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Lancers International School

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Welcome to Lancers International School! Lancers International School has 5.4 acres of land in DLF, Phase-V, Sector-53, Gurgaon, Haryana. It is the latest in the string of International establishments rolled out by Lancer’s group but it is the fourth in the chain of Lancers Schools.

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      • Which is The Best International School in Gurgaon?
        5/5 (1 votes)
        Which is The Best International School in Gurgaon?

        With global exposure, world-class faculty, growth avenues, and impeccable academic report card, the best international schools in Gurgaon offer this and much more to their students. International schools have created a niche space in the Indian...


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          • Lancers International School
            • 5/5 (1 votes)

            With global exposure, world-class faculty, growth avenues, and impeccable academic report card, the best international schools in Gurgaon offer this and much more to their students. International schools have created a niche space in the Indian education system. This testimony speaks a lot for institutions that have only picked the pace in the last decade.

            Parents today do not want to compromise on the education of their kids. They expect the schools to provide more than education to their students. The aspirational parent wants the child to attain overall development and get prepared for the competition that follows senior secondary level.

            The international schools have provided an alternative education model. The curriculum of these schools follows an international structure. Not only it prepares the students for their careers but helps them become global citizens. The students learn from the best teachers and are prepared at par with the international students. Here are the top features you must look for to find the best International school in Gurgaon.

            Academic track of the school

            The goal of sending a child to school is to accumulate knowledge. In the case of the international schools, the parents must find out the track record of the school. Look for the results the school has produced in the last couple of years. This will give you an overview of their performance in recent times.

            International schools are well known for their robust education system. They help the student get prepared for the various competitive exams. The parents must get in touch with the alumni desk of the international school. If possible try to speak to the alumni for better representation.

            Robust curriculum

            The international schools follow the IB board. The education board is designed keeping in mind the global education standards. The board also helps the students learn and be at par with their counterparts from other nations. The international schools in Gurgaon have a comprehensive methodology to educate students.

            The focus of the school is not merely to help the students secure good grades. The curriculum offers unique opportunities to the students to master in the field of their choice. The students get to choose the subjects they want to study in higher education from the formative years itself.

            Apart from this the school also maintains a balance between theory and practice. The course module is divided in such a way that the student gets to learn the practical application of the theory they learn in the classrooms. This helps the students understand the subjects with better proficiency.

            International exposure

            One of the main highlights of the international schools is their unique ability to provide global exposure to their students. The classrooms in the school have a mix of students from all across the globe. Student exchange programs help the child to study the same course at any international school.

            Besides this, the international schools are accredited to some of the top universities and colleges in the world. This makes the students ideal candidates if they decide to pursue higher education from any of these places.

            Better learning experience

            The classroom size of the international schools is very small compared to the other schools. This is a conscious effort on the part of the school to ensure that no student is left behind in the class. Small classrooms give an advantage to the teachers to pay attention to each student.

            Not every student learns at the same rate. Having a small classroom means the teacher has enough time at hand to focus on the special needs of the students. This also allows the students to get comfortable and communicate well with the teacher.

            Finding the best international school in Gurgaon is easy if you look for the above-mentioned reminders carefully. The city has one of the highest-rated international schools to offer to its people.

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