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        • Internet of Things is the talk of the town these days and is popular at workplaces as well as at home. IoT as it is popularly known has impacted on how we live and work. It has changed the way things work. It has enhanced the workplace and business processes to be more productive and efficient. At a work environment, IoT has brought a great revolution and changed the way we live by saving time and resources and creating opportunities for innovation and growth. It connects the real world to the internet by a simple on/off switch and allows connection of the physical world to remote sensor data from a distance. It is an embedded system that is connected to the internet. It includes everything from cars, watches, refrigerators, machines to rockets and almost all other devices and machines one can think of.

          IoT is continuously transforming the world we live and work in. Digitalization has invaded the workplace and provides customized solutions for improving products and services to deliver a better customer experience. Internet of Things and Digitalization goes hand in hand. It allows industries to develop and deliver better solutions.  IoT has already invaded the workplace in the form of security systems and attendance systems. Moreover, some workplace buildings have been equipped with temperature controllers and lighting systems that operate automatically on the number of people in a room at a given time. These smart energy distributors save a lot of energy by working autonomously. Small businesses are installing smart devices and machines hooked up to the internet to upgrade their performance. The prime challenge and threat that organizations face with such a system is that of security. As everything is connected to the internet, there is the threat of hackers and potential thieves to invade the data shared.  Small and mid-sized businesses need to take utmost care in deciding methods they are going to use to secure their data.

          Industries and factories today have sensor-equipped machines that notify the workers about any problem as soon as it is detected. Surveillance systems at a workplace are upgraded and connected to locks and cameras for safety and better security. IoT also allows inventory to be tracked easily in real time. It notifies the users when a machine is going to breakdown so that it can be taken out of production for repair without hampering the work of other connected machines. This system keeps a constant check for businesses to work without stopping the operations when there is some interruption in the system. This prevents the company from losing a lot of time and money.

          IoT allows multiple numbers of unconnected systems to connect to its end-to-end solutions thereby integrating these systems and enabling them to connect and exchange data amongst each other to make informed decisions. By connecting more devices together, industries will be able to work in an integrated manner and bring more efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.

          • Deepa Ranganathan

            Cloud computing and big data have individually evolved as custom software. They are two of the most advanced technologies in the recent years. Cloud computing is a system in which a series of hardware and software can be accessed through any web browser. There is no need of using hard drives to store data as files and software are shared to multiple users and is centralized remotely. Big Data is all about the practice of handling data sets that are so large for the conventional database management systems to handle efficiently. It extracts value out of "Variety, Velocity and Volume" (3V) from the Information Assets available.

            Cloud and Big Data when combined together can be used very effectively. Though both are complementary to each other, they have an inherent connection. This combination has become popular among the technical users. They together provide a scalable and cost effective support to business analytics. New perception shows that all the midsize businesses that are serious about increasing its big data initiative needs to use the cloud. Big data is all about getting all kinds of useful data and cloud computing is what is given to the end user out of the collected data.

            Big Data includes datasets that are not easy to capture, assist, manage, and process within a bearable elapsed time as their sizes are beyond the capability of commonly used software tools. Cloud computing provides storing, networking and computing for multiple users to use data whenever needed. Both Cloud and Big Data is about delivering value to enterprise by lowering the cost down and bringing VALUE to enterprise. These solutions when used together simplify the whole process, thereby being widely used by enterprises. When the employees of an enterprise have easier access to the data, cloud and big data together helps. Big Data in Cloud provide services like customer relationship management, human capital management, enterprise resource planning and other mission-critical apps which makes the combination beneficial. This combination is scalable and elastic.

            While big data is an inevitable phenomenon of the rapid development of the information society, cloud computing is trending widely in technology development. Cloud computing technologies help in solving big data problems. Enterprises that support internal private cloud environment can use a cloud service provider and add big data analytics to their in-house offerings. The rapid increase in big data is a serious problem that is encountered during development and using cloud computing is the ultimate solution. Cloud and Big Data brings in data security and privacy concerns. These solutions when combined let enterprise in building elastic and scalable private cloud solutions.

            Hence, in an organization, the combination helps in letting the employees and users access only the data that is relevant to them. There may be different kind of data and a particular user may not need a particular data. As a cloud provider, the organization has all the data and the employee or end user chooses the useful data from the wide database in the cloud. This is why the combination of Big Data in Cloud Is widely used by enterprises today.

            • Deepa Ranganathan


              With a high demand of tools to easily develop and design web applications, choosing the best solution is not an easy task. While there are a wide range of tools and frameworks available to develop applications, using a solution that lets developers use it for multiple tasks is a benefit. SharePoint is one such tool. It is not just a web application framework, but a platform for several kinds of programs. It is a back-end system used by organizations to keep the employees’ PCs and mobile devices connected; thereby letting them communicate and synchronize. It lets employees to work in coordination.

              SharePoint web development is a leading web application platform in the Microsoft Office server suite. It includes basic collaboration features like workflows, calendars, libraries, etc. This solution can be used by organizations as well as individuals to create websites. Apart from creating websites, it can be used as a secure place to share, store, access and organize information. This can be easily done from any device by using a web browser. This framework simplifies the task of sharing information. The first version of SharePoint was developed in 2001 and it has continuously evolved and upgraded with time. SharePoint has evolved as a tool that lets solutions that are out of the box. It provides multiple services making it stand out of rest of the web application frameworks.

              As a website Content Management System (CMS), SharePoint allows users to sign in and make changes to the web pages by updating information, adding texts or graphics, and creating new pages. Though the basic use of this framework is to create websites, this solution is used in performing multiple tasks in organizations. SharePoint keeps all the employees in an organization on the same page. The solution is used as intranet in organizations to allow access to everyone in the company to know about the ongoing projects and other activities of the company. SharePoint can also be used as extranet to set up a project outside businesses. One can provide the outsiders with access to all the information they may need from the company using this feature. It serves as a solution to store documents. The documents stored on SharePoint can be accessed by the employees in the company according to the accessibility of the documents set by the administrator.  One can sign in to SharePoint from any mobile device or PC and can constantly keep a track on information on client histories, project statuses, locations and schedules of coworkers, and other information related to projects. This solution makes it easy for the user to search through all the files and database of the company, thereby allowing easy access to data.

              With continuous upgradation and addition of features and services in SharePoint, it works as a great tool in organizations to carry out various tasks making it an easy tool to manage tasks. All these features make the SharePoint Web Development tool a divergent and effective one.

              • Deepa Ranganathan

                Drupal has been a superior website framework which has gained adaption globally. It is used as a backend framework for web content management of major websites worldwide these days. It is a user friendly system that allows even the non-technical users to work with the content without having much knowledge about website development. Drupal has evolved as a more flexible and better tool to design websites as compared to other content management framework tools.

                Drupal has got Drupal 7.x and the latest Drupal 8 versions that lets developers develop services. The 7.x version has proved to be a trustworthy and easy tool. Though being a good CMS, it has got some limitations that were taken into consideration while developing the D8 version. D7 has an incomplete API (Application Programming Interface), a lack of separation between the presentation and logic and such drawbacks. It also has got lesser clarity in the separation between the content and configuration of the web content. In spite of creating solutions to overcome these drawbacks, they did not turn out to be sufficient. Considering these hitches, Drupal developed the current version 8.

                The Drupal Development Company has come up with D8 which is the newest version that includes new coding standards, user interfaces and mobile capabilities along with APIs, amongst many other changes. For website builders, D8 will stand more useful and capable than D7 as the modules included in D8 are available as only add-ons for D7. The extra features and modules in D8 include Views module, fields such as Link, E-mail, Telephone Number and Date, etc. Unlike Drupal 7, Drupal 8 has multilingual capabilities, which lets the users translate anything in the system. Drupal 8 is more responsive as compared to the earlier versions of Drupal. Drupal 8 has new features including mobile friendly themes, inline editor, Symfony framework that makes it easy to maintain and reuse, CkEditor for editing web pages, and feature of REST (Representation State Transfer) for creating and updating resources. It has a new PHP based theme engine called Twig, which is secure and fast.  

                Considering the advantageous features of D8, the present D6 and D7 users are migrating to D8. The Drupal 8 includes core modules such as Migrate, Migrate Drupal and Migrate Upgrade to help existing users of Drupal 7 to migrate to Drupal 8. The Migrate module is a base module that lets users create their own custom migrations. The Migrate Drupal helps in migrating content and components like nodes, users, fields and more from Drupal 6 or 7 to Drupal 8. The Migrate Upgrade is a developing module that provides user interface for migration. Other migration tools and plug-ins that make the migration to Drupal 8 smoother include Migrate Plus, Migrate Tools and Migration plug-ins.

                Considering all the above mentioned new features of Drupal 8, it will emerge as a great tool for CMS. It will eventually provide both the developers as well as clients better experience. Taking into account these characteristics as compared to Drupal 6 or 7, it will be less complicated to build, use, migrate and support websites using Drupal 8. Regardless of the features, using the most recent version in the series is highly advisable.

              • Data is getting bigger and better with the day. You have more information than you had a few years back, and the current technology helps you understand and analyze the information. You can say data has gone real big.

                Some of you may ask, wasn’t there data in the past too? Did we not analyze that data, and gather our insights? It’s true! We have been surrounded by data for decades; what has changed is the way we look at data, and analyze it. In the past data was in its first dimension, but today it has altered and moved to the third dimension thus empowering businesses, and changing the way it conducts itself.

                Before we jump into understanding what third dimension of data is, and how it changes everything we have known, let’s try and understand the first dimension.

                Changing Dimension of Data

                Data has been changing its dimension, with respect to the way it is being gathered and analyzed. In the past data was in its first dimension. Based on few demographic parameters and income related data, you could understand the buying intention or behavior of the consumer. For example, if the demography and income of the person was within the threshold defined by the brand, you could be a potential target for the brand. These were the insights which were analyzed by the brand to charge their promotion techniques. This is just one example of one dimension data. This could be extended to other analysis and data gathering methods also.

                With the arrival of digital era, you can see an observed change in the way data was gathered and analyzed. Data was available from the searches and the way the user consumed digital data. This method was based on behavioral targeting, and was more targeted in its nature. This data was a collaboration of offline and online data. For example, if someone visited a particular store, searched for the product/service online, or looked at articles related to the product, they became the potential target for the business. If someone showed interest in the ads related to the brand, they would be targeted by the business. This cookie based advertising could infer intent, but could not infer complete consumer intent.

                In case of first dimensional data, you get data that is over inclusive, while the second dimension data can be under as well as over inclusive. You can miss out on your ideal target with both the data dimensions. That’s why the third dimension of data was introduced, which has revolutionized the whole format.

                IoT & Third Dimension of Data

                The first and second dimension for data is confined in its own way. One reflects on a causal relationship while the other restricts on intent. That’s why there is a need for a third dimension, which has been possible owing to the growth of Internet of Things. The data gathered from man to machine as well as machine to machine interconnectivity will improve the quality of data, and there is indeed a huge amount of data available here. When you are talking about IoT, you are talking about data being made available in real time from the humans and devices, ready for analysis. There was a gap that existed in the first and second dimension of data, which is being filled by the arrival of IoT. The first dimension tells you the person qualified to buy a particular product, while the second dimension talks about the real intent. It is IoT that helps build insights based on the information made available from first and second dimension, to give you your potential target.

                There is a lot of data, which can be used to create user profiles, and IoT will make it possible when it merges with big data. Marketing will become more informed with the insights that have been gathered and the analytics results that are produced as an outcome. This will help business models adapt to the changing business scenario and adopt newer technologies with ease. Semaphore Software with its dedicated team of experts offers Big Data solutions to meet your business needs. Get in touch with us to know more about what we offer.

                • Deepa Ranganathan

                  When the White House decided to develop its website with Drupal, it unintentionally set a trend in the making. Following the White House footsteps, many government websites started considering Drupal for its website. In fact, many large scale enterprises have their websites driven by the Drupal CMS. Drupal is today considered to be a strategic platform for most of the progressive government agencies across the world. So, what brought in this change? What made Drupal the ideal choice for e-Governance.


                  Drupal is an open source platform which can adapt itself to meet the client’s needs. This adaptability helps you develop solutions that can fulfill the objectives that were set when designing the website. For example, you need your government website to be bilingual like the Health Canada Online government portals, then it is possible easily with Drupal. It adjusts to the specific needs, and helps you fulfill the same.

                  Community Support

                  When you are working on a highly functional and feature rich website, Drupal should be your ideal choice. You have a community of talented and experienced developers ready to bail you out of any situation at any given time. You will get solutions to all your problems by mutual consensus from the developer community. This means you don’t have a situation that cannot be handled.

                  User Friendly Interface

                  What you want from your government website is an interface that is user friendly. You should have a portal that can benefit both the government and the end user. Drupal offers to be a flawless and fluidic platform, which helps you develop user friendly and dynamic interface.

                  Security & Scalability

                  Drupal offers maximum security, which makes it a rock solid platform for your website. Security along with scalability is a necessity for government websites. With the rich features and functionality available with Drupal, you can create highly functional websites for the government needs. The modules that you get to develop with Drupal are future proof. So, in case you want to add a module or two in the future, you can do so easily with Drupal.

                  For a government website, security is something that can’t be compromised upon. This platform offers the highest level of security, which keeps all information and transactions private.

                  So, with this open source platform, you not only get security but also can offer user friendly designs and functionality to get more conversions. Semaphore Software is a Drupal Development Company with a team of strong and highly experienced Drupal Developers. We have a rich portfolio of Drupal websites suited to meet your goals. Get in touch with us with your idea for a highly functional website.  

                  • Deepa Ranganathan

                    Cloud has unleashed the potential of small businesses by offering them with the capabilities which till date were reserved for big businesses, owing to their high costs. With just an internet connection, the small businesses can tap into a whole world of software and services. They have access to utility services; getting access to data backup and other services just requires joining the cloud.

                    How does cloud help your business further? Here are six ways in which the cloud unleashes the potential of your business


                    Enhanced Collaborated Environment

                    With the cloud, small companies can afford remote employees. The reason being cloud based programs can be easily accessed anytime anywhere by any device, which gets connected to the cloud. Remote operations are critical towards the productivity of your company. With the cloud based programs, collaboration improves, and the employees located across the different parts of the world can communicate and stay collaborated. Impromptu meetings and other communications are possible with cloud.


                    Scaling the Growth

                    When you work with cloud resources, you will find that they are highly scalable and flexible. When you want to predict the resources needed as your business grows, it becomes quite challenging. But, with cloud resources you can avoid the prediction part. You just need to utilize the existing resources, taking care that you don’t overuse the resource, or go overboard with your budget. Instead of predicting the needs, with cloud resources you react to the needs, which helps manage the growth of your organization with efficiency.


                    Reduced Costs

                    With cloud based services, you can easily reduce the costs that you may have to deal with related to server maintenance, power/cooling costs, software license etc. You reduce the costs of the company by a good percentage; in fact hardware costs are relatively reduced, as you don’t really use a lot of hardware anymore. So, basically you can use the saved money towards more productive affairs

                    Secure Methods for Data Backup

                    Do you have the resources that can enable a backup strategy required for your data? With cloud based programs, you can backup your data automatically to the cloud, and retrieve the data whenever there is a on-site system failure or some disaster on your site. With the cloud services, your data is backed up in a secure place, and can be retrieved whenever you need it within minutes.


                    Reliable Services

                    The cloud based services are more reliable compared to the on-site services, especially when the hardware is aging. The cloud service providers have a dedicated IT staff, which means if you face any issues they would solve it faster and in an efficient manner.



                    Managing the existing resources and reacting to the changing resource needs is easier with cloud based programs. Cloud programs are reliable and secure, and what more you can access any program from anywhere at your convenience. For Cloud Based Solutions, you can connect with Semaphore Software, and unleash the potential of their experience and expertise.

                    • Deepa Ranganathan

                      If you are planning on storing user specific information in ASP.Net, then you need to use the session objects. You might want to get all the values that you have stored in a particular session object. Let’s say there are three page.aspx, and you are storing values in each of these pages. Let’s say one of the page.aspx is used to print the session keys with its values.

                      You need to understand the process to retrieve the session values in ASP.Net

                      Let’s first check the individual pages

                      In this Page1.aspx.cs, you will store one value ID for the session

                      Session["Id"] = "1";

                      Similarly, in Page2.aspx.cs

                      Session["Name"] = "XYZ"; 

                      In, Page3.aspx.cs, you will retrieve the values that you have stored in the preceding pages.

                      You have three methods of retrieving the session values when you are dealing with ASP.Net. Here we will discuss each of the methods, and then zero down on the output

                      Method One

                      In this method, you will be looping the session.contents in order to get the keys used in the session. Using these keys, you will be able to retrieve the session values

                      protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)   


                          foreach(string key in Session.Contents)    


                              string value = "Key: " + key +", Value: " + Session[key].ToString();   





                      Method Two

                      In this method, you will first count the number of keys present in the current session object. Once, you have the number in hand, you will be able to retrieve the value

                      protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)   


                          for (int i = 0; i < Session.Count; i++)   


                              string value = "Key: " + Session.Keys[i] +

                              ", Value: " + Session[Session.Keys[i]].ToString();   





                      Method 3

                      Here, you will directly loop the session that returns the key, and use it to retrieve the session values

                      protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)   


                          foreach (string s in Session)   


                              string value = "Key: " + s + ", Value: " + Session[s].ToString();   





                      The Output: Retrieval of Values

                      “Key:Name, Value:XYZ”

                      This value is retrieved using either of the three methods specified above



                      Retrieving the session values is easy if you use one of the three methods specified here. Of course, you will need to ensure you use the code properly. Hire ASP.Net Developers to ensure that the coding is done without any errors, so that the output retrieved is exactly what you want.

                    • While mobile-first approach seems to be gaining attention especially in the consumer arena, enterprises have still not started with formulizing a strategy for their mobile apps. Many enterprises are still trying to figure out if they need an app, and which platform should they develop the app on.

                      There are obvious concerns that restrict the enterprises from going ahead with app development. Many enterprises have stated security and authentication as the sole reasons why they have still not considered mobile app development. Few others have cited backend integration difficulties and cost of developing an enterprise mobile app as the specific reasons.

                      Like in every other case, there are some myths surrounding enterprise app development too. Here are five myths that most enterprises have pin pointed, and here are some mitigations offered to get rid of the myths.

                      Time Consuming

                      A common myth that holds strong among most enterprises is that the turn-around time, and the time to market in turn is quite large for enterprise app development. Most enterprises believe that the enterprise app development takes close to a year to complete the development and launch. Many organizations require anywhere from 10 to 100 apps for the different sectors of their organization, and this time specified for development can act as a restriction for their developmental activities. Well, as mentioned earlier this is a myth. It takes anywhere between 60-90 days to develop the perfect enterprise mobile app that suits your business requirements, and assures to further your business along the right path.

                      Complexities Involved in Data Accessibility

                      When it comes to accessing the data, enterprises have invested heavily in legacy systems like ERP. Now, when you develop an enterprise mobile app, you will need to integrate the app with tehse systems so as to make data accessible. Most enterprises feel this is a complex task, and tend to avoid developing an app. On the contrary, integrating the app with the legacy systems is not only easy but also pretty convenient. You will need to use enterprise grade mobile backend as a service which will resolve the API infrastructure issue, and reduce the complexities involved in accessing the database and resolve all issues related to data fetching.

                      Developers Need to Stay Updated on Platforms and Coding Languages

                      It is not necessary for a mobile app developer to stay abreast on the latest frameworks or platforms, and the entirety of new coding languages. This can become tedious for the developer, and they may not be able to devise the perfect app, as required by the business. Instead of going through the tedious task of learning the varied coding languages, and developing an app, developers can implement the bring your own toolkit approach, and define their mobile app. This way they can easily develop an app, and make the enterprise mobile fit.

                      Enterprise Apps are Heavy

                      If you have created a good mobile app, you will be able to retrieve large data sets from the backend, and transfer only the required data to the handset, thus reducing the overall load on the handset. The size of the data being transferred for a particular session should be less than 1 MB in case of an enterprise mobile app.


                      Enterprise mobile apps will give the mobile-first approach to your enterprise, and help further your business. It is important to resolve all the myths, and create an app that will fit your enterprise in every way. Hire Mobile App Developers to ensure a good mobile app is developed for your business, which will essentially improve the ROI.

                      • Deepa Ranganathan

                        Internet of Things is the new horizon for the developers. It poses an island of opportunities to develop apps that will connect multitude of devices and offer real time information. IoT and M2M is the ideal collaboration that apps need to understand, and stand for. Drag and drop options are being developed to build apps for IoT. But, when you get started with developing apps for IoT, you are not just developing apps or using tools for the creation, but you need to offer solutions by connecting several platforms. Here we offer a few tips that will help you develop IoT apps.

                        Embedded Systems & Modern Languages
                        When you are talking about IoT, you are actually talking about embedded systems. Most of the developers concentrate on using C or C++. But, the embedded systems have a different requirement, which can be fulfilled by using modern languages. To develop IoT apps, developers should be fluent with modern languages like Nim, Go and Rust.

                        Flexibility of Open Standards
                        When you are developing IoT apps, you need to use open standards. You will be developing apps that will be adopted by a variety of devices that are set to work in harmony, connected to each other. You should use open standards like Domain Name System (DNS), which runs the internet, offers open communication, and delivers the larger vision. DNS connects the different devices into networks, thus offering a greater value.

                        Flexibility in Hardware
                        Don't stereotype your hardware requirements. If you need a particular hardware, don't compromise. It is always good to be flexible with your hardware requirements, as that will help you create the ideal IoT app.

                        Embrace the Limitations
                        Earlier, IoT applications were designed in a way that they could control everything, specifically for home applications. This failed to appeal the consumer, and make them use it. This limitation was accepted, and the later apps were defined for a specific niche. You should not develop something that attempts to do everything, but try to create apps that are targeted to a niche.

                        Partner with Existing Developer/Creator
                        If you are a business aiming to develop an IoT app, then it is better to partner with someone who is already a part of this business. You will be guided on your development path, and your investment will not be too high in this case. This will work profitable for you, as you are just stepping in this field for the first time, and it requires an understanding of interconnected devices, and a certain investment.

                        Know the Use
                        It is natural to get an idea about the IoT app that you are planning to develop. But, is the idea going to be useful to the end consumer? Will the idea prove to be reliable and worth the investment? Firstly, you need to work out the idea, before you can begin executing it. You need to understand the practical development of the idea, and how it will be used. Once, you are sure of the answers, you can get started with the development course.

                        The Right Tool
                        You won't be able to develop from the scratch, or work every aspect of the IoT application you are planning on developing. The best way to go about it is to choose the right tool, which will help you execute the app as you want to. Choose reference designs that match your requirement to pace up the process, and improve productivity. You will have chipset integrations readily available. With such references, you can easily deliver experiential products.


                        With these tips, developers can simplify the whole process of developing IoT apps. You can choose to work on excellent products that will deliver incredible user experience with these tips. Semaphore Software has experience and expertise in offering IoT solutions to match your needs. Our IoT solutions match your business requirements and end product goals.

                        • Deepa Ranganathan

                          Mobile application development is a complex and complicated process, specifically from the development cycle perspective. Yes, you can easily put together the different pages, put up an interactive interface, and define intuitiveness. But, that’s not the end of the mobile app development process. Your app development begins after you have created one. You need to test, upload it to the store, upgrade and update it at regular intervals, and offer error free versions. Now, that’s called something tough! Well, not an impossible task. Sit back, and sip on your cuppa while we define how you can achieve this task easily.

                          When you consider developing a mobile app, you need to consider the complexities associated with it. It is not just about developing, but also about constantly working on it.

                          • Mobile app development faces restrictions related to size of the app
                          • Your user should be able to download the app quickly
                          • The application updates should be possible in a quick and smooth manner
                          • It should be error free and fast, which simply means testing should be perfect
                          • Your app should seamlessly interact with the backend server

                          Now, that you are aware of the app development process and difficulties, you should identify how agile development can help your app. For this, you need to know what exactly agile development is.

                          Agile Development: Brief Overview
                          What is the agile principle, when it comes to developing mobile apps? Agile or agility is referred to quick and easy movements. It is a project management technique which helps divide the tasks into short development periods, thus getting them done quickly, and testing it with perfection. Agility can help you breakdown a complex task into many simple and efficient tasks.

                          Agile Methodology for Mobile App Development
                          With agile methodology, you can breakdown the different steps that are a part of the mobile app development process into smaller parts. This will transform the complex process into simpler steps. You can design and develop your app, and proceed with the updates easily.

                          The demand for agile methodology is highest when it comes to testing an app for its working. You can go for pair development as well as pair testing with the agile methodology. You can have team co-location, which means you can have designers, developers and testers in the same room to have a cooperated designing and testing environment. You can prioritize the tasks, including regression testing with this methodology.

                          With the short breakups, you can easily develop part of the app, test it, fix the discrepancies, and then develop the remaining parts reiterating the process. This gives you the perfect dominance in the app development process.

                          • Deepa Ranganathan

                            Many small businesses are known to outsource most verticals of their business specifically human resources and information technology. While, this is an excellent way of cutting down on the costs, is it the only reason for outsourcing? What are the benefits that companies derive from outsourcing is another question that deserves an answer. Let's take a quick look at the why before going into the benefits and issues associated with information technology outsourcing specifically.

                            Top Reasons for Outsourcing

                            Reduce Operating Costs: One of the major reasons associated with outsourcing would be reduction in hiring and operating costs. When you hire an employee, you need to include costs related to that employee which include training costs, health insurance costs, taxes and retirement plans. With outsourcing you can negate these costs

                            Increase the Company Focus: With outsourcing, you can focus on the core competencies. This will help further your business, and direct it in a better way

                            In-Depth Knowledge and Expertise: You gain access to in-depth knowledge and expertise related to the IT field if you outsource. Now, you have a collective knowledge base which you can utilize to further your business

                            Availability of Internal Resources: If you have outsourced the IT vertical, then you can utilize the available internal resources for functions that help grow and develop your business. You should ideally utilize this opportunity to develop your brand and product frame

                            Invest Capital Funds on Core Functions: When you outsource the non-core verticals of your business, you make funds available for the core functions that matter to your firm the most. You can now spend on some of the core functions

                            Risk Reduction: If you were to handle this vertical internally, you may not indulge in all the best practices. When you outsource it to the right people, they know how to function and will ensure you don't have to invest a lot of time or money

                            Risks Involved
                            There are certainly risks involved when you are transferring a whole vertical to someone else. You need to figure out if you have hired the right person or not. You will need to ensure that you have made the right decision, in terms of expertise and budget. Here are some of the risks that are typically involved with IT outsourcing

                            Not Easy to Outsource: All IT functions affect the organization as a whole. There are simple functions as well as complex and complicated functions involved. You need to make sure you can outsource all the functions, and the company to which you outsource is capable enough to handle them all in a well defined manner

                            No Control: Among the many concerns that is derived with IT outsourcing, one of it would be data and disaster recovery. The other would be control on the different aspects of outsourcing. You will need to hire a person from the organization to manage the outsourcing affairs

                            No Documentation: Let's say the person to whom you have outsourced your IT functions does nto document their work. What will happen in that case? You are “locked in” with the vendor. You don't know anything about the system or the network, and you cannot move out now.

                            Benefits Associated with Outsourcing
                            Here are some of the benefits associated with outsourcing IT as a vertical.

                            Access to Current Technologies: It is important to be able to access the current and new technologies. It is impossible for a single person to keep up with the ever changing technology. So, outsourcing would give you this accessibility, as it is the core competency of the company to which you have outsourced your IT

                            Improved Staff Quality: You get high quality developers and staff who have IT as their core competency. This will help you gain from their experience and expertise, and further your business in the right perspective

                            Flexibility: When you outsource, you gain access to flexibility in terms of resources

                            Cost Savings: That is the most important benefit that benefit that you may acquire from outsourcing. You can go for bulk purchasing or even leasing options for hardware and software thus saving costs. The overhead costs are considerably reduced in this process.


                            While there are risks associated with outsourcing, it is definitely beneficial for those companies where IT is not core strength. Outsourcing works for small and medium businesses, where budget is a main constraint in hiring resources. Semaphore Software offers offshore development services, and has considerable expertise and experience in meeting your IT needs.

                            • Deepa Ranganathan

                              JQuery, a popular open source JavaScript library, is CSS3 compliant. With JQuery, you can easily maneuver the DOM elements in your web page. Basically, it allows you to add/delete DOM elements to your HTML based content.

                              If you want to manipulate the DOM elements using JQuery and Visual Studio, you basically need to install the following tools to your system

                              • Visual Studio 2008 and 2008 SP1
                              • JQuery Library
                              • The VS 2008 JQuery Plugin

                              Let's see how to manipulate the elements using jQuery plugin

                              Manipulating the DOM Elements
                              You simply need a few CSS classes to begin the manipulation process. Use the following code to add a CSS class to the DOM element


                              You can use the following code to remove a CSS class associated with a DOM element


                              With the following code, you can easily check if a CSS class is bound to a DOM element


                              To know if an element exists, use the length property through the following code

                              if ($('Image1').length)
                              alert("Image object not found");

                              Making it simpler, is the following code

                              if ($("#Image1").length)
                              alert("Not found");

                              Here is a code if you want to set values to the various CSS attributes. An example of color as the attribute is being considered here


                              Here is the code to retrieve an element's property


                              In JQuery the.append() and .appendTo() work in pretty much the same way; they differ only in their syntax

                              <div class="test">
                              <div class="first">Hello</div>
                              <div class="last">World</div>
                              If you use AppendTo () the code transforms as follows
                              $('<p>This is a sample text</p>').appendTo('.first');
                              Let's have a look at the final HTML code
                              <div class="test">
                              <div class="first">
                              <p>This is a sample text</p>
                              <div class="last">
                              <p>This is a sample text</p>


                              Deepa is a passionate blogger associated with Semaphore Software. She loves sharing information regarding tips & tricks. If you are looking for hire developers India then just get in touch with her.

                              • Deepa Ranganathan
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                                If you have a small scale business or you own a startup, you as the entrepreneur don too many hats simultaneously. Multitasking is definitely going to take its toll on your business and its profitability. You are supposed to be the entrepreneur, the strategist, the planner and also the person responsible for execution. If you want to increase your team or the facilities, you need to start thinking in terms of finances. This is not supposed to make you happy, as you are starting out, and don't possess the kind of budget to expand your team or have a lot of resources required to set out.

                                Information technology in this digitized world is definitely necessary to make your business profitable, and that means expense. As a small business, or a startup you can think of outsourcing the IT requirements so that you can lead your business towards profitability. Here are 5 reasons you should embrace outsourcing for your business.

                                Gives Time to Strategize Your Business Better
                                Most entrepreneurs believe they can accomplish all tasks, and continue multitasking. But, the growth in your business is pretty slow, and can eventually stagnate the whole growth process. By outsourcing IT, you don't need to worry about that aspect of your business. This could give you a whole deal of time to think on improving your products, and strategize your business in a better way. With a good strategy, ideal resources and better products, you will be able to achieve better growth.

                                Hire Qualified Experts for the Tasks
                                By outsourcing IT you are actually outsourcing a specialized knowledge domain. You can get qualified experts to perform the task for you, who can obviously deliver higher value to your business. You may not get the right talent if you plan to have the resources in your company. Outsourcing is not only a good way to save money, but also an efficient solution to getting the right services and solutions.

                                Access to Infrastructure without Investment
                                If you are planning to host IT in-house, you may need to invest in the infrastructure, which could prove to be expensive. With outsourcing, you have a chance to get access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, without actually investing in it. The right software programs, computers, and other necessary infrastructure will be the expense head of the company which facilitates the outsourcing. Isn't that a great way of gaining access to the right machines and resources?

                                Your Business will be Re-engineered
                                Businesses need to identify opportunities, and constantly strive to improve their processes. If a single essential element is outsourced, and expert hands work on it, then it would do good for the businesses to concentrate on reengineering their processes and systems such that they are able to generate better profits. By outsourcing IT, businesses strive to become more efficient.

                                Saves a Lot of Money
                                When you are a startup, investing a lot of money is hardly your cup of tea. But, if you can get excellent services at a budgeted price, you can easily adopt such technologies. Just when money matters a lot to you, you can intend of saving a whole load of your finances by outsourcing IT.


                                When you are a small business, or you are just starting out, then your main aim is to make your business grow, and attain profitable standards. IT helps you make your business more efficient. By outsourcing this skilled domain to experts, you enable your business to grow and strategize better. Hire offshore development company to outsource your IT needs.


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                                  With mobilegeddon out in the open, you need to design your website in a more responsive and mobilegeddon friendly format. This will help you get connected with the mobile friendly customers, and improve the conversions.

                                  While it is important to make your website mobile friendly, it is also important ensure it fulfills the business requirement at all points. You have two options in this case to make your site more mobile friendly. You can either retrofit the existing desktop sites into a more mobile suited site. If this does not work for you, then you can recreate the whole website in a more mobile suited form.

                                  Here are four tips that will help you kickstart your design towards a more mobilegeddon and responsive form.

                                  Google's Version of Mobile Friendly
                                  You will need to first understand what Google means by a mobile friendly site. The meta tags, touch features, and the device detection function all indicate Google's mobile friendly thoughts. You can check your site for mobile friendliness using the mobile friendly test tool. Google checks your site for being mobile suited on a page by page basis. You need to rework the pages that you feel need to be made retrofit for a mobile. Optimize those pages first which are targeted by searches. You will need to reindex the pages at the earliest. Once you have conducted this alteration, you will see Google rewarding you with better rankings and a more mobile friendly callout as soon as it can.

                                  User Experience: An Important Consideration
                                  It's not about getting your content on the mobile screen; it is also about making the experience count for the users. You need to ensure that the whole loading process is as fast paced as possible. The asset file sizes matter a lot especially when you are redesigning the website to make it more mobile friendly. You need to ensure that your site is easy to navigate and possesses an intuitive interface.

                                  What Your Users Want?
                                  You need to understand what your users want from a mobile friendly site. You need to work on keywords and other details needed to make a mobile friendly site more user friendly. Get started with a quick build stationed on the go features which will definitely reel into the user experience. You will need to plan according to a multi device world.

                                  Testing the Mobile Experience
                                  It is important to test your mobilegeddon inspired website to ensure you have created something that can cater to the user needs. You need to test it in the simulation mode and look out for errors. The navigation and ease of use should be the targets of your test.

                                  Deepa is a passionate blogger associated with Semaphore Software. A leading mobile app development company. She loves sharing information regarding android app. If you are looking for Hire mobile developers then just get in touch with her.

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