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Oust Labs

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Oust Labs' mission is to help enterprises simplify onboarding, training and engaging their distributed workforce.

Address: Koramangala 4th Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - 560034

Sales – 9131056881

Support - 74833 79242


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Mobile phone: 7483379242
Phone: 9131056881
Location: Koramangala 4th Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - 560034


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          • When you’re hosting a training workshop, there will undoubtedly be at least a few people at the back who’ve drifted away to daydream or those who are working on something else with just half their mind on training. Shifting over to app-based learning makes training more convenient and captures employee attention for longer but engagement is still a challenge. This is where gamification can help. This makes the whole learning experience more rewarding and fun. Let’s look at the different types of gamified learning solution for employees that will help improve engagement.

            Point-based Quizzes 

            To know how effective a learning module has been, the knowledge gained must be tested. Having a point-based quiz at the end of every module gives employees an easy way to assess themselves and gives you feedback on how well the learning has been received. The point-based system also pushes them to continually work on improving their score and interact more with the app.

            Intermittent Rewards

            Everyone likes rewards and recognition. Using on-the-spot rewards that aren’t expected add an element of spontaneity to the learning experience and make the process more exciting. Your team will look forward to such rewards and thus will persevere with their training. It keeps learners motivated. For example, if learners figure that they will be rewarded after completing 5 modules in succession, they will be encouraged to keep following the pattern.

            Leader Boards

            While an app-based training does put the onus of training on the individual and let them personalize the experience, learning is still a joint experience overall. People want to compare notes with others on what they’ve learnt. A leader board helps learners stay connected to their peers and gives them an idea of where they stand in relation to others. In this way, it also boosts the competitive spirit between them. An employee is less likely to wane off on app usage when he/she knows that someone else is at the same progress level and could overtake them.

            Recognition on Social Media

            There’s no doubt that barring a few exceptions, everyone is on social media platforms. These platforms are great not only to stay connected with everyone else but also to flaunt milestones. If you put up a post about an employee’s achievement, he/she will be happy and proud. They will also want to continue along the learning path to get more recognition. Using badges on social media as a gamified learning solution for employees also gives your training program recognition and boosts your company image.

            Goal-tracking Bars

            Learning is a continuous process but to keep motivation levels high a goal must always be in sight. Your team will feel more productive and satisfied with their learning It also imparts a sense of progress and encourages people to maintain a learning schedule. For example, if a person can see that they have 5 modules to complete, they can plana learning schedule to complete the level. On the other hand, if they were unsure of how much more is to be done, they may get bored and wane off the app.

            Points-based Reward Program

            A point-based rewards system is the ideal all-encompassing solution to keep employees engaged with their training. This system can incorporate all the varied gamification elements to give learners an overall score of where they stand and their progress. To further incentivise learning, the reward points may be designed such that they can be redeemed in cash or kind. This pushes people to complete more learning modules and upgrade their skills which in turn boosts productivity and your brand image.

            In conclusion

            Shifting from traditional workshops to app-based learning with a gamified learning solution for employees has proven to be more effective with higher rewards. Everyone likes playing games and when learning is projected as a gamified experience, there’s a desire to learn. Learners are kept engaged, the material is retained or longer and improved skills shows itself in boosted productivity. When done right, gamification leans on the inquisitive nature of humans to build a desire to complete the training and persevere with it. This is beneficial for employees who get to upgrade their skills as well as the company that gets to build a name for investing their employees.

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