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          • Since the launch of the game on 21 July 2017 this game has kept its position at the top. Fortnite now has become one of the most streamed game in the world. 

            After 2 years of launch, this game has most views on the twitch. No other game was able to compete with fortnite. It is one of the best multiplayer games to play with friends online

            Why fortnite still a best game multiplayer game in 2020. 

            It is always noted who serves the need of the customer always win the game. When this huge multiplayer game launched it was free. Free is an important factor and it took the first-mover advantage.  Now other games are free too but people have already loved fortnite and they’re not likely to shift from fortnite. 

            Lot’s of fun thing to do in the game one is an amazing dance moves which rocked the world on his beats. Dance move goes viral all over the internet, people started making memes and game got free powerful promotion. 

            You don’t have to be professional for playing this game as long as you can target and shoot though you have to learn building skills which are easy and you will get it over time. 

            First time in the history friends are allowed to play together online battle royal game which you have to stay inside the zone. So it’s a new concept and everyone loved it. 

            Battle doesn’t take much time and you can quite any time. 

            Unlike most shooting games, Fortnite can build buildings in the game, provided you collect the materials and then use your imagination to build a building that will help you defeat the enemy.

            Fortine keeps on adding somthing interesting in every update that kept game even more interesting for longer time. 

            All these reasons fortnite is still at the top. You can also check out best funny mini-games to play with friends. I bet you’ll definitely enjoy these mini-games too. 

            By: TopUpcominggames
            Posted: January 10, 2020, 4:55 pm

          • The era of new digital media is witnessing innovation and radical change across all aspects of journalism. This new era has closed many jobs but brings many opportunities and business models to finance sustainable journalism for the future.

            With the Internet boom of the 1990s Internet base companies stated seeing exponential growth and Internet users were increasing day by day.

            Due to this Internet boom, many big companies become bankrupt, and many employees lost their jobs. My retailer store sale dropped because of e-commerce. Internet changed everything once for all.

            It started showing the effect on print journalism when other people with expertise on the specific subject started sharing their information through the Internet.

            This made every information available quickly on google. Now with the innovation in mobile just again change the usage of the Internet and journalism once for all.

            Now every person uses mobile phones, and whenever we want to search for any information, we open the browser and search for our query, and we get our answers.

            When journalism Industry realise that now it’s time for shifting towards digital because of number benefits, then this caused many job deduction the print base media.

            Because no one wants to buy the newspaper subscription because now anyone can access information on their mobile phone.

            All the Newspaper makes money through advertisement, and most companies prefer digital media for advertisement.

            Due to this news journalism, video game journalism, all shifted towards digital journalism.

            This is how all the journalist and newspapers, magazine are now on digital media and growing their business, reaching, even more, wider audience.

            By: TopUpcominggames
            Posted: May 2, 2020, 1:19 pm

            • cominggames

              If you’re wondering if games as a service are Bad or not then you need to read this blog, you’ll know some pros and cons of the games as a service model.

              In simple words, games as a service is a revenue model in which companies charge small in-games purchase fees. You might have seen some skin update, a new weapon, map update, and if you want to play or use these minor updates, you have to pay for it. It’s all about the overview of games as a service model. 

              Now let’s talk, is it good or bad?

              Multiple business models come under the service model. Initially, it was service-oriented subscription in which player has to purchase monthly subscriptions to continue to play, such as seen in games like MMO’s.
              With the evolving time, this model keep getting changes, and evolving games as a service model continue making money off their titles after release.

              It’s a win-win situation, I personally feel that micro-transaction, pre-purchase, and season pass service models are overtly harmful to consumers. It’s like make gamer addicted to your product than offering them a better version by charging small fees.

              The problem with this is that they always attempt to dominate the market by pressuring players through dubious means.

              The best example of this game is Fortnite, where you don’t get fix skin at the beginning of the game; you’re influenced to buy the crazy skin for yourself. This model mainly targets the younger audience.

              Another issue I fond with this model is that micro transaction, which affects the gameplay directly. Suppose a new map was added and you’re not able to play that map for free, then you’ll be forced to make that micro transaction to play that map in the game. 

              We don’t suggest any gamer to invest into any titles that implement microtransactions of season passes, or pre-purchase any products or any kind prior to a full release. These are wastage of money, and this micro transction seems so small that you don’t think twice while purchasing it again and again. This way, a gaming company successfully makes millions. 

              However, games as a service will be followed in the future, and most of your upcoming games will be delivered in this way.

              By: TopUpcominggames
              Posted: April 30, 2020, 1:22 am

            • Do you know which game was futuristic in the ’90s. Many pixelated games were very famous at that time and changed the gaming concept once for all.

              But Here are few best windows 95 futuristic game of the 90s that brought revolution and the racing games.


              The story of the MegaRace is simple. The game takes place in the far-off future, where the player is a contestant on a game show called “MegaRace“. MegaRace is on the television channel where contestants compete in a live-or-die race match against Hells Angels.

              The objective in the games is to kill all of the opponent of the speed gang before the race ends. In the beginning, there are a smaller number of speed gang opponent but keeps on adding in a subsequent race.

              There is a lot more fun to do in this game, and 90s Kids love this game, which made this game one of the best games for windows 95.

              Pod Game

              Pod game is another Pixelated game which was very popular in the 90s. The game starts in the distant future, Planet Io. The story of this game is interesting. Mining accident unleashes the fungus within the Planet, which caused widespread panic.

              This panic causes most people to leave the Planet, and a few survivors remained in the Planet Io with one ship. Now they have to race the tournament and winner of the final tournament take the ship and escape the Planet.

              Also check No Internet Games list:

              By: TopUpcominggames
              Posted: April 7, 2020, 4:06 pm

            • In our more and more contacted world there are times when you find yourself without internet and Wi-Fi connections in your day to day life. So it is good to spend time with mobile games.

              Here I’m going to talk about Top 10 best android and IOS games that you can play totally offline.

              Bike rider stunts.

              This is an adrenaline-filled game that unites the excitement for speed and bikes, and gives an awesome feel in the gaming. In this game you are in control of stunts that have finished at the first place competing with some serious competitors. Game has more than 20 levels and when you win a race you will get coins so that you can repair your bike and upgrade the version.

              Cover Strike.

              Cover Strike is inspired by the legendary counter strike. It is an action game that provides a game experience that is close to the mythic game from valve. It can be played from the ease of your mobile devices with control systems and flawlessly adapted by touch screens.

              War tortoise.

              This is a fun idle shooter in which you control a dominant warrior tortoise on its task. Your warrior will be on a mission of conquering new lands and protecting its troops. Now, it’s an awesome concept, a war between animals…. You will be recruiting all types of rodents and many other animals to help you in the win in opposition to insects and lizards.

              Cyber retro Punk 2069.

              This is also an action game with rudiments of a first person shooter, and that is characterized by its superior game play. In this game you will be going through cities and streets of 17 and battle against crime and corruption. In the path you will see the spectacular streets and alleys of cyberpunk. Game’s interface, theme and music will walk you through a beautiful world. In the game, your enemies are armed and tough, but that’s the beauty and task of this game.   


              Figment is an adventures game with action with an importance on the exciting activity. Its gives full vibes of an adventures trip. This game has got a lot to do with focusing on the environment and there’s a light puzzle solving to open up your way forward. You will enjoying be puzzle and battling with your enemies .

              Check out: Games As a Service

              By: TopUpcominggames
              Posted: April 3, 2020, 5:23 pm

            • PUBG is one of the most famous Multiplayer games in the world. PUBG Stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and this game took over the world and changed the gaming industry forever.

              In PUBG, players fight with the unknown players, and the last man standing wins the match. You either paly this game in solo or a group of 4player. You have to survive until last.

              Now, as you know, PUBG PC is paid, but you can play PUBG on PC for free with the help of an emulator. 

              After the success of the game, many other battle royal games introduced, which also become popular, and most played games online. Some of them are Fortnite, apex legends, etc. 

              PUBG Mobile is free to download from the Google Play Store for Android and IOS. 

              If you wish to play the game on your Windows PC than today in this post, I will give you complete details on ways by which you can enjoy the popular battle royale on your computer or laptop.

              Best Emulators to Play PUBG Mobile on Windows 

              Here is the list of the best emulator through which you can enjoy PUBG mobile on Pc for free. There is no way you can directly install PUBG mobile on PC, but with the help of emulators, you can easily download PUBG Mobile on Windows PC and Mac.

              So check out the list of best Emulators for Playing PUBG mobile on windows PC.

              1. Tencent Gaming Buddy

              Gaming Buddy for PUBG Mobile

              Tencent Gaming Buddy is an official emulator for Windows, which is developed by PUBG corp, especially for playing PUBG mobile on PC. Tencent Gaming Buddy can handle the PUBG mobile on pc easily and is well optimized to run even on low-end Windows PC.

              Although there is a Paid PC version of PUBG, which makes an emulator is an excellent option to play the game for free.

              Playing on the emulator will match you with the players who are playing PUBG using an emulator. Still, If your mobile squad has an emulator player then, you all have to face emulator players, which seems unfair for me.

              If you are looking to play PUBG on the big screen without any issues than I strongly suggest you download the Tencent gaming buddy emulator which is lag-free and constant update has made this emulator even better.

              Here are all the instruction about how to install and play PUBG free. Download Tencent Gaming Buddy | Free

              2.Nox Player

              Nox Player for Windows and Mac

              Nox Player is one of the best Android Emulator for Windows and Mac after the Tensent Emulator. This Emulator is designed with the only motive for playing games. Nox6 can handle high FPS games without any clutter and supports keypad, gamepad, and scripts but only problems is that you need to customize some gaming settings. 

              Though it may take some time for you to get familiarized with the controls, once you get along with it, Nox Player would turn out to be the best place to play the PUBG on Windows or Mac but not better than Tencent. You can customize the controls in the settings and also optimize the quality in case if you feel the graphics are higher than your PC standards.

              3. Bluestacks | Windows, and Mac

              Bluestacks PUBG

              If if talk about the Bluestacks then it is one of the most popular Android emulator for Windows.

              It is one of the more balanced emulators having the right mixture of power, graphics and processing making it the most favorable Android Emulator for PC. 

              Playing PUBG on the Bluestacks will function easily as the emulator is proficient enough to play high-graphics games. Though it is preferable that your PC is good enough to handle little heavy processes and 4 to 8 GB ram is also recommended.

              Nevertheless, the Bluestacks Emulator is one of the oldest emulator to run android app and games on Windows and Mac.

              How to Install and Use Bluestacks?

              1. Download the BlueStacks on your PC.

              2. Run and Install.

              3. Open the bluestack and open the Play Store.

              4. Add your Google Account

              5. Search for the PUBG.

              6. Download and install the App

              7. Run the App and Enjoy the PUBG on your computer for Free

              By: TopUpcominggames
              Posted: March 27, 2020, 1:24 am

            • Considering the current scenario of the gaming industry, no one can question about how the gaming business has quickened in the last few years many years,which has now become an industry of billions.

              Now Let us have a look at Games as service model and Gaming evolution.

              Nowadays gaming industry is on a different but gaming industry booming in 90s. Gaming CDs and perfect PCs had been presented during that period. And CDs and 3D graphic cards had also been introduced during that era.

              Revolution in the Gaming Industry.

              As technology continued to advance, gaming was bound to move forward. As the gaming moved forward, it got better and better in terms of graphics,animation, video quality, sound, speed and so many other things.

              Now I’d like to share a small data how the gaming grew in the recent decades.

              Courtesy: visualcapitalist

              Now I’m you got a rough idea about how the journey has been for the gaming industry.

              Future and the Market for gaming Industry.

              As the gaming is so popular, it is very obvious that market is also so colossal, the end fate of gaming likely to be driven far more further from on.

              According to the Global Data Corporation’s estimate,market of AR/VR (augmented reality and virtual reality) will touch new heights.

              As of now, VR/R headsets are only available to those users who can afford it, supply is also limited. But in the upcoming time access of VR/AR likely to be accessed by every single gaming lover out there.It will be very interesting to see that how the tech industry respond the public’s expectations.

              Games services and its revenue model.

              Games are introduced under the GaaS model, normally get a long or inconclusive stream of monetized new substance after some time to urge players to keep paying to help the game.

              In a nutshell, it is like an logarithm which works step by step. Games as a Service (or GaaS) follows a revenue model in which video are monetized after the release.

              Also check for Best Gaming PC Under $1000 

              By: TopUpcominggames
              Posted: March 22, 2020, 1:12 pm

            • To help, we’ve compiled a guide for Picking up the best cheap Gaming PC for Streaming

              Here you’ll get help in Purchasing the best streaming PC for yourself. Here a list of best cheap pre-build gaming PC under $1000 recommended by the experts that you must go through once. 

              There are advantages to getting a pre-built gaming system , such as availability and dependability for people who aren’t knowledgeable about building one. Additionally, it is obviously easier and a good deal faster to purchase pre-built. 

              If building your own system is not an option here is what you want to consider before buying the best streaming PC for an affordable price. 

              Before proceding you need to ask these question to yourself. 

              Do I wish to get a future-proofed PC that can play triple-A games with high-end images for a long time to come? Do I wish to play games on the move, do I travel frequently, or will I need a more permanent rig in your home? 

              Each response to a query will change which kind of computer you’re searching for. 

              If you would like to dive into newer games, such as Fortnite, Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy, and more, you will want a stronger setup. 

              If you’re a traveler then you need to consider more about buying a gaming laptop, but laptops are way more expensive then PC. And if you wish to multitask to work or flow, you will need a computer. 

              Ask these questions yourself all, figure out just what you will want to do with your computer, and be aware of all of them. 

              Budget is very important: 

              Bedget is very important. I;m talking about a fix budget. once you select a budget then stick to that budget. If you didn’t stick you will get exhausted while choosing your PC, there are are so many PCs out there, ranges started from $500 and have a ridiculously high price. 


              Also consider an essential aspect, i.e., upgradability of your rig. Is your rig is upgradeable in the future?

              You might not have enough money right now, but maybe in the future, when you start making money while playing games, then you might want to upgrade some parts. For this, choose your case wisely.

              Plan your Streaming PC Hardware

              Decide what kind of hardware you want for your streaming PC.

              To begin, determine which kind of games you want to play on your PC. It will help to narrow the hardware list, which is essential to make your decision much more straightforward.

              As an example, if you are only playing an older game like Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege, your rig would not have to be very fancy. A processor like an AMD Ryzen 3600 or an Intel i5 9600 K is enough with Nvidia 1660ti.

              For games like PUBG, Fortnite the bare-minimum hardware requirements might be even lower — but you may not have as much future-proofing built into your system.

              On the other hand, if you intend to dive into a handful of new, tougher games, such as Cyberpunk 2077, which requires serious hardware to render graphics, then you want something beefy to manage them.

              You also have to look for hardware that is capable of doing multitasking; for this, you want faster RAMs. 

              For those who don’t have any idea about what hardware you will want on your gaming PC, look forward to an upcoming game you want to play, such as Borderlands 3, and choose the suggested requirements as the baseline for your new gaming PC for streaming.

              That way, you will be set with a system that should run the games you want to play.

              Storage is a concern. I’d recommend anyone search for a computer using a solid-state drive. Still, if your budget is not too large, you can pick a little storage SSD, but SSD is a must.

              The benefits are endless and obvious. They read and write data faster, you can shrink down your startup time games will load quicker, and the list continues.

              The more games, files, pictures, videos, and sound you believe you will want to save, the bigger your storage is essential.

              There are massive hard drives out there for not much cash, so buy HDD hard drive, don’t be scared of a high RPM platter drive.

              Know Which brand Parts you’re using?

              You should look at PC brands before buying any PC or pre-build rig. You must be aware of the brand parts you’re getting. Avoid using any copy or cheap Chinese hardware.
              You can get all your parts from a branded company even if your budget is low.

              By: TopUpcominggames
              Posted: March 21, 2020, 10:07 am

            • 1. pokemon mystery dungeon dx

              There is another pokemon game coming up and it’s not entirely new,this is a remake of 2005 mystery dungeon that came out for the Nintendo DS and game boy advance.Mixing mystery dungeon roguelike elements with pokemons charm rescue team DX allows you to forget your own personality and experience the magic of becoming an actual pokeymon again.While it still retains the classic 16 stater pokemon this this DX version will feature new mechanics not seen not seen in the original, such as mega evaluation on auto mode and finally an auto save coming this march 6 for the Nintendo switch.

              2.Langrisser 1 & 2

              America’s revival of the legendary Langer sir 1 and 2 is taking us to their magical kingdom once again. Now, in high definition.Coming this march 10 for the Nintendo switch PC and PS4.

              Also check best 27 online games to play with your friends.

              3.Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

              After suffering from a minor delay, the will of the wisps release date was pushed back by just one month to polish what needs to be polished. The next adventure of Microsoft’s adorable forced Guardian takes us to even greater places beyond the first game’s forest. It comes out this march 11th as a Microsoft exclusive.

              4.Nioh 2

              A sequel to team ninjas samurai game, Nioh 2 is going to be prequel with a standalone story. Play a customized character that’s part humen youkai adventure around the new dark realms with great Japaneses warloards. It’s set to release this march 13 2020.

              5.My Hero One’s Justice 2

              One of this generations hit anime, It didn’t take long for my hero academia to get on the fighting game scene,competing with the likes of Dragonball fighters for the top spot. It’s set to release this 13th of march for the PC,PlayStation 4,Xbox one and the switch. 

              Also check Gloud games apk for PC,Xbox,PS.

              More upcoming games:

              6. MLB: The Show 20 

              7. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

               8. Doom Eternal

               9. Fairy Tail 

              10. Bleeding Edge

               11. Moons Of Madness

               12. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 

              13. Persona 5 Royal 

              14. Half-Life: Alyx 

              15. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

              By: TopUpcominggames
              Posted: February 16, 2020, 7:19 pm

            • What is Gloud Games?

              Have you at any point needed to play FREE PC games on your portable without losing a lot of value? In the event that truly, must consider Gloud games, which let you play the most recent PC, PS, and Xbox games for nothing on your cell phone, yet there is a ton you should settle.

              Gloud Games isn’t an advanced science to comprehend. In basic words, Gloud games resemble an interface through which you communicate. Games that you play on your cell phone utilizing Gloud get prepared or rendered by another amazing PC at the server-side.
              Gloud games utilize the Cloud gaming idea, and from 2020 cloud gaming will be the eventual fate of gaming.

              Presently you don’t need to purchase extravagant costly PC and designs cards; with cloud gaming,now any versatile and pc client can deal with overwhelming games effectively.

              Here are some screenshots :

              Image credit: Google gallery

              What is the necessity Gloud games?

              You simply need an Android or IOS cell phone and a internet connection. You even needn’t bother with your web speed to be quick, with the ordinary Internet speed you’ll despite everything have the option to play all the most recent games easily.
              In spite of the fact that you need great cell phones with quick wifi collector.

              Cell Phone with great specs. ( Minimum 2 GB smash required)
              Android form 5 or later.
              Great Processor.

              What You Can do With Gloud Games:

              Convey all your preferred Pc and comfort games with you any place you go. Play all the most recent games PC, Xbox games on versatile.
              There are a large number of games you can play right now any issue however some are free though, for some you need to pay.
              But don’t worry you can check out list of 27 multiplayer games to play with friend online which includes games which are free to play.

              By: TopUpcominggames
              Posted: February 10, 2020, 7:03 pm

            • If you play games, you might hear about the games as a service model. In short it a model In which game is offered for free but have some Internal purchase to generate revenue. You can read about the games as a service in detailed here.

              So, Here is the list of the few best games which falls under the list of games as service.

              It does some fantastic things by not doing things. If you look at the comparison of Runescape 3 versus old school Runescape, Runescape 3 does a kind of bad not great job. It's just rife with microtransactions, and it doesn't have the updated policy that old school Runescape has. 

              So what makes old school Runescape so sexy for a lot of players?
              Well it's entirely focused on keeping and maintaining its player base to do that as a service you need to maintain your game and the best way to do that is by direct player input, so any new skill and a lot of the new content in the game is directly pulled that's right guys you vote for. This game is not full of microtransaction. ​

              Although this game needs more graphics change, a lot of stuff still needs to be updated. 

              Overwatch is very divisive because, for one, it is better than the old model that we used to have back in the Halo, Call of Duty,  battlefield.  

              We would have these expansions that would separate the player base you know these new maps or new classes new weapons things like that, but overwatch keeps everyone's friends able to join up with each other with games as a service monetization.  

              Overwatch is a competitive game and to make money they have loot boxes, they have an orangy progression style with the cosmetics, but everything in overwatch is cosmetic you don't need to purchase heroes or champions like you do in paladins you don't have any RG card packs everything is cosmetic. 

              I just hope they add new characters and new maps and update the game a little bit more frequently. 

              Path of Exile:
              This game is at number 3  because the type of expanded content that we get is fantastic in terms of action RPG. However, there are some other games in the general ecosystem that just do things a little bit more freely and better than the path of Exile. 

              They're continually expanding in the game and the expansions that they add always do new gimmicks. It is like exceed oakum Petitte as well. Exile has different leagues; you can go playing in hardcore and get as far as you can fantastic game overall. 

              however, the expanded content is a little bit rinse repeat where the other stuff on this list will entirely change and evolve the game. 

              DotA 2
              ​There are gambling loot boxes for cosmetics in this game however, like overwatch, everything is available for you. The best part of this games is you can buy from other players for very very cheap I mean like 12 cents maybe $1 versus you know if you're trying to get the loot boxes is like 10 bucks maybe  some things can be extremely expensive.  
              Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world. This game is available for free but still, this game abe to generate millions of dollar revenue because of games as a service model. 

              As everyone knows, its a royal battle game in which you can buy skins emotes etc. for bucks. In-game purchases helped this game to make so much money and made it one of the best game in the market. 

              Posted: April 27, 2020, 4:10 pm

              List of best Games as a Service Games


              If you're wondering which is the best games which comes under games as a service then here is a list for you.n

            • The gaming industry has changed a lot and is experiencing rapid growth. According to the report, the gaming industry is now approximately 135 billion dollars Industry with 10% annual growth.Games as a service has played a massive role to do so.

              Games as a Service 2020: Is GaAs a Fraud?
            • If you wanted to become a video game journalist then here is the best guide for you. Here you'll exactly know how to become a successful video game journalist in 2020. 

            • Check out top 10 games 2020 and services how gaming and it's services to establish business model, In which games get monetized after the very first release. 

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