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              While upgrading your old lights to LEDs, we make sure the process goes through the steps listed below. All our projects are unique and adaptable in nature to meet your varying energy needs. We offer free on-site assessment and free product trials.

              The LED lighting upgrade process includes the following steps. The process initiates as soon as you make an inquiry.

            • Get your halogen shoplights replaced with LED shoplights today and save thousands on your power bills.

            • Under the state-operated Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program, formerly known as the VEET (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target) scheme, businesses are eligible for huge rebates when they upgrade to LED lights.

            • LED lights use only 15% of the total energy consumed by a standard halogen bulb, and provide up to 85% better light output. And because they produce no heat, they reduce cooling expenses.

              Reduced Energy Bills

              Switch to LED Lights in Victoria | Enjoy Endless Benefits


              Here’s why it makes sense to say goodbye to incandescent, CFL, halogen bulbs and switch to LED Lights. We can’t emphasize it enough that the benefits of replacing incandescent, CFL, and halogen bulbs ...



              Our sun based vitality items for your home, office or some other area help in diminishing power bills (or totally dispense with them) by introducing cutting edge sun oriented force items.

            • Successful retail store lighting creates spectacular spaces that inspire customers to purchase merchandise. Lighting should attract customers to the stock up and keep the same image of the store.

              Retail Store LED lighting - Ecofin Solutions - Medium


              Successful retail store lighting creates spectacular spaces that inspire customers to purchase merchandise. Lighting should attract customers to the stock up and keep the same image of the store…

            • We displace halogen and fluoros in retail locations with energy proficient LED lights under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program (in the past known as VEET Scheme). VEU is a short form for the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.


              Directed by the ESC (Essential Services Commission), the VEU curriculum helps Victorians organizations, little and massive, diminish their electricity bills.

              Energy efficient

              Cost-adequacy is constantly an important worry for all retail location proprietors. Vitality viability is the measure of noticeable light produced (lumens) separated by the measure of intensity (Watts). On the off chance that a light is producing 400 lumens and utilizing four watts of intensity (400/4) has an effectiveness of 40 lumens for each watt.

            • Energy efficiency and correlated color temperature (CCT) should be deciding factors when choosing retail store lighting.

            • LED retail store lights are being installed under the Government scheme. You can make the most out of it as it makes energy usage very affordable. LED lights are extremely energy efficient and you will be saving 80 percent on your energy bills.

              LED lights have the longer life span than halogen or any other old school lighting.LED lights work for at least 50,000, on the side halogen bulbs end up around 8,000 hours.


              LED Lights

              Driven lights can be utilized in any or all zones of the retail store as LEDs are the most adaptable and vitality dynamic lighting elective. While shading rendering abilities of LED lights may not be so immaculate as incandescent lamp, LED lights are good with all areas of a retail location. Despite somewhat higher forthright cost, LED lighting pays for itself through high vitality reserve funds and no upkeep cost.

              LED Lights vs Fluorescent Tubes

              Albeit any lighting type comes helpful in an enormous retail space, storekeepers can see substantial points of interest utilizing LED lights. Driven lights are more splendid, more vitality effective, littler and enlighten focused on territories—the entirety of the highlights you requirement for retail location lighting. Fluorescence tubes are extraordinary for general lighting however LED lights are more qualified for highlight lighting. Many retail locations blend LED downlights and tubes/boards to get the best lighting.

            • Common lighting and surrounding lighting, for instance, downlights and spotlights make route around the store gainful for clients. Driven lights can express miscellaneous shading temperatures and you can make a cool, warm and close climate in your retail store.


              Be mindful about the shading temperature and the CRI of the store lights:Changing areas ought to have warm lights with the purpose that customers have the option of exchanging between the shading temperature minor or higher. This allows the client to recognize what an outfit resembles inside in imitation light and outside in normal daylight. For shops that need genuine environment rendering, including garments stores and craftsmanship exhibition stores, high shading rendering lights are basic.

              Halogens and Incandescent lights:On the off chance that you are utilizing halogen/Incandescent lights, be watchful and ensure that the disseminating warmth isn't getting jammed in the lighting installations. Halogen and radiant illumination create enormous heat. In case you're utilizing these kinds of lights, be certain they're not all that near make your clients awkward or blur your items.

            •  We are helping you to receive rebates or discounts through businesses accredited under the program (Accredited Providers) by installing energy-efficient lighting.

            • With energy-saving LED high bay lights that are heavily subsidized & even free, you can add aesthetic charm to the interior while cutting the energy bills & illuminating your commercial space.

              • ecofinsolutionsforu
                Retail Stores LED Replacement
                Retail store lighting can influence a customer’s mood and buying decision, it becomes crucial that you choose the right lighting for your store. New research by a Dutch retail company Plus has shown that lighting can potentially help guide customers...
              • Since retail store lighting can influence a customer’s mood and buying decision, it becomes crucial that you choose the right lighting for your store. 

              • We replace old undercover car park lights (fluorescent tubes) with energy-efficient LED tubes under the VEU government program

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