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Amy Brown

Brief description: I am a WordPress web developer at An Offshore WordPress Development Company
About Me

Amy Brown is a WordPress web developer by profession, a writer by hobby and works for WordPrax Ltd., a WordPress web development service provider company. She loves sharing information regarding Wordpress customization tips and tricks.

Grow your business successfully with WordPrax! The WordPress developers at WordPrax are most known for their delivery of projects which are related to Convert HTML to WordPress.  
Hire us today because we deploy powerful technologies to come up with the best ever WordPress solutions. Whether it’s a small-scale business or a large enterprise, we provide web solutions that always stand out from the rest.    
Why Convert HTML to WordPress?
●Robust and highly responsive websites.
●Great layouts for the best user-experience.
●Awesome video backgrounds.
●Manual coding for accuracy.

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Birthday: 1989-1-01
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            • WordPrax - PSD to WordPress company helps serve all of the PSD to WP development needs of business organizations and companies of all sorts and sizes. The company holds 10 years of experience in offering comprehensive markup conversion services, and specialize in offering best PSD to responsive WordPress conversion meeting your exact requirements.

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                Multi-vendor E-store – An Overview

                A multi-vendor online store serves as one stop destination for multiple vendors, where they can display their products for sale. One of the most popular example of a multi-vendor online store is Amazon – though the products are sold by Amazon – many other vendors or traders from around the world can sign up and list their products they want to sell on Amazon.

                So, while selling you own products on the store that are managed by your company, you can setup a marketplace where multiple sellers can display their products and manage all the tasks of the online store as per their own convenience and requirements.

                Why You Need to Create a Multi-vendor Online Store and How?
              • The sole purpose of creating a plugin is to render a stunning user experience. Although a majority of plugins available today come with an easy installation process, there are times when using a particular plugin can turn to be a challenging job. It is here that the role of well-defined documentations and FAQ sections comes into play.

                A How To Guide On Building Custom FAQ Section For Your Plugin
              • If you're looking ahead to hire WordPress developer then WordPrax can turn to be the right company. This firm has a track record of delivering successful WordPress development projects within the scheduled time-frame

                Hire WordPress Developers | Theme, Plugin, Web Programmers


                Hire WordPress Developers & Programmers from WordPrax. Our WordPress Theme & Plugin Developers provide Custom WordPress Development Services in India.

              • For those who run a website can understand how important is to have a contact form. Known to be a powerful content management system, WordPress provides various contact form plugins to help you connect with your visitors with ease. There are tons of contact form plugins available that allow us bridge the gap between us and our visitors.

                Understanding The Process of Embedding Gravity Forms with MailChimp


                For those who run a website can understand how important is to have a contact form. Known to be a powerful content management system, WordPress provides various(...)

              • However, any kind of popularity over any kind of platform comes with its baggage. And so is the case with ‪#‎WordPress‬. Apparently, it has always been a go-to platform for hackers too, who look for WordPress ‪#‎websites‬ on the web to intrude them and break into their authentication for bringing into effect their malicious intentions. So if you happen to be a WordPress site owner, you have to be more than cautious.

       - iwebask Resources and Information.


       is your first and best source for information about iwebask . Here you will also find topics relating to issues of general interest. We hope you find what you are looking for!

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                  Understanding The Process of Embedding Gravity Forms with ‪#‎MailChimp‬ ,

                  Understanding The Process of Embedding Gravity Forms with MailChimp
                  • Amy Brown
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                    Understanding The Process of Embedding Gravity Forms with ‪#‎MailChimp‬ ,

                    Understanding The Process of Embedding Gravity Forms with MailChimp
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                      A handy guideline on adding custom menu item in #WordPress admin

                      A handy guideline on adding custom menu item in WordPress admin
                      • Amy Brown
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                        A handy guideline on adding custom menu item in #WordPress admin

                        A handy guideline on adding custom menu item in WordPress admin
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                          Amy Brown
                        • Because of gradual increase in the popularity of WordPress CMS, many website owners and webmasters alike are choosing it to compensate their website development needs. Now if you've chosen WP as your choice of CMS, it's obvious that you might have downloaded a few plugins during your WordPress install – in a bid to embed additional features and functionality in their site. However, bear in mind that adding plugins in bulk can result in slowing down the page load speed.

                          A lot of people running WP powered site constantly search for plugins to add enhanced functional ability to their WordPress install. But they often overlook at the downside of installing plugins and how they can affect page load time of the WP powered site.

                          Laying the Right Foundation

                          When your car engine stopped working in the mid-way, you won't get a car wash and rather would visit a mechanic to get your engine fixed. Likewise, if your website isn't loading properly due to bad host server, or faulty theme certainly you'll to fix the foundation, to speed up your website. I've listed the 5 great ways that will help you understand the ways to speed up your WP installation.

                           Check Out Whether Your Host Server is Sluggish or NOT

                          If you got bamboozled by the temptation of getting a cheap hosting plan, chances are that you'll end up choosing a sluggish hosting package that will eventually impact the speed of your site. While finalizing any hosting company or a hosting plan there are certain key points that you need to keep in your mind such as the domains allowed for hosting, storage and bandwidth allowance, great support and availability of one click WordPress installation.

                          Avoid Choosing a Bloated Theme

                          Often a lot of site owners (though not all), pick a WP theme merely because it looked pleasing to their eyes. Remember, all WordPress themes do not possess same functionality. While some are functionally competent and alluring, a few others may have faulty codes and elements that hampers performance of a website. So, when your hired developer has completed WordPress Theme Customization task, make sure to evaluate your theme speed by testing the demo of the theme using the Pingdom tool. It will let you examine how fast a theme loads when nothing is added to it.

                          Combine and Compress CSS and JavaScript Files

                          In case you've installed tons of plugins, most likely your site will have links to around 10 to 12 individuals CSS and Javascript files on each web page of your site, which eventually makes the site to load slowly. However, combining and putting all your JS files into one common file and similarly adding the style sheets in a single CSS file will be a more viable alternative. Fortunately, there are a plenty of plugins that curtails the size of your CSS and JS files. For example, Better WordPress Minify is one of the best WP plugins that combines and downsize all of your JS and CSS files into one, and optimizes the page load time.

                           Utilize a CDN

                          CDN (also referred to as content delivery network) is a great way that helps your site run faster by allowing to download files from multiple domains right away. Wondering how? Well, a CDN is a group of web servers that are distributed across different locations to quickly deliver the content to users. Though, the server can download only one file at a time when browser requests a web page, however browsers can download files from various domains at once. For instance, let's say a global client visited your site and aims at downloading certain files, then the CDN will choose the server for downloading the files that is closest to the client's geographically. Though, establishing a CDN can take some time, but once it's been installed you'll definitely going to see huge improvement in the page loading speed.

                           Diagnosing Plugins That Increases Page Load Time

                          This is one of the most common yet crucial way to augment your site's page speed. Rather than removing all the plugins it makes sense to get rid of the one that is slowing down the page load time. You can consider choosing P3, a highly efficient diagnostic plugin that let you know the impact of the plugins on page-load time. It makes easy for users to identify plugins that are slowing down your site.




                        •  WordPrax Ltd. providing best WordPress migration services in all over the world's. It is a leading WordPress development companies with a strong workforce of 350+ expert developers.

                          WordPress Conversion Services | Migrate Website to WordPress


                          Get the Best WordPress Conversion & Migration Services. At WordPrax, We convert your website to Pixel Perfect Wordpress Theme.

                          • Amy Brown

                            WordPrax is leading custom WordPress development company, offering custom wordpress development services including custom WordPress cms, theme, plugin & template development.

                            Custom WordPress Development Company | Website Services


                            Custom WordPress Development Company, WordPrax offers Custom CMS, Theme, Plugin & Website Development Services.

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