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          • Data is powerful enough to shape environmental and social impact. With social impact assessment, it is possible to solve the challenges we are contending with today. With applicable solutions, it is possible to unlock the enormous value that founders and impact funds can have in our society. Applicable solutions will help drive growth and impact. ImpactableX uses unique impact formulating methods to come up with certified and powerful analytics. Our methods allow founders to employ dynamic frameworks that will make them smarter through the process of growth for their companies. ImpactableX is designed and certified to exclusively help impact funds and startups realize their greatest potential and impact society. If you are looking to solve the challenges faced by your company and achieve maximum growth, you should get in touch with ImpactableX. Furthermore, if you want your company to have a positive impact on society and the environment, we can make this happen for you.

            How Your Startup Can Have a Lasting Impact in a Vulnerable Planet


            ImpactableX uses outstanding xModeling techniques to decipher the primary levers in various business models that would help bring about change and impact. With our analytical prowess, we give...

          • Every day comes with new challenges. To overcome the challenges that face startups and impact funds, it is important to find favorable solutions. ImpactableX defines and quantifies the value unlocked through finding solutions to pressing challenges. We do an impact assessment and advance solutions that promote growth. Our team employs outstanding methods of modeling to come up with impactful and certified analytics. We give founders the dynamism needed to make smart moves as their businesses grow. ImpactableX was designed and certified to specifically serve impact funds and startups. Through portfolio analysis, our team removes any friction in impact management and measurement. Friction is removed by using a dynamic and customized portfolio for accelerators and impact funds.

            How Data Can Help assess the Social and Environmental Impact of your Business


             Impact data and metrics are fundamental to the understanding of whether any progress is being made towards achieving impact goals, proactiv...

          • By solving the challenges that face us in the 21st century, we unlock great potential and find value in what we do. ImpactableX quantifies and defines the value that can be unlocked for impact funds and founders, and proposes the solutions that would help realize the maximum potential. Our team uses exceptional impact modeling methods to produce formidable and certified analytics that give founders the platform to make smart moves that will propel their companies to grow. We use four levels of analytics that are designed and certified for impact funds and startups. With our exceptional xModeling procedure it is possible to understand the essential business model levers that bring impact. With a good understanding of the levers that drive growth in business, founders can benefit from much more than stationary impact analytics. Founders receive a dynamic structure that allows them to easily manage and quantify the impact of their business, even at the early stages.

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