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          • A divorce can be costly or cheap, depending on the choices spouses make during the process. Fundamentally, you should understand the meaning and consequences of the different categories of divorce in Florida to understand costs. It is prudent to hire a seasoned and proficient attorney to guide you through the process. Any spouse can file a divorce petition in Florida. You can either pursue a contested or an uncontested divorce. Depending on your choice, the divorce cost in Florida could be high or low. An uncontested divorce is often affordable, quick, and less tiring because spouses have settled all their disputes. Contested divorces are often unpredictable, costly, lengthy, and tiring because spouses disagree on a few or all issues.

            How to Manage Divorce Costs in the State of Florida


            There is a tight balancing act during a divorce. You want an affordable and swift divorce process, but you also want to protect your interests. An uncontested divorce is only possible if spouses agree to resolve all their disputes outside court. If...

          • Before you can file for a divorce, you should understand the laws. Many couples make costly mistakes during their divorces because they are oblivious to the law. You might want to hire a diligent and seasoned divorce attorney to enlighten you concerning your divorce options. The attorney should tell you that there are two categories of divorce in Florida. You can get a contested or an uncontested divorce. The cost of uncontested divorce in Florida is usually low compared to a contested divorce. The reason behind this is that the process of an amicable divorce is predictable. Due to the certainty involved in an amicable divorce, the divorce attorney usually charges a flat fee.

            Understanding the Costs and Implications of an Uncontested Divorce


            Spouses exchange vows in the hope that their marriage will last. However, unforeseen circumstances necessitating a divorce may arise. There ...

          • Many people certainly want to know how much it may cost them to get divorced in the state of Florida. There is no easy answer to this question. However, the decisions couples make during the divorce process largely determine divorce costs in Florida. Attorney fees and filing charges account for a large proportion of the overall divorce cost. Usually, divorce attorneys charge a flat fee for uncontested divorces and hourly fees for contested divorces. In case the divorce process takes a long time, costs may escalate. Spouses who are determined to minimize costs and get through the divorce process quickly pursue amicability. Often, spouses differ over alimony, debt, assets, timesharing (child visitation and child custody), insurance, and child upkeep.

            • Florida Divorce

              Bridge-the-gap support is only available in a few states. The beneficiary gets financial assistance to help them meet their short-term needs during the transition period. The money is set aside for settling bills and living expenses as the receiving spouse waits to get work or for an asset to sell. The wisdom behind this divorce in Florida alimony is to ensure that no one suffers monetarily amid a divorce.

              Alimony and Florida Divorce Law | Length and Amount


              Florida divorce alimony laws can effect a divorce in Florida if there's need and ability to pay. Length of marriage is an important factor amongst others.

              • Florida Divorce

                A contentious divorce process can become costly. Spouses should try and minimize their differences to alleviate costs and quicken the divorce process. Otherwise, the costs may escalate to unprecedented levels. A contested divorce, unlike a simple divorce in Florida, is unpredictable. As such, the divorce attorney usually charges an hourly fee. Couples should iron out their differences to get back their lives quickly.

                Simple Divorce in Florida | 34 Divorce Topics


                A simple divorce in Florida is much less costly than a contested divorce. It can be done online if both parties can agree to terms and avoid going to court.

              • If your marriage has come to a dead-end and divorce is the only option, you should seek legal advice from a seasoned attorney. Some spouses make costly mistakes during their divorce for lack of knowledge or ignorance of the law. It would be the desire of every spouse for their divorce to be uneventful, simple, and affordable. However, many divorcing spouses don’t want to cooperate with their partners to make the process simpler. Couples determined to solve all their differences in private have a shot at an uncontested divorce Florida. Since an amicable divorce is predictable, the divorce attorney often charges a flat fee. As such, the process becomes quick, affordable, and less tiring.

                The Merits of an Uncontested Divorce in Florida


                Before anyone settles for a divorce, it is fundamental to exhaust other avenues of reconciliation. Couples who get divorced in haste without considering the consequences end up regretting the decision. The reasons couples may want to go their...

              • Many people would be surprised to learn that alimony is not just for women in a marriage. Any spouse can request spousal support provided there is evidence of need and an ability to make payment from the other spouse. The alimony concept developed when one spouse would work a day job, and the other took care of the homestead. In such a case, a divorce would leave one spouse without active income and destitute. Today, most spouses earn an income. However, alimony in Florida remains in place to ensure no spouse suffers financially during and after a divorce. There are various categories of spousal support. Spouses have the liberty to discuss the amount, type, and duration of support. If they disagree, the judge intervenes.

                The awarding of Different Types of Alimony in Florida


                The types of alimony in Florida are durational, permanent, temporary, rehabilitative, and bridge-the-gap. Temporary support is for a spouse...

              • The first step towards getting a divorce in Florida is understanding the law. Some couples make costly mistakes because they file divorce petitions out of anger without considering the implications. It is advisable to hire a seasoned and honest attorney to guide you through the process. Your attorney should tell you that Florida divorce laws provide for two categories of divorce. A petitioner can file for an uncontested divorce or a contested divorce. If you want an affordable, quick, and less tiring process, go for an uncontested divorce. For an uncontested divorce to become possible, spouses have to solve all their disputes outside court.

              • Spouses who say they want a Florida simple divorce often mean that they seek a quick and affordable process. Many spouses want to avoid court appearances and protracted divorce processes. They don’t mind revealing their financial status, provided it gets them an affordable, quick, and less tiring divorce. It is worth noting that a simple divorce differs from a simplified divorce. In a simplified divorce situation, both spouses file the petition together. The couples have to appear in court a few times before the marriage gets dissolved. A simple divorce takes place if spouses settle all their disputes outside court. That way, an uncontested divorce becomes possible. Since an amicable process is predictable, the divorce attorney usually charges a flat fee. More often than not, uncontested divorces are affordable and quick.

                The Beauty of a Simple Divorce in Florida


                You can either get a simplified or regular divorce in Florida. Spouses who want a Florida simple divorce have to settle all their differences privately. It is the responsibility of divorcing spouses to determine what type of divorce they want. The...

              • Contrary to what many people believe, alimony is not a reserve for women. Anyone in a marriage can request spousal support provided they can prove a need and an ability to pay. The court evaluates whether the party requesting support is needy and whether the paying spouse has the means to make the payment. Judges have broad discretion when determining the amount, duration, and type of alimony for each case. Anyone can take advantage of Florida alimony laws to ensure they don’t become financially destitute during and after the divorce. The judge considers several factors before determining alimony. They can assess the living standards for the spouse during their marriage, duration of the union, the emotional and physical health of the spouse, etc.

                Understanding Alimony in the State of Florida


                Alimony is a payment ordered by the court from one spouse to another during and after the divorce. Since Florida alimony laws don’t prescri...

              • Compliance with the law is non-negotiable during a divorce. For any couple to become eligible for a divorce in Florida, they have to be legally married. The marriage should also get irretrievably broken. Couples can only get divorced in Florida if they satisfy every legal requirement, including the duration of stay. The reason for divorce laws in Florida is to deliver justice for both spouses during and after the divorce. When couples exchange vows, it is for better or for worse. Often, spouses are determined to work on their marriages through the hard times. However, a time may come when a marriage becomes intolerable. Issues like domestic violence, infidelity, substance abuse, insanity, toxicity, etc., may necessitate a divorce. Other issues, such as financial disagreements and lack of intimacy, can get solved with expert assistance.

              • Divorcing couples should familiarize themselves with divorce laws Florida. If you initiate the divorce process without considering your options wisely, you might end up extinguishing your savings and income. Since divorce laws are complicated for many, hiring a seasoned and family-oriented attorney is advisable. Your attorney should educate you on your divorce options. Often, spouses abhor a costly or protracted divorce process. However, some spouses have no control over their emotions. They are determined to frustrate the divorce process for no apparent reason. An emotionally charged divorce is often costly and lengthy. A diligent divorce attorney should enlighten you on the merits of amicability.

                How to Use Florida Divorce Laws to Your Advantage?


                Every divorcing couple has to comply with divorce laws Florida. Spouses have to be domiciled in Florida for a given duration to become eligible for divorce in Florida. Spouses have to be legally married to get divorced. Furthermore, the marriage...

              • There are two types of divorces in Florida. You can pursue a Florida uncontested divorce or a contested divorce. Uncontested divorces take place if both spouses agree on all matters. After the divorcing couples settle all their issues, they come up with a settlement agreement. It is fundamental to have the final settlement agreement reviewed by a qualified and diligent divorce attorney to ascertain there aren't any costly mistakes. The beauty of an amicable divorce process is that it takes a short time in comparison to a contested divorce. Since the process is predictable, divorce attorneys usually charge flat fees. If you want your divorce to be quick, cheap, and less tiring, go for an uncontested process. Unfortunately, some couples cannot stop fighting during the process.

                The Merits of an Uncontested Divorce in Florida


                There are many reasons why spouses should stay put and fight for their marriages. When challenging times come, some couples give up easily, ...

              • For anyone to get successfully divorced in the state of Florida, they have to comply with the law. It may be hard for many to comprehend and adhere to divorce law in Florida. That is why the services of an experienced and licensed divorce attorney are fundamental. There are two categories of divorce in Florida. You can choose an uncontested or a contested divorce process. First and foremost, a divorce can only take place if the parties involved are legally married. Secondly, there have to be reasonable grounds for the divorce. You cannot file for divorce on the ground of flimsy reasons. Divorcing spouses should know their options and the legal requirements.

              • A couple should be legally married before filing for a divorce. You can only start the process of getting divorced in Florida if your marriage has become irretrievably broken. Divorcing partners have to choose the type of divorce they want. If they cannot agree on some or all issues, they can only get a contested divorce. Those who suppress their negative emotions and make compromises are likely to settle all disputes outside of court. An uncontested divorce is only possible if spouses solve every issue. You are required to comply with divorce laws Florida before becoming eligible to get divorced in the state. Spouses can differ on several areas during a divorce, including spousal support, debts, assets, insurance, timesharing, etc. To speed up the divorce process and save on costs, you should consider an amicable divorce.

                The Implications of Divorce Laws in Florida to Married Couples


                There are many divorce laws Florida for spouses who want to go their separate ways. To succeed in your divorce petition, you should seek advice from a licensed and reputable attorney. They ought to enlighten you on the merits of every type of...

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