact that moving insurance is not a regular insurance. Most of the removal companies offer valuations. The valuation acts like insurance: such as the moving company gives compensation for your valuable possessions in case of loss or damage.

                        But these companies are not certified or obliged to sell insurance and are not governed by any regulation that applies to other insurance types. In simple words, if your removals company is covering your precious items, it is not insurance.

                        Instead, you are setting the limits for your moving company’s liability if your belongings are lost, stolen or damaged. So make sure you should ask for valuations from the moving company to protect your belongings because it functions the same way as insurance.

                        Why do you need the moving insurance?

                        Do you know that most of the home insurances don’t cover the damage or loss to your household belongings during the transition process? Yes, this is true. However, some providers provide the coverage to include transit, but only if you hire professional and reputed Removalists for removals in Sunshine Coast.

                        In case you are relocating your household items using your private vehicle, the company would not cover your belongings. This could put your possessions at risk of accident, damage or robbery. Well, this can be avoided by hiring a reliable moving insurance policy.

                        How does Moving Insurance work?

                        If you are moving your home across the town or state, make sure you acquire moving insurance. You can either take it from an insurance company or hired removalists. Precious belongings such as delicate items, jewellery and money are not included in moving insurance policies.

                        You can include furniture, garden equipment and electrical appliances such as TV, refrigerator, AC and even your pets in the moving insurance. Below are some of the key factors that should be considered while taking the insurance:

                        Three Types of Valuations Options Available for you

                        However, moving companies in Sunshine Coast can’t sell insurance, but according to federal law, they are required to offer valuation options. Apart from this, you can also get moving insurance from third-party insurance providers. To know more, here are the different types of valuation options:

                        1. Released Value Protection

                        It is the most common coverage options that removal companies offer to their customers. Though they won’t charge you for released value protection, you may need to ask for the coverage against the damage or loss of your household belongings.

                        The best part about the released value protection is that it comes at zero extra cost. However, it provides minimal coverage –it means the company is entitled to pay only a part of the money in compensation in case of damage or loss.

                        When you opt for this valuation option, then your damaged belongings won’t be repaired or replaced when you file a claim. In such scenarios, you will be compensated only 60 per cents per pound per item.

                        2. Full Value Protection

                        This is one of the best valuation options that can give you full coverage against the loss or damage of your household belongings during the moving process. However, you need to pay a premium upfront to get the complete value protection.

                        If you are searching for this particular type of insurance, make sure your moving company is liable to pay full replacement value of the belongings they are transporting. Being a consumer, you will get an opportunity to decide the worth of the belongings per pound before paying the premium for the coverage amount.

                        Under this type of valuation option, your moving company will provide you with three options to fulfil your claim:
                        • Replace the item (at the comparable value)
                        • Repair the belonging
                        • Pay you the cost of repair or the current market value of the good.

                        Quick Tip: In full value protection, many removal companies have the right to limit their liability for highly expensive items. It includes antique and other high-value items. So, clear your doubts before getting into the process of acquiring fill value protection against the loss or damage of your belongings while in transit.

                        3. Third Party Option

                        You can also search for additional insurance to protect your precious items during the relocation and reduce the stress of moving these items. Make sure you decide the value of your belongings and also assume how much insurance would cover your belongings.

                        If you want full coverage against the loss of your items during the transit, then look out for third-party options. Third party insurance covers damage from natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes. It also covers items of extraordinary value over $ 100 per pound.


                        Moving insurance is not like a regular insurance policy. However, it acts in the same manner- protects your belongings from damages and losses during the relocation. Removal companies in Sunshine Coast calls this type of coverage as valuation. It is the amount of the liability a moving company pays if your items get lost or damaged during the transit. So, make sure you choose the best moving company which can offer you the most reliable valuation options for your precious belongings.

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                        By: Ashleigh
                        Posted: June 25, 2019, 1:51 am

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