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            • Jake

              Baby Walkers



              If the baby is sitting confidently and began to crawl, it's time to buy a baby Walker for him. Many refer to them only as a toy, and completely in vain. Walkers with a seat and wheels – this is a great simulator for the physical and mental development of crumbs. Baby Walkers - a wonderful educational simulator for kids. But it is useful to remind once again about caution! Particular attention should be paid to the safety of the design of the Walker and the safety of their use. Walkers make babies mobile and they can reach things that would otherwise be out of their reach. Therefore, it is better to first clarify the relevance of such a gift. And, of course, to approach responsibly to the choice.

              Transformer Chair

              The high chair for feeding ceased to be a rarity in a kitchen interior long ago, but today's models please not only the convenience, but also the longer period of operation. Unlike obsolete stationary structures, chairs-transformers literally "grow" with the child, adjusting to the height and size of the baby. Products from world manufacturers have anatomically correct shape, ensuring the correct formation of posture, as well as equipped with a sophisticated security system that prevents accidental loss of a small child. In addition, the design is equipped with a folding mechanism that allows you to easily store it even in the smallest apartment.

              Dry Pool with Balls

              A dry pool filled with plastic balls is a win-win gift idea that will bring indescribable delight to the little birthday boy and all his friends. In this simple design, the child will be able to spend hours of fun, "swimming" and "diving" without any fear, and even benefiting the body. Plunging into the mass of balls, the baby's body is subjected to a delicate acupressure, which tones the muscles, activates blood circulation and relieves unnecessary stress, thereby producing a therapeutic effect. This is especially necessary for children with problems of development of the musculoskeletal system.



              Baby carrier

              Walks in the fresh air are an essential part of the proper development of any child. For age more 1 year optimal option of movement on the street traditionally is considered stroller, which can be lay down their in the form of canes or notebook. However, for short-term exits (for example, if you need to visit the nearest store, children's clinic or other institution), the use of this rather cumbersome design can cause some inconvenience. Therefore, many modern moms are happy to resort to the help of various mobile devices for transporting their baby – slings, ergonomic backpacks and so on.


              Cotton Candy Machine


              Everyone remembers children's entertainment in the square or in the Park with their parents. Attractions, rollers, ice cream and, of course, cotton candy the Modern market presents devices for the house for preparation of cotton candy in the big assortment for every taste, the price and inquiries. Cotton Candy Machine is a great way to pamper your child with a delicious dessert-a great option for making cotton wool – a mini-device that will also be a great addition to any holiday. Small size, beautiful design, easy control functions. A brilliant gift for a child on holiday.


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