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          • Using invoice management software for digitally handling business invoices is a good option. The digital invoice makes the billing and payment process fast and easy to get more business benefits. With AP automation software, the need for manual invoice processing gets eliminated. The account payable software helps in the growth of the company as it will decrease the error rates, and you will get your payments on time. There are several business benefits of using an AP automation system for accepting online payments. Today, we will discuss the business benefits of using the best online invoicing software for accepting online payments.

            Instant Payments: All of us want instant payments from our clients after completing the work given by them. Account payable software helps you in getting instant work-payment from your clients. You can send payment reminders to your clients if they forget or late for paying their dues. Your clients will get the ease of paying the payments by sitting comfortably at their home.

            Invoice Management Software With Quick & Easy Setup: Setting up invoice software for online payment is an easy and quick approach that any small or big organization can use. AP automation software is not difficult to install and easy to use. The employees do not need any special training for operating the online invoicing software. You can find several service providers for installing the best AP software with zero installation fees and includes a few transactional rates.

            Several Payments Modes For Clients: The best online invoice management software provides several payment modes to their customers or clients. You can get all the payment methods readily available in your Automation software. It is the best quality that everyone wants in their AP software because it makes it easier for a business to get payments from all the clients. They can send the pending dues from their desired payment mode.

            Convenient Recurring Payments:  It is also one of the business benefits of account payable software that makes recurring payments convenient for its user. When the client has to pay the dues after a certain period, then you can ask them for online payments by using AP software. The online invoicing system will send them the notification and reminder about their left dues. You do not need to call every single user to remind them about their payments. Automation software will automatically do it for you.

            Credit Card Availability: Now, with the best online invoice management software, clients can use credit cards for low balance purchases. By using AP software, you can also give your payments in installments. The credit cards will also be applicable in the case of installments.

            Influences Your Buyers: Nowadays, the online invoice payment method can be an effective way to influence people to buy items from online websites. Online purchasing and transactions are safe and fast. It also includes credit card payments, and buyers can get maximum discounts and deals by paying invoices online. Your clients will feel attracted to your business when they see the online payment option made available by you.

          • AP automation software is used by companies to handle a huge number of invoices and payment transactions. Automated software is mostly preferred by the companies to minimize human work, and in turn, cut down the possibilities of error occurrences.

            The software is developed to simplify the complex AP processes for the accountants, and efficiently manages large volumes of supplier-transactional data. For the AP department, the AP automation software is no lesser than a boon itself.

            Over the years, a host of amazing AP automation software has evolved for the businesses to ease out the payment processes. Each of the software is uniquely designed and inclined to address almost every problem faced by the AP department in any firm. Among all the well-built AP software, let us look at the top 5 AP automation software of 2020.

            1. is another amazing AP automation software that helps small businesses by streamlining the accounts payable. In this online accounting software, manual errors are reduced, and the efficiency of financial processes is enhanced by optimizing the processes with the implementation of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

            2. Sage Intacct: Sage Intacct is an incredible AP tool, and a must-have for the business to streamline all the complex financial processes taking place. The software comprises a plethora of fine services as cash management, financial consolidation, purchasing, and vendor management.

            Using this software, the businesses can considerably lower down the manual labor and is highly cost-effective, at the same time. Leveraging an excellent security mechanism, Sage Intacct is one of the most reliable and safe AP automation software in the market.

            3. APXPRESS: The wonderful AP automation software, APXPRESS, provides the ultimate real-time vista to your business transactions. The masterpiece utilizes analytics to generate meaningful insights and reports from the entire transactional history. Moreover, the software stands perfect in terms of security and safeguarding all the confidential transactions and supplier credentials.

            4. DocuWare: DocuWare is a one-stop solution for all businesses across all niches. The software provides excellent automated workflow solutions, and incredible service of digital management of the documents, for all the industry and every sector in the market. This AP automation software is multi-lingual and accepts multiple currencies as well.

            5. Nvoicepay: Nvoicepay is a highly efficient tool for the AP department, as the complexities of the AP processes are drastically simplified, and all the invoices can be paid through a single automated workflow.

            Making a wise choice of an AP automation software for any business, irrespective of the industry and size of the business is extremely crucial for managing the financial processes in an uplifting fashion. Given all the important points about the top 5 AP automation tools 2020, in the market, hope you'll make a great choice and minimize the workload of your AP team.

          • Investment in efficient invoicing software for small business is a huge stepping stone to the unleashed success of small businesses. The automated accounting software considerably minimizes human efforts and errors in creating time-consuming physical bills and increases the efficiency of timely payments. So, keeping everything in mind, accounting software is the most preferred option nowadays. 

            The market is overwhelming with numerous small business accounting software, with each of them catering to specific business requirements. It seems a Herculean task to select the apt one for your small business. Don't worry. Here are a few tips to help you select the right software for your business.

            1.  Effortless Tax Calculation: Beyond bill generation, and maintaining payment records, the best invoicing software also holds an incredible capability to calculate the taxes. Also, the software must leverage modern technologies as Analytics to generate meaningful reports on the taxes.

            2. Multi-Lingual and Multiple Currencies Accepting: The clients are not limited to a particular region. Rather, they belong to many locations, speak different languages, and deal in numerous currencies. While such a client is encountered through the business, you should not feel trapped-in a currency barrier. 

            The right accounting software should be such that multiple currencies are accepted, and the corresponding calculations are done in a blink of an eye.

            3. Secure: Accounting software contains the clients' confidential data. From their bank account details to transaction history with your business, all are stored in the software databases.

            Strong security protection is, thus, required to safeguard all the sensitive client-information. Great invoicing software for small businesses is such that it prevents the confidential account data from all the unlawful breaches and invasions.

            4.  Suits the Industry-Specific Requirements: Different industries have different accounting requirements. A small business might receive payments from multiple clients at a time, whereas some might receive payments from the same clients at a regular interval. Similarly, there are various businesses, with different payment structures, all of which cannot be catered by single accounting software. 

            In such a scenario, the businesses should first recognize their payment structure, thereafter search for a software that is specifically built according to the industry.

            Apart from the aforesaid parameters, the right small business billing software should produce attractive bills, that can help your business stand out from the competitors, in front of the clients. So, before investing in the “key to business success”, the accounting software, make sure that it follows the fundamental parameters of good invoicing software.

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