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          • If you want to fuel up your workout, then consuming pre-workout food or supplements is the best thing that you can do. As the name suggests, the pre-workout food or dietary supplements are to be consumed before a workout session. It is good to consume food/ supplements that are low in calories, high in protein,

            6 Best Pre-workout Food For Enhancing Your Performance
          • When stubborn hunger pangs don’t go away, all those cookies and chips might seem like your best friend. Of course, they taste great, but what about the other things that tag along? They are the least healthy option you can consume. They might put an end to your cravings and hunger for the time being, but they load you with lots of carbs and unhealthy fats.

            Protein bars and peanut butter are the talks of the town because they are not just snacks, but, healthy snacks. There are many brands that sell them to quench the thirst for fitness and healthy eating of the fitness buffs. But, not all these bars and butter are healthy. Many brands add ingredients like taste enhancers, stabilizers, added sugar, preservatives, etc. in them, which might make them a treat to your taste buds, but are not health-friendly.

            When you choose the right protein bar and peanut butter, you get certain benefits, which are stated as under:

            5 Best Protein Bars and Peanut Butter in India
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