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Outerbridge Law P.C.

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Outerbridge Law P.C. is a leading and reputed New York law firm. We handle cases related to tenant-landlord issues, real estate, family divorce, and more.

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            Sometimes, you might require legal guidance when making decisions that concern your family. Below are a few circumstances when you should consider speaking with a lawyer before filing any papers on your own or making any final decisions.


            In the event that you choose to continue with a divorce, the best family divorce lawyer in NYC can help with some of the problems that could arise. These include filing for child support, Child custody, and visitation, Adoption, Juvenile delinquency. Your lawyer can also help you register an appointment for mediation if you don't want to go to court.


            If you want to adopt a baby by yourself, with your spouse, or with your partner, then consider speaking to a family law attorney. There are normally a few conditions that require to be met before you can adopt, which can be controlled by an attorney rather than you taking it upon yourself to try to complete all of the paperwork, home visits, and other items on your own. A lawyer can also work to assure that the process is legal from start to end so that there are no shocks in the future.

            Wills and Estates

            You can speak to a family law attorney regarding helping plan your will and helping you file it so that it's with the court. The lawyer can also give assistance in filing papers pertaining to your estate so that family members don't have to prefer someone to control the process.

            Bully Issues

            Sometimes, the other parent might try to dominate you by claiming that you won't be able to see your kids again or that you won't be able to see them for a recorded visit unless you pay a certain amount of cash. This is a time when you want to ask help from a lawyer so that you can see your children as directed by the court.

            Court Issues

            After going to court for separation, child custody or support, or other family issues, there could be concerns that occur. A lawyer can examine the order from the court to decide if anything can be done in the circumstances. If there is a breach of a court order, then the lawyer can help you by filing the proper paperwork in court to solve the issue. A New York divorce attorney can give you the peace of mind that you might need until the difficulty is fixed so that you don't bother about what will happen.


            An attorney can help preserve your finances whether you're going through a divorce or you've been required to pay child support. You'll be able to discuss your income and assets and how to pay what's required instead of paying too much only because the other party needs more money.

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            • The United States immigration system is very complex, slow to act, and in many cases determines to be incredibly frustrating. But before moving forward, let’s explore some of the key advantages of hiring an immigration lawyer for your application.

              Like all experts—from electricians to doctors—the advantages of hiring a New York immigration law firm are many. Some of those advantages are discussed below:

              Knowledge and Expertise

              You are hiring someone with a specific set of experience who knows the ins and outs of the complicated immigration system to lead you and give you the best chance possible to succeed.

              Many immigration lawyers have been working for years, and have handled dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of cases much like yours. The extensive skill set and experience can prove priceless as you seek your visa, Green Card, or citizenship.

              Meeting Deadlines

              Failure to meet deadlines can take your immigration application to a halt, but experienced immigration attorneys are familiar with the different deadlines connected with each client’s case.

              Unfortunately, some lawyers are so overworked that they can miss deadlines (and sometimes delay filing by months at a time). That’s why choosing an immigration professional is so important.


              Not all immigration attorneys are affordable, and many charge an arm and a leg for services that should be within range for the average person. They prey on the fact that the immigration method is so time-consuming and get off with charging whatever they like to exhausted customers.

              However, honest immigration attorneys don’t need to take benefit of their clients—they win more business through word of mouth by getting unbelievable results, and are able to offer much lower fees for their services.

              Higher Success Rate

              The fact of the matter is, one small mistake on your immigration application can make you wait even longer, or cause your application to be rejected outright.

              Navigating the maze of paperwork needed for your application is tough, no matter how active or focused you are. But taking an immigration specialist gives you the best chance for success—immigration attorneys are familiar with all of the paperwork required to file your application, and know the most common mistakes and failures to avoid.

              Hiring a citizenship lawyer NYC ensures your application will be done properly the first time, meaning you won’t need to worry while you wait for your results.

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